Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Son, The Yacht Builder

I’m sorry that I seem to be completely and psychologically incapable of keeping myself from posting pictures like this one. It’s just that I get so very exceedingly happy that the keeper of those keys (and wallet) is sleeping under my roof that I can’t keep myself from rejoicing at every little sign of his presence. Hence the picture. Accompanied by rejoicing.


This next picture was taken a few hours later when Steve’s dad, Ken, was singing in church. When he had finished his song, Steve surprised him (and me) by having all three of us do an unrehearsed trio together. It’s a good thing that a pastor’s wife’s middle name is “Flexibility.”


After lunch and our requisite Sunday afternoon nap, the seven of us took off for a tour of a nearby yacht-building company. We were led on our tour by Joey, a member of our church, who is in charge of installing all the electronics on the yachts. Joey gave us a close-up look at one of the “smaller” yachts they’re building—at 56 feet long, it costs a mere two million dollars and will be used for “sport” fishing. In other words, fishin’ just for the fun of it. For two million dollars!

(Joey took the rest of the family on a much larger, more expensive yacht but Sarah and I had to leave for an appointment so we didn’t get to see that one.)

It was interesting to hear Joey describe the people who order these yachts; he said that in thirty years of doing electronics, he has rarely met a customer who was very happy with much of anything. For example, he said he put in $100,000 worth of electronics on a yacht for one particular guy. A week later, the fella went to a boat show and saw someone who had fancier electronics on his yacht so he told Joey to rip out all his electronics and put in some that were “nicer.”

Hmmm. Those stories sorta make me happy I’m not rich. Give me a thrift store visit, a chocolate bar, and a good book and I’m a happy woman!

But anyway, here are some pictures from our visit.

IMG_1966 IMG_1977

Of course, no tour of a yacht company is complete without Ye Older Brother giving Ye Younger Sister a wee little ride on the hand truck.


IMG_1988 IMG_1989 IMG_1990

After the hand truck go-round and the viewing the yacht from the floor, we all gingerly ascended the wooden staircase so that we could actually board the yacht.



I was especially fascinated to see the inner workings of these incredible machines.


Nathan, being the 20-year old wild guy he is, decided that he would climb all the way to the very tippy top of the very tippy tall yacht. I admirably refrained from passing out in a flailing fit of Worried Mother-ness.



Steve’s mom did some of my worrying for me. Once a mother, always a mother!


Finally it was time to go back down the stairs to solid ground. Oh happy day.


Oh, and by the way?

Nathan found a job yesterday. A brief window of opportunity opened and he slid right in and got a job. First interview. First stop on the job trail. He was in.

And just what is Nathan going to be doing during his summer spent in Manteo? He is going to work at that very company we toured. The one that builds multi-million dollar yachts. Yes. My son, the yacht builder. Sniff. I’m so proud.

Maybe for my NEXT birthday, he’ll build me a yacht. And I’ll take it out sport fishing. Except I don’t fish. And I don’t know how to run a yacht. And I don’t even love the water.

Hmmm. Maybe I should just ask for a candy bar instead.

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! We get to see a lot of yachts in the summer here ~ and there are always rumors about which star is onboard. (Johnny Depp and Harrison Ford were the rumored stars last year.)

This is off-subject, but have you ran into Andy Griffith? He and Billy Graham are favorites of mine - both NC men like my dad. My dad used to whip out his guitar and sing for us just like Andy did in his tv show. If you do happen to see him in the grocery store, tell him L in Alaska says hello! =]

Carrie B said...

I don't 'do' water either. But,Yay for summer employment!

Melissa said...

Funny that the rich people aren't easily pleased! We had the bathroom in our very modest house remodeled last summer by a builder who normally works on very high-end houses. He mentioned that most of the people he builds the high-end mansions for are rarely pleased with anything, and very hard to satisfy. Must be a 'rich' thing! I'm sure I'll never know!

Sue G said...

If you can afford a yacht, you can afford someone to "drive" it.

Congratulations on the job, Nathan. I'm not at all surprised that it came so easily.

Lisa said...

LOL - I enjoyed that. You always end your stories with a funny. Or mostly. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the job, Nathan! Hope you have the opportunity to go out for a ride to test out the electronics a few times! Love the ocean!


MaryH said...

What a cool job, Nathan. Congratulations. I would love to live on a yacht, or a houseboat. I love the ocean. What a great summer job!

Susan C said...

I'm with you in getting a big jolt out of the simple things in life. But I sure wouldn't mind taking just one spin on that beautiful yacht.

I guess the economy hasn't hurt certain segments of the luxury business.