Friday, January 22, 2010

Travelin' Day. Honey Do List.

Today's gonna be a travelin' day.

Sarah and I will drive eight hours round trip to get Victoria back to the halfway meeting place with her mom. In the process, though, the four of us get to have lunch together, so that will be a lot of fun! Victoria's mom, Crystal, is a good friend of mine, so I always look forward to our rare chances to hang out.

On our way home, Sarah and I will need to stop and do a little school shopping so it'll be a long day. In our absence, I have left a "Honey Do" List for my Honey To Do. (Nice how that works, isn't it?)

Here are Sarah and Victoria on their way to Manteo Booksellers.

In front of the store.

Inside the store.

A few more views of the store. (Which is a mere five minutes from our house.)

Don't you just feel like pullin' up a chair and settin' a spell? Me, too.

It was so nice having Victoria here for the week; she's been a dear friend of Sarah's since they were three years old! Friendship is such a gift.


From the Comments Area:

Q. Marysienka asked, "What was the song playing behind Sarah's Power Point that you posted this week?"

A. That was the soundtrack to a song I wrote called, "Like A Blanket." It's on a couple of our CD's. (Which can be ordered by scrolling down the right hand column. And yes, that was a commercial!)

Q. Jessica from Lone Pine Assembly signed in to say that she remembered when we came and sang at her church all those many years ago. (Right before Sarah was diagnosed.)

A. Jenny, it was great to hear from you! Thanks for being in touch. We have fond memories of your church and its congregation--very sweet people.

Q. Jane Copes said she thought that the recent photo I posted of Steve in front of "Grumpy Steve's" was in Minneapolis and asked when we had been there.

A. Jane, that picture was actually taken in another town in Minnesota, right on the MN/WI border. Unfortunately, I can't think of what the town is called right at the moment, but it was cute and quaint! (By the way, my brother and his wife live in Roseville, MN.)

Q. Catherine asked why Sarah's school had closed.

A. Catherine, like many businesses, Sarah's old school was affected by the economy and it just just wasn't economically feasible to keep it open. Sarah has many fond memories of that school; I'm so glad she had the chance to attend it for those five happy years.

Hard to believe that on Monday she'll be starting a new school.(She only went to public school for half of second grade; the rest of the time she's been at a Christian academy or has been home schooled.) Thanks everyone, for your prayers during this exciting but challenging transition.

4 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Anonymous said...

The Grumpy Steve photo is from Stillwater! I've actually met that Grumpy Steve and he is quite the jovial fellow.

Erin in MN

MaryH said...

Here's to safe and happy travels for Becky and Sarah, exciting, successful and fun school shopping (I always had a good time with that shopping trip) and to a completed "honey do" list upon your return. I would love to spend some quiet, gentle time in that Manteo book store. How did Victoria like your new home and town?

Shannon said...

Safe travels to you round trip!!

Good Luck Sarah starting school Monday!! I'm sure you will love meeting new friends!

Lori said...

Do you ever wonder what would have happened if Sarah's old school had closed a year earlier? Wasn't the fact that Steve didn't want to pastor a church with a school one deciding factor in leaving your previous church?