Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Doctor’s Visit and A Link to Click

Do you see the blog header below? Do you see the lovely lady in the picture? That, my friends, is the wonderful Sheri Hawley whom I have been nagging for at least seventy-two years to start a blog.

And just recently, Sheri did finally start a blog! It is updated frequently and it is a perfect showcase for her excellent writing skills, her great sense of humor and her patented gift for discovering the divine in the stuff of every day life.

And on top of all of that? She and her husband are dear friends of ours AND she is the mom of Nathan’s girlfriend, Meagan.

Plus, she and I have more in common than, I think, any other two people on the planet. Here is our list of “common-ness.”

1. We are both daughters of Assemblies of God pastors

2. We are both married to Assemblies of God pastors

3. We both have sisters who are married to Assemblies of God pastors.

4. She and I are both credentialed ministers ourselves and speakers in our own right.

5. We both spent years on the road, living full time in RV’s, home schooling our children, doing concerts and revival services in churches around the country, singing with our families and recording CD’s. (And we both had dogs on the road, in our already cramped RV’s)

6. Her three daughters attended Southeastern University in Florida where Nathan now attends.

7. My son really (really, really) likes her daughter.

8. And now, we are both bloggers!

So. Make me happy and stop by her blog. Make me even happier and leave a comment! And make even happier than happy and bookmark her blog so that you don’t miss a single post. Believe me, you’ll be glad you did.

(click on photo to get to Sheri's blog)

sheri blog

In other news, I just back from my annual physical. It’s always a challenge, finding new medical care in a new town, getting records all sent to the right place and starting a whole new list (inside my kitchen cupboard) of doctors names and contact info.

I am delighted with the doctor I found; she’s in her late thirties, is very easy to talk to, a good listener, and gave the impression of having all the time in the world to listen to my laundry list of little ol’ concerns and ailments. (And you know, the older we get, the longer that little ol’ laundry list gets.)

I found out that my blood pressure is 105/50. I asked her if that was too low (I was a bit alarmed by it) and she said that no, it was great. And my cholesterol (at least from last year’s exam) is also low. I guess that means that I’ll go on downstairs and eat a dozen eggs—just because I can! (Ick. A dozen eggs? What was I thinking? A dozen donuts? That’s more like it.)

In the blood work department, one nurse made two attempts to get blood; the first vein blew and the second one decided to give up the ghost after contributing a measly three drops.

And so, a second nurse arrived.

Her first attempt at getting blood produced a tube full of absolutely nothing. On the fourth try of the morning, she and I both experienced a momentary burst of joyous exultation when that red stuff finally started flowing. I left the office spotting four lovely Band-Aids—and we all know that taking the Band-Aids off hurts way more than getting the actual stick!

I’m being sent for (yet another) diagnostic mammogram in two weeks because, of course, the doctor felt “strange things” during the exam. Sigh. She also said, “Has anyone ever told you have lumps on your thyroid gland?”

Um. No. But that’s something that I really don’t feel like pondering.

May I just say that I am ever so happy to have yet another annual physical behind me? I am happy to be home, with a little extra time to write this quick post and to also read Sheri's latest post. (And yes, that was a reminder. Just in case you needed it.)

Okay. That’s it! I’m done! Off to have lunch with my very own personal hubby. O happy day!

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Alicia in Calif said...

Thank G-d for insurance! My card has been getting a workout lately. Heading over to read your friends blog shortly.

MaryH said...

Embrace the Grace is now a "Favorite" of mine - great stories, fun blog. Thanks, Becky. Also, I will be keeping good thoughts (which are prayers also) for any tests you may have to endure and for all clear results from those tests. Glad you liked your doctor. That is a huge accomplishment. I am going to be out of the office until Tuesday - my grandson is coming to visit for a few days - haven't seen him since Christmas!!! I can't wait for this day to be complete and see them drive in my driveway about 6:30 this evening. So, enjoy your weekend. I will certainly enjoy mine.

Anonymous said...

Curious to know if you are having the "lumps" in your thyroid biopsied or whatever else that might do..
I'm gonna go read your friend's blog also, right now!

Reflect said...

Hi Becky,

Thank you for your posts - I am a faithful reader and you have such a love of our Heavenly Father and such a way with words! I am asking for a request - will you please pray for my 15 year old son, Michael. He is battling spiritually and I know the only thing we can do is call out to Jesus for him. Thank you