Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Follow Up To Yesterday's Post

I'm up early this morning (5:15 am) and was reading a few more of your wonderful "heart messages." As I was reading, a certain theme cropped up a few times and I thought, "Hmmm. I must have written something misleading."

When I went back to my original post, I realized what it was. (I'm make a little correction there, so it's clear for future readers.)

When I go for the MRI Wednesday, it's not to determine whether or not I'm in the 20% that are misdiagnosed as NOT having cancer. The reason for the MRI is to determine whether or not I'm in the 20% whose cancer is worse than the original biopsy seemed to indicate, i.e, whether it's spread to any other places in the breast.

As much as I'd love to think there is a chance I really don't have cancer, that is not the case. I have definitely been diagnosed with breast cancer. They're just trying to ascertain right now what stage it is which will help determine the treatment.

I'm sorry for any "misinformation" there; we can chalk it up to a tired,under-rested, overwhelmed, chocolate-deprived brain!

More later . . .

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Katrina said...

Becky, I hope your MRI goes well, I am thinking of you all.


randybethmo said...

Okay - I will take back my hope for 20 -- and pray for 20 more "medicinal" CHOCOLATEs!!!

Lisa said...

Stranger things have happened, right?! I'm still going to hold out hope. In faith.