Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sarah's Video is Back Up! Horray!

12 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful young lady!

Thanks for taking the time and energy to share it with us.

Connie F-G

MaryH said...

If there was one dry eye in your church when this was played, I would be astounded. If there was one dry eye, my tears now make up for it. Thank you. Absolutely beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful video . I'm thankful for your miracle.
~Kim from TN

Jenn said...

That was beautiful...

Jenna said...

Your beautiful daughter is such an inspiration! Also, thanks for signing my blog!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing Sarah's seventh-transplant-anniversary video with your Smithellanous readers.

No wonder this Power Point presentation received a standing ovation from First Assembly of God in Manteo on January 10!

With powerful visuals and informative captions, this is a masterful recapping of Sarah's unforgettable journey with Neuroblastoma.

All praise be to God!

--Lori (Christoffersen) Johnson of Washington state (formerly of Wisconsin)

Marysienka said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful video with us! What a great tribute to an amazing young lady indeed!

What is song in the video?

Anonymous said...

great video for your beautiful miracle girl!!!

I have my own "peach" story... Last week I sent a note home telling the parents what the children should wear for our Rodeo. Very confused Moms arrived this morning because they had NO idea what "bulletins" or "bulletin skirts" were. Apparently spell check doesn't like blue jeans as one word, so when I clicked 'Replace', it replaced it with "bulletin"... so much for not proofreading a second time! At least I know that my parents are reading my notes.

mrs pam

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Beautiful!

Jan said...

Soooooooo beautiful. I think a "Grab your tissues" warning is in order, though.

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