Saturday, February 20, 2010

Is Icky Okay?

Is it okay to be tired and crabby and overwhelmed sometimes?


Oh goody.

Because I am. All of those things.

I have a sore throat. I have a "too busy" week coming up in which I have over committed myself on several fronts. My sciatic nerve hurts. A lot. I'm craving carbs. I've eaten three brownies already. I spent too much time on a print project for the church today and overwhelmed myself. Snowy is busily barking in a frenzied manner at every squirrel that so much as burps within a five mile radius. He is making my nerves go kapooy. I have nothing too terribly splendiferous to wear to church tomorrow so I will wear something I have already worn 1.5 bazillion times. Because nothing else fits. Because somewhere along the way I gained a couple extra pounds. And our "Buy The Slightly Larger Becky Charming New Outfits" Fund is, well, non existent. I'm having a bad hair day. I didn't exercise today so the brownies are, even as we speak, forming themselves into large blobs on my already blobby hips. I feel lonely and discombobulated. I feel stressed. I feel tired. I feel . . . icky.

Is icky okay?

I fully realize that this is the point in my post where you are no doubt hoping that I will rummage through my bag of tricks, locate my Happy Pollyanna Hat, don it with a flourish, and then start listing all the things that I have to be thankful for.

And I do have a million things to be thankful for. I know that. But right this very minute is not the time for me to list them. Because that would get in the way of my icky pity party.

And sometimes a girl just needs an icky pity party in order to feel better.

Now you may be asking, "What does one serve at an icky pity party?'

Brownies, of course. Lots and lots and lots and lots of brownies.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Becky,

Thanks for sharing your day, as it is. It's post like these that really make your blog so genuine and comforting to read. For those of us also having icky days, it validates that indeed it is okay to have one. There's not something wrong with us, our spouses, our children, our lives etc. Icky days are normal. They happen. Life happens.

Thank you for your honesty. Wishing you a less icky day tomorrow. :)


Anonymous said...

Icky is okay Becky.....I'm having one too, but I'm having mine alone. I don't usually feel lonely, but today I do! I hope we both (all) have better tomorrows.

Pat in CA

Marysienka said...

Icky is fine! Icky is normal! (as long as it's temporary ;) )
Hope tomorrow proves to be a better day!


Pam D said...

Hmmm. I'm thinking that a lot of those encouraging scriptures are in the Bible precisely because God KNOWS that we will have icky days. Dontcha think? And I certainly have had my share and then some lately. Right now, I'm too busy trying to figure out this newfangled technology of a new computer (that sat in my house for a MONTH because I was so terrified of it....), to feel ANYTHING other than overwhelmed! Hey... tell you what... you encourage me, and I'll encourage you... and maybe we can both rise up out of the "pits"... deal?

Lisa said...

I think I'll go make myself a pan of brownies because I'm feeling a bit on the icky side, too!

Hope you get to feelin' better Ms. Becky. :O)

Julie Hodler said...

Becky - I am right there with you today. I just finished up my 2nd brownie. It really makes me angry that today was the first semi nice weather day we have had in months and I have not had the best of days. the grace of God, we all will get through it. I will think of you tomorrow when I put on my trusty old black skirt that I wear most every Sunday with some for of shirt that |I am sure I have worn very recently. I will have to laugh in the morning when getting dressed knowing I am not the only one feeling that way. I hope you have a wonderful day of worship tomorrow and your day is better than today.

Julie Holder said...

The way I signed my name just proves it has been a day. You would think at almost 42 years old I would know how to spell my name - Julie Holder, not Julie Hodler. :)

C'est Moi said...

I love that you tell it like it is! I've been having a day like yours for the past week so I'm right there with ya sistah!

Jenna said...

Your posts have encouraged me on so many occasions recently when I've been facing my own share of challenging days. So- let me encourage you now.... You are a beautiful ray of sunshine who brightens everyone around you (and even me- all the way up in Canada). Thanks for brightening my life- I really hope your day improves, and I hope your sciatica improves. As for the wardrobe, I understand that issue! Maybe you can add a pretty scarf to your outfit to add some pizzaz. I've found that a ginormous smile can really help when my clothes feel icky (people then notice your smile more than what you are wearing anyway!). Enjoy the chocolate- somemtimes chocolate really is the best rememedy for an icky day.

Here's a hug all the way from Alberta, Canada!

Anonymous said...

have to share my sciatica story. Ever since July, my
sciatica has been painful... slight limp, and going up one step at a time. THEN three weeks ago, I was working on a church bulletin board, and when I Ieaned forward, I got a big tight spasm in my back, which seemed to push the sciatica nerve back in place, and I am finally walking rather normally.(and the back tightness lasted only a few hours)

so, maybe you should take up doing bulletin boards!
;-) hope tomorrow isn't so icky.

mrs pam

Ann Martin said...

Hope you had a wonderful day today. I had a great day yesterday--my great niece who celebrated her first birthday on the 16th was dedicated at church. We are so grateful to God that she is doing well after having some medical problems. I also had a great nephew (9 pds. 6 oz) born on Friday in Tampa, FL. Don't know when I'll get to see him.

Mamasita said...

Hoping the ickies go away, it is no fun when they visit.

Chocolate is a big help, though.

Sometimes, I feel it necessary to have a good cry while taking a warm bubble bath if the ickies hang around a while.

Sending "warm fuzzies."

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