Monday, March 1, 2010

Real Estate and Life Changing Desserts

One week from today, I will turn forty-eight years old.

One week and two years from today, I will turn fifty years old.

Fifty is not old. But neither is fifty young. And I’m not quite sure I’m completely ready for fifty. Or even forty-eight.

But the alternative to having a birthday? The alternative to growing older? Not so great. So I shall continue to grow older as gracefully as I know how.

And in case you’re wondering how I’m going to celebrate my birthday week? Well, I have several doctor’s appointments lined up. (Never let it be said that this girl doesn’t know how to party.)

Today I’m going to a podiatrist to have a painful ingrown toe nail cut out. Doesn’t THAT sound like so much fun?

The good news is that the doctor’s office is only two blocks away from my favorite Goodwill store. Since I have to drive thirty minutes to get to the doctor anyway, I thought that it would be a horrific and egregious waste of time if I didn’t leave a little early for my appointment so that I could drop in at Goodwill on the way. I mean, I’m all about making good use of time invested and gas burned and since I would hate to be a poor steward of those things, it seems to me that I am actually almost obligated to go to Goodwill beforehand, just to justify the drive to the doctor! (Or at least that’s what I tell myself.)

Next week, I have my six-month diagnostic mammogram scheduled, as well as my six-month pulmonologist appointment. Nothin’ like turning forty-eight with a flourish!

On the happier side of things, Steve’s parents are arriving in town this weekend for a visit. (They haven’t even been inside our new house yet.) Also, very late on Saturday night, Nathan and Meagan will arrive from Florida to spend Spring Break with us. So I’ll have family in town on my birthday, which makes me happy enough to negate all the less-than-happy doctor appointments that are surrounding me.

And since I just mentioned our house, let me give you a quick update on where we stand with our housing situation. Since we changed realtors (about a month ago) we’ve had at least half a dozen showings, as opposed to a total of six or seven showings over the entire YEAR that we were with the other company. That’s the good news—more showings.

The bad news? None of the showings have resulted in anything--no requests for a second showing, no offers, no nothing.

About a month ago, we lowered our house to the rock bottom dollar but guess what? We’ve discovered that there appears to be a rock bottom price below rock bottom. (Amazing the things one learns when selling a house.) In other words, our rock bottom price was not low enough to compete with brand new houses in the area that can be purchased for the same price as our 15-year old house. (The main advantage of our house over a new one is that it is in an established, lovely neighborhood with mature trees and landscaping.)

And so we lowered it another $5,000 and if nothing happens in a week or two, we will lower it another $5,000. In other words, rock bottom is a relative term.

The reason we are getting so aggressive with this is that it has been on the market fifteen months already, and that is a long time. Also, we have several rather important deadlines looming, both of them hitting around April 30.

The first deadline is that our 6-month rent-to-own agreement will be up. We have $2000 worth of earnest money on the line, plus we have no idea if the owner will be willing to extend the contract. If not, we would have to move or somehow come up with a way to buy the house while still owning the other one. (Not extremely do-able.)

The second deadline is that if we can sell our other house and buy the one we’re in by April 30, we will get some sort of rebate of around $6500.

So can you tell we’re getting a bit anxious? A weensy bit antsy?

Because even though April 30 is still eight weeks away, as you well know, it takes a while for paperwork and closings and legal papers to all be arranged. So ideally, we need to sell the house THIS week. Or NEXT week. Um. Even today would be okay!

In closing, I’m sorry that I don’t have a plethora of fascinating, scintillating or even remotely interesting photos to post today. But I do have one picture. One picture that may look kind of strange to you. But trust me when I say that this little picture could change your life. Or at least, your dessert-eating life.


Do you know what you are looking at? No?

You are looking at ice cream. In a bowl.

Has your dessert-eating life changed yet? No?

Okay. Well, here’s the life changing part. In the ice cream . . . that’s in the bowl . . . . that’s on the counter . . . are saltine crackers! All scrunched up and crumbled up and stirred throughout the ice cream.

Yummiest thing imaginable. You have cold and creamy mixed with salty and crispy—all in one dessert.

So. Try it. And report back. Did you love it or hate it?

And now I’m off to Goodwill. (Yay!) And the podiatrist. (unYay!)

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Anonymous said...

In order to get the $6500 tax credit, you just have to be under contract by April 30. You don't have to close until June 30, so you have a little bit more time than you thought.

Jessica Kramasz said...

I will be praying that your house will sell. Maybe it's different there, but here in MN spring is house buying/selling time - nobody even looks in the winter. I really hope it will work out well for you.

Shelley said...

When I was in college, we would get the little cups of vanilla ice cream and crush a pack of saltines to put in the cup of ice cream. It was delicious!!!

Wow, that was a long time age. Haven't done it since.

Anonymous said...

48, 50, 55, 60 is NOT remotely old! Just ask me! It's the new middle age! Spring is the beginning of home sales in New England and will pray for your house to sell as is needed in the timeframe needed.

I thought the toenail thing bad, but you topped it with the ice cream saltines duet.....I will now have ginger ale for lunch ....maybe I could try it with chocolate chips thrown in! LOL

Leah said...

Try crushing pretzels into your ice cream. I haven't tried saltines, but I can't imagine them being better than pretzels in ice cream!

Pam D said...

Definitely love the pretzels in ice cream. Haven't tried saltines and I don't have any in the house; guess I need to run to the store! (or waddle, I suppose...since we ARE talking about desserts here). And *ahem* I actually TURN 50 this year; I shall give you updates on the view from the other side. Meanwhile, I am praying for God to make all of the pieces fall into place for the sale of your home.

Beverly said...

I'm turning 50 in one year...and my babies are growning up...and I feel for you!

The icecream with saltines...sorry Becky, I think I may need to pass on that one!

Dianna in Louisiana said...

Happy Early Birthday Becky! I hope that your doctors appointments go well and your house sells soon! Oh yeah, I couldn't comment without giving Sarah (and you and Steve) a HUGE Congrats on her AWESOME grades!

Marysienka said...

My mother turned 50 last year, on the 8th of March. She did fine all year long ;) Don't worry, you'll be just as good!! It's the heart that counts :o)

Hmmm I wonder if my patients will be as unhappy as you to see me? hihihi I'm just teasing you ;) I don't like going to my doctors all that much! They're super nice, but it's always a reminder that there's nothing "wrong". Anyway, I hope all goes well at your appointments.

Have a good evening!


Sue G said...

Forty eight years old. Fifty years old. Wow.

So young.

Such a blessing.

Don't ever forget it. Ever.

Because at your age, you're still young enough to remember things. :-)

Kristin said...

Hi Becky,

It has been a while since I have commented. I just wanted to say that I am glad Snowy is ok and only has a bladder infection and I am praying for your house to sell very soon! And I am not too sure about the crackers and ice cream but french fries and ice cream is delicious.


Anonymous said...

Becky, I will have to give the saltines and ice cream a try . . . when I was a child, my favorite breakfast "cereal" was crackers and milk, but I've never tried them in ice cream.

Jan Reynolds said...

I was eating vanilla ice cream with crushed up pretzels last night as I read your blog... Same theory... delicious, sweet/salty!

Love Being A Nonny said...

NEVER heard of ice cream with crackers but I love salty and sweet so when I allow myself the privilege of ice cream...I will give it a try! Thanks for sharing. Where have I been all these years when yall were eating crackers and pretzels in your ice cream?

God has a plan for your home situation. I will pray along with you for His will!!

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