Saturday, February 27, 2010

Catching Up

Wednesday, a new computer was delivered to our church by none other than Wyatt himself. Wyatt is the one responsible for all the creative headers you see on Sarah's site and has also been the most incredibly patient “computer question answer-er” for me through the years.


When it came time for the church to order a computer for the sound room, Steve highly recommended Wyatt and his company to the board who was making the decision. I must say that it's not not every day that the head of the computer company himself arrives to install a computer! (How often has Bill Gates ever installed a computer for someone?)



I’ve spent quite a bit of time over at the church since Wednesday’s installation, working on learning the new computer; I’ll spend much of today over there, as well, just trying to get everything figured out so all the media applications are up and running in time for service tomorrow. In this picture, we had to drag the 12-year old computer out again to look up a list we needed. I felt like quite the tech guru, with computers on all sides of me!


In other news, I mentioned yesterday that that Steve and I had our monthly lunch gathering with four other pastor couples in the area. The first month that we all met (at our house) everyone else—all nine of them, including my husband—wore dress pants or at least cotton, Docker-style pants. I was the only one to wear jeans.

When we met for lunch again this past week, I wore dress pants and everyone else—all nine of them, including my husband—wore jeans.


Did I not get the memo? Was there a memo even sent? Have I found my new calling as a reverse style setter?


I think that for next month’s gathering, I will have a pair of pants custom made. One leg will be made from a dressy material and the other leg will be made from a jean material. (With my luck, everyone will show up at the lunch in formal wear.)

And speaking of clothes, I have a clothing-based annoyance I would love to share with you. And that annoyance is this I am not at ALL happy with whichever persnickety person in Paris it was who arbitrarily decided that skinny, peg legged pants should come back in style.

Not happy, at all.

I have finally found MY pant wearing style and it is boot cut (or other wider legged) styles of pants. And do you know why? Because a wider look at the bottom of the pant leg does wonders for balancing out the wider, er, bottom, in the middle part of my body! (Did you get all that?)

Do these Parisian People, these Hoity Toity Setters of Styles not realize that for me to put on a pair of skinny jeans would be one of the worst fashion faux paus ever imaginable? I don’t care if skinny jeans are stylish and I don’t care if I’m frightfully out of style for the next fifteen minutes. (Or forever however long this current “style” lasts.)

I’m going to cling with great devotion to my wider legged jeans and take solace in the fact that, even if I’m unfashionable, at least my bountiful bottom will be somewhat balanced out by the bountiful wideness of the pant opening at the bottom of my leg.

And that’s all I’m sayin’ about THAT.

In a few days, I’ll have the final edition of “Snowy Goes to College” posted. But for right now, here are a couple pictures of our college graduate the night after the last class. Doesn’t he look a lot smarter?



And now, a few words from the Comments Section.

Q. “Random” asked, “Is Snowy better behaved now than before he went to obedience school?

A. I don’t think it’s so much that he’s better behaved (because he’s never been terribly misbehaved); it’s more that we’ve learned to provide a little more structure for him and have learned some helpful commands to make it easier to “communicate” with our fluffy friend.

Q. Random also asked, “Will Sarah ever speak to the boy at school again?”

A. Yes, Sarah still likes talking to this fella; she just didn’t answer the phone when he called because I think she just got overwhelmed with nervousness. He actually wanted to invite her to his house for supper but we “encouraged” her to decline. She does like the thought of having friends who are boys although she can’t date until she’s at least sixteen. And since any boy who she does date will have to come to our house first for dinner and for lengthy interrogations, er, interviews, by her dad and me—well, she’ll be having boys who are just friends for a long time to come.

Q. And one more from Random, “What did you speak about to fifty young ladies?”

A. I spoke on “1.4 Million Peas” and “SLFFP.” (You had to be there.)

Q. Melinda Marie asked, “What program do you use to get the rounded pictures on your photos?”

A. When I update my blog, a lot of times I use a free download called, “Live Writer.” It’s a cool program that allows me to work on my blog when I’m not online. I can work for a while, save it and then come back and work some more. It also allows me to get all my pictures inserted and laid out correctly so that when I’m finally ready to publish, everything is completely ready to go.

Anyway, Live Writer offers the option of having pictures with rounded corners.

Q. Sue asked what “decorative” syrup I used in the brownie picture I posted a couple days ago.

A. Sue, it was chocolate syrup (Hershey) and caramel syrup all “smooshed” together. And it was yummy!

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Pam D said...

Smooshed syrup...yum! Smart Snowy... definitely! And that's all the "S" words I can come up with. Hurray for Wyatt and the computer, and I'm laughing about the clothes. Because that happens to me ALL the time. You and I have simply been left off of the distribution list for the important memos in life; can anyone tell us how to subscribe?

Alicia said...

Hi Becky, I just wanted you to know I got your CD in the mail yesterday and I will be listening to it in the next few days. Thanks again!


Sue G said...

I think skinny jeans were invented for young, teenage girls, seriously anorexic women, and Victoria Beckham (who would look smashing in them without the least bit anorexic). Everyone else would and should be in what flatters their figure.

Except me, since nothing flatters rotunda. Except, perhaps, a tent.

And, Pam, you already know how subscribe to and are already receiving the important memos in life. For those who don't know: Buy a Bible.

No skinny jeans inside it...but possible robes made of denim.

Love Being A Nonny said...

The devil wears skinny jeans!:)!!!!

Anonymous said...

I must admit that one of my pet-peeves is hymns and other songs sung during church being projected on a screen! How does one know how the tune goes? When I am sitting in the congregation I hate that people are trying to sing a song that is so beautiful and it is a mish-mash of tunes and timing. I realize that hymnals are very that the only reason more churches are going this direction? Am I the only one with this pet peeve? Probably :o) Lynie

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that Snowy's little face is so cute!

Kifus said...

Oh my! Your Snowy has the cutest face ever!
Congratulations on the new computer for your church. But something must be done with all those cables!

Hope you had a great weekend!