Thursday, April 29, 2010

Friends. Two Legged. Four Legged.

Last Friday morning the waiting room at the surgical center was peopled with lots of, well, people! From left to right: Debbie (my sister), Jo Ann (my Mom), Debbie Daniels (from our church), Ken (Steve’s dad) , Vernie (Steve’s mom) and Sarah. Not shown are my hubby and Steve Daniels, a board member from our church.


This young lady showed up in various places throughout the waiting room—she seems to be a bit of a bookish sort, don’t you think?


As the morning went by, The Smith Waiting Crew was joined by Rev. Ferrell Hardison. We met Ferrell over twenty years ago and sang at his church many times over the years. When we first met him, his church ran about 80 people; right now his average membership is around 1300.

Now don’t you know that someone who is as busy as Ferrell is would have a few things to accomplish on his day off? We were so touched that he would show up to be with our family instead. (He was also with us during Sarah’s surgeries seven years ago.) Ferrell came back to the Recovery Room with Steve and prayed with me right as I came out of surgery. So glad for good friends!


Now I must say, I wasn’t the most inspiring sight to behold when I was newly arrived in the Recovery Room. And believe me when I tell you I felt twice as bad as I looked.


Here’s Sarah getting to return the favor of “cup holding” for me which I performed for her so many times over the years.


Happily, the overnight rooms at the surgical center were lovely and very unhospital-like. I could have hung out there for at least a week. But alas, all too soon, it was time to head out.


When we arrived in Manteo, we were greeted by these sweet words on our church sign.


I got settled into my bed while Steve and my sister got the meds all lined up.


And then they made sure that I was being cared for by an exceptionally skilled nurse.


Recovery doesn’t get much better than that!

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Nancy(bratt) said...

I am glad to see you are starting to feel better and better. I had to admit tho, when I saw you the tears just fell and fell. You have been through so much. You are a warrior Becky through and through.
all my love

Mommy! said...

Still thinking about you here in GA! Here's to a better day tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Snowy....never fails to take care of his humans. Sarah, you are amazing!

Courtney said...

Sweet Becky...Wow. I am so inspired by your openess and willingness to share your journey with Smithellaneous -- no make-up and all. What a resource this will be for other women facing the same surgical procedures and feeling alone and scared. You are simply the best.
Much love,

(Are you in shock that I'm actually making a comment rather than sending you an e-mail?!)

Ann Martin said...

Glad you are feeling better--have to be to post pictures. Thanks so much for sharing with us. You make us feel we are a part of the family. Take care and glad you can survive without the pain meds. Each day you will be better I'm sure and soon the "normal" Becky will be back. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my! the look of love and caring on Sarah's face really got me! thank goodness, Snowy's face gave me a good smile.

continued prayers, "Mrs. Becky"....

mrs pam

Sue G said...

All I can think of when looking at the photo of you lying in your bed is that you will have to use your chest and abdomen muscles to get up out of that bed! Ouch. Brings back such interesting memories for me.

I wish I had your reaction to pain meds. They keep me wired, wide awake, and full of pain. I have suggested elephant tranquilizer, but so far they haven't found a gun through which to shoot the stuff. Have to be careful because of my compromised immune system, ya' know.

So glad you are feeling more like yourself. Also glad that you are listening to your body. When it says nap, you nap. I do hope when it says eat, you eat. This is not the time to diet.

May each day be better than the day before. May each morning bring you more strength, more joy, more painless parts, and more restoration of all you hold dear...pain free walks, eating chocolate, hugging your husband and loved ones (I am assuming hugging hurts right now).

This, too, shall pass.

Jessica Kramasz said...

It's so good to be hearing from you again. I'm still praying for you!

~That's one nice looking hospital room!

Anonymous said...

So great to see a post from you Becky! Glad you are feeling more normal. I agree, who wants to feel out of sorts all the time. Still thinking of you and praying for you.

Kris H

LizW said...

Becky, it is wonderful that you are able to do two posts in one day! You must be feeling more like yourself. Getting off the narcotics is a good idea. I totally agree about how weird and icky they make you feel. But if you need strong pain meds, take them! My doc always said it was better to stay on top of the pain, then to wait to take the meds when you were miserable. So, the advice is, take the tylenol and ibuprofen on a regular schedule even if you think you don't need them. Also prunes, prunes, prunes!
Keeping you in my prayers!


Anonymous said...


In my wildest dreams I can't imagine being surrounded by a better team during your ordeal. It is obvious the tender loving care you have given is coming back to you. Congratulations. You go woman!

The pictures of your mom are the very definition of loving mother. Give her an extra squeeze for me (or glance... if squeezing isn't in the cards yet) will you?

Prayers, blessings and love to all of you.

Cindy in Walla Walla

Lyndsay said...

Oh Becky. Oh Becky... I just don't know what to say. It all just looks so miserable.
But I am so glad that you are blessed with so many people who love you and are there for you.
I hope each day gets better and better.

Frapper said...

I'm glad you're surrounded by so many loving & caring nurses--especially the little furry one! I hope that you're starting to feel a little stronger and more like yourself. It's a long road after any surgery until you feel like you've gotten back to "normal", so just take it slowly and easily, and let all those who love you give you a hand where you need it.

Becky, UK said...

Ah you sound a fair bit better in this post - you are so blessed to have such a strong family and support network around you! Hope you keep on feeling better and better.

Anonymous said...


The picture of your mom looking at you with such concern and love made me cry. No matter how old you are, you are always your mom's baby.

The picture reminded me of a favorite book that I read to my children, "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch. As the mother rocks her child through the years (from infant to adult) she sings:

I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living
my baby you'll be.

Sending up notes of prayers for you in Mint Hill, NC!

Liz said...

Love your 4 legged nurse! Animals always seem to have a way of knowing who needs cared for and providing just the right amount of snuggling.