Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Saga of the Daybed

I love Craig’s List.  I look at it every day.  I see all sorts of things I might love to have.

An adult trike. Harley Davidson headphone mike. Joe Gibbs lunch box. John Deere bagger. 400 watt car sub woofer.  Rusty surf board. Two props, hydrofoil, transom saver,  A ferret and cage. An 8-inch worm drive. An industrial-grade, oscillating pedestal fan. 

Will someone please tell me how I have lived this long without a John Deere bagger?  I mean, really?

Last week I was scrolling through the line up of the usual suspects when I saw, “White daybed with trundle. $50.”

I “hmmm”ed to myself and went on Google to see how much day beds cost new; turns out that they start around $300 and go way up from there.

Good deal, right?  

Since Sarah will be having a lot of friends stay overnight in the coming years, I figured it would be great to have two extra sleeping places to use at night (the daybed and trundle) and then an extra sitting place to use during the day. It seemed like a wise, thrifty and practical purchase.

So I discussed the plot with the Husband of the House and shortly thereafter, we went and picked up our $50 bargain bed.

We got it home and The Putting Together of the Daybed Commenced. Please note that I was not invited to The Putting Together Party. (Well, except in an official photographer capacity. Putting things together is not one of my gifts.  At all. Whatsoever.  Not even.)


Please note the dictionary on the floor beside Steve. Sarah is never far from a dictionary.



Voila!  The bed is done!  Put together!  Compiled!  Completed! Finished!  

I realize the thickness of the mattress is not real inspiring, but hey, when our ship comes in, maybe it will be loaded with mattresses!


It appears as though we were also a bit thin in the area of Day Bed Decorations.  However, I scrounged around and managed to find one holey blanket.  Sarah threw on a few extra pillows and we were done.  Not terribly impressive, but done. And the daybed itself really is charming.


On Friday, Steve and Sarah took off for the day to work on the house in Smithfield and to pick up Victoria, whose mom was bringing her as far as Smithfield. After they had left, I went up and took one more look at the bed. 

I was not inspired.  I was not overly happy about our new forlorn daybed with its sad and unseemly threadbare appearance.

But alas!  The Daybed Savings Account was empty.  In fact, the Daybed Savings Account had not even been started! What was a girl to do?

Well, what THIS girl did was to hop in the car and drive to our nearby thrift store.  My first find of the day was a lovely set of pink (virtually new) pink sheets for $2.00.  Since we only had one set of single sheets for Sarah’s bed, this was a great find.  On went the pink sheets. 

(Since Snowy is now a College Dude, he felt qualified enough to dub himself as the Supervisor of the Project.   If a fluffy, cute, white dog can, indeed, be a supervisor.)


I also found a blanket for a dollar as well as a few pillow cases for a few cents each.  Once I got everything displayed and arranged, it looked a whole lot better.  Not Martha Stewart-esque, mind you, but still an improvement.  I just love me some bargains.


Now obviously we still have a little ways to go before achieving this sort of daybed perfection, but at least we're making some progress and having fun along the way!

prettty daybed

What really did my heart good was to go up to Sarah’s room last night to see what she and Victoria had done about their sleeping arrangements.  (They assured me they would take care of it.)  Turns out they had dragged the single mattress from Sarah’s bed over to the trundle and set it up next to the daybed. Isn’t that just perfect?



And so our bargain daybed earned its keep on its very first week in the Smith house.  I’m sure there will be many more giggly girl parties to follow in the sweet space that is Sarah’s.

 IMG_0756 IMG_0759





IMG_0777 IMG_0791

9 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

bearie1 said...

What a great find and perfect for Sarah's new room. You'll keep looking and will find the perfect bedding for it. Elaine

Shannon said...

Way to go on the bargain bedding!!

I'm not much of a thrift store shopper, but come spring I enjoy garage sales!

Anonymous said...

That bedroom is huge! What fun to have sleeping available for 3 once you get another mattress!

I hope she has lots of opportunities to use that new space when she meets more kids at school.

Connie F-G

Lisa said...

That is so fabulous! I think it's cool that you are so thrifty. I could take some lessons from you! :)

MaryH said...

You are such a deal getter!! I must take lessons and explore our thrift shops more. I think the daybed is darling and don't you love those friend sleepovers and listening to the chatter and giggles and the joy on their faces to spend a cozy fun time together? I miss those days! Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

That room just keeps getting better and better. Pretty soon, Sarah won't be coming out. I need to start bargain hunting.

Bridgette said...

I just love your bargains!:-) I love Craigs List, too, but never find great bargains! I just found a very similar daybed listed in our area for $200!!! Sarah's room looks like such a fun place to hang with a good friend!

Jessica Kramasz said...

I love thrift stores!

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