Friday, March 12, 2010

The Strange Man. The Wright Brothers. The Biopsy.

Last Monday, the whole family went on an outing to the Wright Brother’s Memorial When we arrived, Sarah and Meagan started strolling cheerily toward the building.


Suddenly, without any warning whatsoever, a Strange Man appeared behind them and began lurking suspiciously in their vicinity. I lowered the camera and gave The Girls a secret hand signal which translated means, “There is a Strange Man behind you. Beware!”


Of course, as soon as they turned to look, the Strange Man pretended to be interested in something else.


The Girls discussed their options. Do we acknowledge him or do we just walk away and ignore him?


Walking away won.


The Strange Man was devastated, as you can see. Poor, poor Strange Man.


Once the girls had shaken off the Strange Man, they enjoyed looking at all the exhibits inside the Wright Memorial. Here is Sarah with an exact replica of the first plane ever flown.


She and Steve looking at some pieces of the original plane that were taken on a flight into outer space.

IMG_2076 IMG_2078 IMG_2080 IMG_2081

When we got outside, Steve and his dad discovered this iron replica of the original plane with Wilbur (remarkably well preserved considering his age) still faithfully flying!


It was fun to see Ken (Steve’s dad) standing in front of the “contraption” that was the forerunner of all the jets he flew in his career as an Air Force fighter pilot.


I really learned a lot during that visit; it turned out to be much more interesting than I had anticipated. It amazes me how those few seconds in the winter of 1903 so radically change the whole future of the entire world--all because two guys had the courage to dream and the determination not to give up.

I’m inspired!


Update on biopsy:

My family doctor was in charge of scheduling me with a surgeon for a biopsy. She highly recommended that, due to my complicated history, I go to a surgeon who specializes in only breast diseases/surgeries, as opposed to just a general surgeon.

And so I have an appointment scheduled in Greenville (2 hours away) on Tuesday morning for a consultation with the surgeon to see what kind of biopsy he recommends.

I got a copy of the radiologist’s report for my own records and after some research discovered that there are “Assessment Categories” called BiRads. On a scale of 1-5 (five being the most serious), I am at a Level 4.

  • Category 4 /Suspicious Abnormality - Biopsy Should Be Considered

These are lesions which have a definite probability of being malignant. The radiologist has sufficient concern to urge a biopsy. If possible, the relevant probabilities should be cited so that the patient and her physician can make the decision on the ultimate course of action.

There was also another area of concern on the radiologist’s report which I won’t go into right now, but suffice it to say that it’s all a little worrisome.

I’m just trying to remain at peace and remind myself that all the worrying in the world won’t change a thing.

Of course, it helps quite a bit that the birthday package I got from my sister contained copious quantities of chocolate.

Heaping helpings of prayer and chocolate. An unbeatable combination.

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MaryH said...

Oh, my, Becky. I will ramp up the prayers, you ramp up the chocolate consumption.

Anonymous said...

praying for you. I hope you can enjoy your weekend. As you stated worry won't change a thing, but sometimes the mind doesn't always listen to that...
Hang in there,
Hugs from Iowa,

Marysienka said...

Oh Becky, I'm sending lots of virtual chocolate your way!


Lisa L said...

Becky, I have had breast biopsies too over the course of my life. The last time, my mammo came bace as BiRads 4. I then had to have and ultrasound, and the radiologist called me into his office (ugh) and said I had to have a stereotactic biopsy. (double ugh.) The day before the biopsy, my ob/gyn called and told me that because of the way the films looked, I "probably had stage 1 intraductal cancer, and would probably only need radiation." You can only imaging the sick feeling after *that* charming conversation. In any case, the biopsy was negative. My suspicious looking microcalcifications were *something* (waving hands vaguely), but not cancer. Here's hoping you will be ok. Praying.

Sue G said...

Becky, you've been here before. It's deja vu all over again. And we have every reason to believe the results will be the same as they were last time: benign.

I love the strength I hear in your attitude, the positive resolve, and of course the faith that sustains.

That, prayer, and the grace of God. What a winning comgination!

Anonymous said...

Keeping you in my prayers. My sister worried after getting her copy of the radiologist report. She googled too much and made herself sick. All was fine with her. I am glad they are keeping a close watchful eye on you and acting quickly. If anything pops up, they will get it ASAP! Enjoy the chocolate, I may just have a piece myself. :) Jill- FL

Ali Workentin said...

Popped over from MckMama's Community. The title of your blog post intrigued me.

So glad your daughters did the right thing. It looks like everyone had a great time at the museum. Hope things go well for you on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Wondering where Sarah got her cute little backpack?

Pam D said...

I just hate that you have to go through this every year. But I'm with Sue G... standing firm in the belief that ultimately, the results will be the same as last year. Praying now for peace to flood your soul....
"My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from Him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress, I will NEVER be shaken." Psalm 62:1-2

Marshmallow Woman said...

I keep on thinking of you, Becky.
Your attitude is amazing, and I dare to say (in my staggering but daring English) that you are my role model in this. I have no cancer-alarm going on, but often just the idea of the possibility of this monster scares me and compromises my life-quality. Then I read you and feel extremely silly. You are right, all the worrying in the world won’t change a thing, but courage, positivity, love, faith (in whatever we decide to believe), sense of humor, friends and chocolate can make a huge difference, no matter what life lay before us.
I have the feeling your biopsy will be negative, and the certainty that no matter what, a biopsy report can't change what you are.

MaryH said...

Becky, I just unwrapped a Dove chocolate here at the office and I thought the little "quote" inside the wrapper was a good one - so, here goes..... "When you can't control the wind, adjust your sails!" Sounds like you to me! And a piece of chocolate delivered that message - has to be a good one.

Catherine said...

Becky, I said it last year, and I say it again: Go the top specialist and hospital in the area which is probably Duke. Where you took Sarah when she was in trouble. Give yourself the same care. With the issues about your breast, you not only need top care and monitoring, you need it consistently. If you go to a different place, doctor each year, they are going to dig around and redo the investigation which cannot be good for you and the breast.

LizW said...

Becky, you are in my prayers as you deal, yet again, with the unknown. Hopefully, you will hear the same good news as last time. I agree that you should seek the very best care possible. Being from MN, of course, that would mean the Mayo Clinic for me, but I know that Duke is also outstanding.
Enjoy all the chocolate you can take - especially the dark as it is really good for you! Belated Happy Birthday!

Beverly said...

Prayers for you as you face this trial once again...and I second (or third?) the idea that you should be going to Duke!

Dianna in Louisiana said...

Oh geez Becky---- I fully expected to read that all went glowing well with your mammogram. I am so sorry that it didn't, though now I have faith that, like before, all will be well with your biopsy.

Praying faithfully for each of you!

Dianna in Louisiana said...

Oh Yeah..... Happily Belated Birthday.... sounds like you had a good one, with the most important things..... those who love you and chocolate!

LizW said...

Will be praying for you on Monday! My mom had this procedure done some years ago, and she was very apprehensive about it. In actuality for her, it was less painful than a mammogram - no being flattened like a pancake! Hope your experience will be the same. Her results were good too, as yours will be.
I am impressed by your table too! 14 folks are a lot of bodies!