Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Dog And A Prayer

I’m thankful to say that I’m feeling much better today--on all levels. 

I’ve got a jam packed day ahead of me so I can’t write anything real lengthy, but I did want to give a brief report on Snowy and also share a couple pictures.

I think I said yesterday that Snowy had a urinary tract infection; it’s actually a bladder infection.  (He also has a kidney stone but they said it wasn’t in a place that is worrisome.  Whatever that means.) 

He was given a shot and then sent home with ten nasty pills to take every day for ten days; we were also advised to change his dog food to something that was specifically formulated for dogs with kidney stone/urinary issues.

But the bottom line is that our expensive, happy doggie is going to be fine.  Hallelujah!

And it’s a really good thing that he is going to be fine, because this particular dog has a very busy and demanding schedule.  This morning, for instance, he had to get all geared up for his usual doggie duty of escorting Sarah to school.  He takes that job very seriously and is very intent on scoping out any boys in her vicinity when she gets out of the van.  He then bares his teeth in a fierce and ferocious manner in order to convince said boys that Sarah is his property and should not be messed with.  And believe me, when a six pound ball of white fluff bares its teeth, it is a highly intimidating (not to mention slightly humorous) sight.

But before all the escorting/teeth baring can take place, Snowy has to cool his heels momentarily while his escortee is prayed for by the (other) Top Dog of the house.  Can’t you just see the patient look on his face as he waits for his Big Moment?

IMG_1627 IMG_1623

All I’ve got to say is that Sarah is one blessed young lady to be cared for by two fellows as fine as Snowy and Steve.  They make a great “Taking Care of Sarah Team.”

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SuziQCat said...

That's great news. Snowy is a blessing to the whole Smith clan.

MaryH said...

Yep, Sarah has the best of the best watching out for her - that includes one great mama. My daughter's cat (they no longer have this cat) had urinary tract issues and had to be on special food - it worked great - he had very little problems afterwards. My Greyhound is on special food and daily meds for inflammatory bowels - who would have thought!!! But, these four-legged angels of ours are worth it all. I am so glad you found a vet that is doing such a good job of complete care for the cutest white doggie around.

Lisa said...

That is so incredibly sweet and again, brought tears to my eyes. What's wrong with me?!? :)

Snowy is so precious. Y'all are all so lucky to have each other.


Kim@Seasons of My Heart said... sweet! Sarah is TRULY blessed young lady.

I <3 SNOWY!!!

Frapper said...

I'm so glad that Snowy only has an infection & that it'll respond to medication. His adventures have sure brought many a smile and many a tear to my face. Our corgi had surgery for kidney stones & we were both so worried until we knew she had come through it okay. She's on a special dog food now to prevent stones. I hope Snowy's feeling a lot better and back in his routine of going to his classes and being an official guard dog1

Sue G said...

Wow. I haven't been gone that long (a day?) and I have missed all the news about Snowy and that wonderfully written article from your sister Ruth. She is one heck of a writer. Hmmmm. Sounds familiar.

I am thrilled that Snowy is on the road to recovery. How we love our pets!!! And I am also glad that you too are on the same road. I know you want to be 100% right now, but heed the speed limit and take the time necessary, okay?

Anonymous said...

selfishly, I must admit I am glad that I didn't know Snowy wasn't up to par until now... now that you know he is going to be okay. I just love that pup!!!

Do you have Dr. Fox (a vet) in your newspaper? He is always recommending his own organic/natural (or something like that) diet for his pets. You can check out his website.

mrs pam