Saturday, April 10, 2010

Silence and Snot

Our Realtor called a little while ago, sounding subdued. She said, "I really hesitate to even articulate this offer because it's so low; however, part of my job is to pass on any offer that comes in."

She hesitated and then said, "The client made an offer of $130,000."

Yup. You did your math correctly. That's about $25,000 less than our price which we had already cut to a level lower than we can really afford. Talk about letting the air out of our balloon. I felt so sad and disappointed.

I doubt that a counter offer is in the works, because she's so extremely far out of the ball bark that even a counter offer would be horrendously low.

So. There you go.

In other news, we will tell our church family tomorrow about my upcoming surgery. I'm not really looking forward to that. On Wednesday night, we had our weekly staff meeting ; Steve asked if I wanted to share the news or if I wanted him to. I told Steve that I would do it. However, when the time came for me to say something, I teared up and couldn't get a word out. And as they all prayed for me and with me, I just sobbed.

As soon as we got out of staff meeting, I had to pull myself back together to teach my Wednesday night class. I dried my eyes, powdered my nose and at 7 pm, was up in front of my class. Although I didn't feel like I was at my best, at least I was holding it together.

At least I held it together until the end of the class when it was time to take prayer requests. After a few people had spoken up with their requests, I opened my mouth to start to give an explanation of what was coming in my life. I was fairly calm for all of about twenty seconds and then I was done for. Even before the tears took over, though, Steve had already gotten up from the front row to stand beside me.

I dribbled off into silence and snot (wouldn't that be a great country song?) and once again, he took over the unhappy task of giving our church family the news. The people in my class came up and gathered around me and prayed, and once again, I cried and cried.

And now we come to Sunday and our main church service where a brief announcement will need to be made. Since I seem to be completely incapable of talking about the subject without dissolving into sadness, Steve will be the one tell the congregation. I will be sitting safely on the second row beside Sarah, holding Kleenex with one hand and Sarah's hand with the other.

I never thought this kind of news would make me so so emotional so that I cry at the least provocation. Sometimes I even cry with no provocation at all. (I guess I'm just trying to stay in practice!)

Once again, I want to say thank you to all of you who have been so dear to us during these past days. (I can't say you're "near and dear" to us, because most of you are thousands of miles away.) But your words and prayers and comments have buoyed my spirits in ways I'll never be fully be able to express.

I've also gotten some wonderful cheery things in the mail, which I'll write about later.

For now, I just wanted you to know that the house is still unsold, and our housing future is still a little uncertain. Cancer surgery and a house crisis, all in the same week.

Are we having fun yet?

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bearie1 said...

I seriously can't even believe that someone would offer that much less than the asking price. Does she think because you are desperate that you will give the house away? What are other houses in Smithfield selling for? Hopefully something will come from the open house.

Will be thinking about you tomorrow. Elaine

Anonymous said...

Oh no!! Doesn't the Good Lord know that you're only allowed one 'roller coaster' ride at a time and you are WAY over your limit!!!

Lyndsay said...

Perhaps they interpreted you lowering your price as a desperate attempt to offload the house and thought they would try to low-ball you even further. Not especially kind, but in tough times I guess everyone is looking for a deal.

I'll say a prayer for you to get through the big announcement tomorrow. Can you say a prayer for my 5-year old? She will be the youngest member of the children's choir to sing a solo during mass tomorrow. We're proud but nervous!!

Jan R. said...

I say counter offer - your full price and if she can afford to come up she will.

Best wishes to you.

Michelle said...

Don't give up, Becky. If this person has narrowed her choices to two homes (one that requires costly repairs, and isn't move-in ready), chances are she could come through for you. Fingers crossed!!!

And, just in case, have you considered renting that home until it sells???

Your family continues to be in my prayers.

bearie1 said...

I agree with Jan. Counnter with your asking price. Although she may counter your counter.

But, if you can't afford to sell for less than the current asking price you might need to consider renting. Is that even an option? Elaine

Jessica Kramasz said...

I'm so sorry. I'll be continuing to pray.

Anonymous said...

You have such a wonderful spirit and sense of humor even when you are writing about the most serious of subjects. You are in my thoughts and prayers now more than ever.

Kris H
Bettendorf, IA

Anonymous said...

make a counter offer!!! you have nothing to lose! Unfortunately, when you bought your house, the market was really high. The economy now makes this a buyer's market. Make a counter offer...see what they say

Anonymous said...

Full price counter offer, or you could raise it to the origina price. Wouldn't that be fun? I think she will come up to the asking price, she was just trying to get a better bargain, thinking you are desperate. Let her know you are motivated not desperate.

Becky I have been praying for you daily. I know what a scare cancer is, five yrs ago I was daignosed with oral cancer (never smoked or drank) so I too have walked the cancer walk. I will continue to keep you (and your house selling) in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Counter offer! You never know!

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky,

Just Nicky again sending you my very best wishes and prayers as we walk side by side on this uncertain journey. I know this sounds really strange but just as Sarah has inspired me for many years, now you too are keeping me going and keeping me strong - your posts could almost have been written by me as I ride this rollercoaster alongside you but as hard as it is, i just know that you and I will fasten our seatbelts for the journey, do what we need to do, cry, scream and no doubt at times even laugh together (albeit a thousands of miles away together) and come off the other side ready to use this as the start of the rest of our lives. Lots of love & hugs to you Becky & to your family - say a special hi to Sarah for me too XXXXX

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone...counter offer to your asking price. Will continue to keep you in my prayers. Anna

Marysienka said...

Yes, counter offer is the thing to do! I don't know if it's different in the US, but I was pretty sure that was the offer you'd get. Where I live, it's always 20-25000$ under the asking price. In the end, the house is usually sold about 7-10 000$ less than the asking price.
Good luck!!

Liz said...

Counter with your original price! It sounds like she is trying to lowball and see what happens.

Thinking of and praying for you!

Stacie said...

People now days are wanting to "steal" houses from people! We just went through a similar experience. We moved from Tomah, WI to Boise, ID and people felt the need to low ball us because we were living 1,500 miles away. I would counter with your asking price or $1,000 less and if she want the house bad enough, she will take it. She would NOT have looked at your house if she couldn't afford your asking price!!

Katrina said...

HAPPY BLOG ANNIVERSARY. lot of love and I am thinking of you :)

Ramona said...

Hi Becky, I am a long time lurker of this blog and Sara's caring page but wanted to tell you I was praying for you and your family as you go through this trying period in your life. As for your house, I agree with everyone. Make a counter offer, you have nothing to lose.

tylersmama said...

I agree with everyone else...make a counter offer! Either your full asking price or go as low as you possibly can and have your realtor tell her that it's that or nothing. I'm sorry you are in this situation, the housing market is so rough right now. We have some friends that bought in 2005 and sold last year for 60K less. I will be praying for you guys, and I hope the big announcement went okay today. (((HUGS)))

simplykristi said...

I agree... make a counter offer with the asking price. She is seeing what she can get away with. Counter with the asking price that you and the realtor have agreed on.

Happy Anniversary to the blog!

Kristi near KCMO

Catherine said...

I know that sounds so insulting, Becky. In this market, you just can't blame people for lowballing, however. They just might get a hit. The best way to handle this is just to counter you lowest honest offer and see what happens.

The only houses moving around here are those that are offering creative financing. Which means taking on a mortgage with a reasonably large down payment. If we were to have to sell this house, we would have to go down that path, and we would have to buy the same way. My good friend is an excellent realtor, and those are pretty much the only deals she has been closing. She has had a brisk business despite the housing market slump because she was smart enough to understand that this is the way to go. You should be discussing this avenue with both your buy and sell realtors because you are in the same situation as nearly everyone else who had to deal with the housing market.

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