Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Sniffling Blogger

I just took Snowy for an unplanned visit to the vet because he’s been having some worrisome symptoms that haven’t been getting better.  I told the doctor about his kidney stone surgery and also told her about a few of the recent symptoms he’s been having.

She listened carefully and then said, “Hmmm.  Those could be signs of a urinary tract infection or they could be signs of a kidney stone.  When a a dog has had a kidney stone in the past, he is much more likely to develop one again.”

Well, don’t you know that my (already melancholy) heart just sank all the lower.  We cannot possibly go through again (emotionally or financially) what we experienced with Snowy last November when he had his major surgery and almost died.  It’s beyond my comprehension to even consider traveling that traumatic road again.

Anyway, I’ve left the vet’s office for now; she’s going to keep Snowy for a few hours to do some more tests. She will also call the hospital that did his earlier surgery to get some input from them.

That is not really what I needed today.  I got teary-eyed on the way home, having to drive sans the enthusiastic and loyal company my of my favorite Little Puff Ball.

And then when I got home, there was a long and very sweet letter from my mom waiting for me.  In the course of the letter she wrote, “Our van finally sold today.  Dad and I sure spent many happy hours together in it.”

Well, that made me cry all over again as I thought of the two of them making literally hundreds of trips to area rest homes over the years.  They did 4-8 services a week--every single week.

I can just picture them now, pulling up to yet another home, opening the back of the van, unloading dad’s guitar, the mics, the  music stand, getting ready (despite their own many physical challenges) to minister to people who were lonely and in need of encouragement.

Here are Nathan and Sarah, getting the privilege of watching their grandparents do what they did best—encourage other people.  It was the last Christmas my dad would be alive.





I’m so thankful that they passed down the musical/encouraging gene to me.  And seeing the pictures side by side of mom playing the piano and me playing piano reminds me of the way I came to love that instrument.  When I was very small, Mom would put me on her lap and let my hands “ride” on her hands while she played.  What a blessing it is to have music (and my parent’s love) woven into the fabric of my earliest memories.

And now--I’m off to cry some more.


The Sniffling Blogger

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SuziQCat said...

Sending extra purrs and prayers to your family today. Wait, can you send purrs to a dog? Just to be safe, I'll send him regular prayers...that works for everyone!

Shannon said...

Wow Becky..you sure are having a bummer day. I will send you good thoughts and prayers!!

As for Mr. Snowy...well you have to get better darn it! Sarah needs you and Becky and Steve. So you just striaghten up and get better!!!

Lisa said...

Oh my Becky. I don't know if I can handle this either. I will be in earnest prayer for Snowy and for you to feel better too.

In the meantime, please take this BIG ((((((HUG)))))) and wrap it around your skinny little neck. :O)


Anonymous said...


Twice in a week. Wow. I guess I must want to work on my BLOGAPHOBIA.

I am sorry that your "Little Puff Ball of Love" is sick. It breaks my heart to hear when animals are sick. They can't speak for themselves; it's so sad.

I used to think you either are a
"pet" person or not. However, in recent years I learned from my dad that my theory couldn't be further from the TRUTH!

My dad hasn't seen his wonder dogs (Purebred Corgi's) in over a year and misses them terribly. I miss them too. I guess I am a dog person after all.




Anonymous said...

Lots of puppy prayers going up for Snowy. I know how you feel. Our foster dachshund keeps having bad seizures and it scares me so much every time!

Thanks for sharing the pictures of your family again. We were both blessed to have such wonderful and musical Christian homes. I remember trying to be quiet as my folks recorded their Sunday program in our living room on the old reel-to-reel tapes! What wonderful memories!!

Melanie said...

Sorry you and Snowy aren't having a good day. I'll be praying for you both to be feeling better soon. :)

Dianna in Louisiana said...

Hugs and prayers to you Becky. Our Beagle Henry is also part of our family, so I can empathize with your love for Snowy. Again, I'm so sorry about the loss of your dad. Memories can be so, touchingly beautiful and palpable. My prayer for you today will be that the Lord fill your heart with peaceful joy and that He give you reason to smile today as you create a new memory.

Pam D said...

Hurray for the good news you just posted on Snowy! yippee! And what sweet pics of your folks; I know that your dad touched so many people in his years here. I love the story of your mom and your hands on hers; that's actually what I've been doing with Adam when I type so that he can get the "feel" of doing something other than hunting and pecking. If he can type like you play piano, I will be very grateful!

Hope the sniffles have dried up for now.... and that you can feel the hugs that I'm sending via cyberland express....

tylersmama said...

Oh Becky, I will be praying and praying that Snowy is okay. I know how hard last time was on everyone. It's so hard to see a pet hurting. I hope you have a better day tomorrow. I love love love the pictures of your parents. I guess talent (as well as good looks, of course) IS genetic!!