Friday, April 9, 2010

Soggy, Saggy Sedentariness

Okay. Here’s the thing.

Although no one has said anything, some of you may very well be wondering, “Is this going to turn into a cancer blog now? Is Becky going to write incessantly about mastectomies and crying and breast surgeons? Is she going to become a Cancer-Obsessed, Oblivious-to-the-Rest-of-the-World Blogger Type Person?”


Smithellaneous, in its usual format, will continue. There will be tales about Snowy, stories about the College Dude and Princess Groovy Chick, wacky missives about life at our house, recipes, photographs, humorous pieces, and a few vignettes that might even make you cry.

Yes, I am going to be writing more about cancer now than I have in the past. Because what I do at Smithellaneous is to write about what life is like at the moment—whatever that may be.

And right now it consists of the challenge of adjusting to cancer. That’s not so much fun. But I am not going to let it take over my life—or this blog. Although the next few weeks may indeed be a bit cancer centric, there will be plenty of other things to write about, too. Because life goes on. Cancer or no cancer.

For one thing, I realized just this morning that my one-year anniversary of starting this blog is Sunday, April 11. Can you believe I have written 424 posts during that time? Me neither.

I’ve tried to think of what might be a good way to celebrate the one year anniversary, and the only thing that came to mind is that it would be fun (for me, at least), if you would sign in over the next several days and just briefly mention one particular post over the year that you especially remember. Even if you don’t know the exact title, you could just give a brief description of it.

We writers are always (pathetically) eager to know if anything we’ve written has stuck in any ones’ minds, or if our sweated over, agonized upon choices of words just sail away in the breeze after they’re painstakingly committed to the page.

So if you could humor me and chime in on this anniversary project, it would mean a lot to my stressed little self.

And speaking of stress, one of the best stress busters that exists (apart from chocolate, of course), it to take a walk outside. Now I must confess that my natural inclination is not to put on my walking shoes and head for the great outdoors. No, my most natural inclination is to stay inside—near my computer, my comfy chair, and the soggy, saggy sedentariness that makes up my life. However, I have a husband who is my own personal “get up and walk” coach and he knows that most days, a walk is exactly what I need.

And so I allow him to drag me out the door, spluttering the whole way and muttering in toddler like tones, “But I don’t wanna.” (And I might even throw in a little foot stomp like a toddler would do, too.)

However, said husband doesn’t seem to think that “I don’t wanna” is a legitimate excuse for non-walking and so he asserts his husbandly authority and tells me to get my rear in gear. (Except he says it nicer than that.)

Thankfully, we live less than a block from the town’s walking/bike trail, which runs 8-miles, the whole length of the island.

When I was unceremoniously dragged outside for our most recent walk, I took the camera along to try and dilute my walking misery a tad.

Since Steve loves vehicles of all shapes, ages, and sizes, he thought he would pose for a picture in front of this interesting truck we saw along the way. (I was tempted to caption it, “Sarah’s First Car” but thought you might not believe me.)


Classic truck. Classic guy. (The guy has aged more gracefully than the truck.)


Here are a few lovely sights from along the Smith Trod Walking Path.


This driveway is especially interesting because it leads to Andy Griffith’s house. We walk by his house every day but so far, he hasn’t invited us in for a glass of tea. Which is a good thing. Since I hate tea.


IMG_3286 IMG_3265 IMG_3282

There now. Don’t you feel more relaxed and de-stressed, just looking at those lovely pictures? For the fullest effect, though, you need to set the computer in front of you and gaze at one of the pictures while walking in place.

Doesn’t that sound fun? (I didn’t think so.)

Well, I’m going to sign off for now and get on with the lovely day that is stretched out before me. Steve and Sarah are in Smithfield all day, doing the last of the last minute “house stuff.” That means I have 10-12 hours all to myself, which is lovely beyond measure. And to make life even better, it’s been raining all morning and for me at least, there are few things better in life than getting to stay inside (alone) on a rainy day. I have no doubt you can hear my “ahhhh” all the way from here.

And the best part about today? My wonderful spouse is not home to indulge in any husbandly haranguing about the need for me to take a walk.

I can be walk-less today! I can stay home! I can eat chocolate! I can fully and joyfully engage in soggy, saggy sedentariness.

Happy day.

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Rebecca, UK said...

I'm so jealous of where you live! OK, I do live in a more rural part of the UK than, say, a city like London, but even so....that's so pretty!

I think the posts that made me smile the most (of late) are Snowy's obedience training ones, written of course by the star himself! As an owner of 2 (rather larger) dogs myself (labradors; one chocolate, one brown), Snowy's antics made me laugh in somewhat rueful recognition of trying to get a dog (or 2) to behave around other canine companions! The other post that springs to mind of late is the jewelery hanging idea of a couple weeks ago - an idea i will still steal when I can finally arrange my better half to hang them up for me :)!

I think Snowy should have his own blog section for other like minded canines to read and respond to - whaddya think (no, i'm not insane, just in dire need of chocolate).

Anonymous said...

I agree with Rebecca. Snowy's rendition of his college days was hilarious! I still smile when I think of it.

Angela said...

Well, I really don't remember specific posts. I have actaully been following Sarah for a while so I might get some posts mixed up as I can't remember which posts ended up on which site. I remember the series of posts about Sarah starting public school, the College Dude in Isreal, and the final journey of your dad.

The one I remember most was the parts about moving. As my last move we had lived in the house for 10 years. So packing up brought up a lot of memories.


Michelle said...

You know, Becky, it's not just one of your posts that stand out with me over the past year, it's ALL of them. I believe what is most admirable is your love for your family, and the close bond you all share. You are blessed beyond measure, even when you're faced with life's most difficult challenges. You'll never be alone, and you'll always be loved.

Thank you for sharing your world of Smithellaneous. It is inspiring, entertaining, educational, and, well, addicting! ;) Your blog makes me laugh, love, appreciate, learn, and, most importantly, pray.

Take care, Becky, and enjoy your day. You deserve it!

jmckemie said...

No one particular post really stands out from the others. You are a gifted writer and have a wonderful ability to draw a picture with our words. I feel like I "know" you and your family, and appreciate having had the chance to get acquainted! So many times, your words; funny, prayerful, tearful, joyful, speak directly to me and what I need right then. Other times they remind me of my blessings and how need to be more thankful. Sometimes they are just a way to start my day off with a smile on my face to share with those around me. Congratulations on the "anniversary" and I look forward to following the Smith family on their walk, whether sunny or soggy!

Katrina said...

Becky for me it just a blessing to be a part of this big cyberfamily.

Of all your post over on Sarah's site one which really touched me was the post about when you found Sarah's pink hat and she wore it agian and hid hair har and then you showed some pictures of her with her hat during the cancer treament in 2002. Could I request you to post that entry agian on Sarah's site?

But on this blog... Hmm :) I don't know your writing touches me every time, but the Snowy one was funy :D

MaryH said...

Becky, every post is a chapter in the books of Sarah's Spot and Smithellaneous. It is the book and all its stories that gives me the most pleasure and it is impossible for me to pick a favorite chapter. There was something in every post that touched me. I hope that does not disappoint you. As a writer, to know that the sum of your work is what appeals most, must be a great thing. Praying.

MaryH said...

P.S. Becky, as soon as you said it was raining and you were alone, I knew you were a contented, peaceful lady. Enjoy! You deserve YOUR kind of day right now.

tylersmama said...

Wow, Manteo is gorgeous!!! Have a great day today with the rain and your chocolate!! Until recently, I mostly just read Sarah's site so I don't really have any favorites to share with are such a great writer that I love it all!

Anonymous said...

I love all your posts! However, a couple came immediately to mind - one was about seeing who would finally put the toilet paper away and the others were Snowy's posts on college.

I am glad you will continue to write of your cancer journey as it is what's going on right now. No matter what you have written about, your posts either: (a) remind me to pray, (b) keep a box of tissue on my work desk, (c)keep water nearby to soothe throat after gales of laughter or (d) all of the above at the same time!

Enjoy chocolate, book and solitude today!

Love, Guerrina

Anonymous said...

PS - Are you going to keep the light background that the text is on? So easy to read!


bearie1 said...

Ahhhh, a beautiful walking trail so close to your house. I'm envious. I think I'd make it my mission to eventually walk the entire path. We live on the top of a very steep hill. I used to walk from home, but my back/hips have been protesting the uphill part so now I have to drive to a level area to walk.

The post that stands out to me today is today's post. The pictures are lovely. Elaine

Sarah said...

Looks like a beautiful place to walk! One of my favorite entries was the story of Meagan surprising Nathan by coming to Smithfield and how the plan was almost foiled. That was a great post!

Leslie - Fort Worth said...

One of my favorite blogs is the one you wrote about how you and Steve met.

Tammy said...

One of my favorites is (for no apparent reason) the one where you gifted Little Debbies...and that gift of generosity was placed back at your doorstep not long after!

Anonymous said...

This is terrible, but maybe a teeny tiny bit funny too. When I read the title of your post, I thought that the "saggy" part was going to refer to... well... a problem you won't ever have to worry about anymore in a few weeks. :-D

Anonymous said...

Becky there is something incredibly endearing about every post you write but the one that sticks out the most is Nathan, a wig and the police. Just typing it makes me laugh to the point of needing a Depends.

For the record though.............your blog, you write about ANYTHING that tickles your fancy. Cancer, Sarah, Nathan, wigs, and pigs, doing a jig.

As for the surgery my friend had a nipple sparing double mast. on a Monday and was back to work the following Wednesday (with no drains). She is a kindergarten teacher. This was just a few months ago. Surgery was very late in the day and she went home on Wednesday morning needing nothing more than Motrin during the day and something a bit stronger at night.

She is in the process of the reconstruction and she said it is a breeze (she is a mother of FOUR under TEN).

I can explain her procedure to you (reconstruction if you wish) but not here. I can call you or you can call me. I tried sending you a text but I am not sure if I had the right number or if you even do the text thing. Email me the person info if you wish better yet check your email.

Jodi (IL)


I just started reading your blog last week and already love your love of family, honesty, homor, emotion etc. I am also a ministry wife and just began blogging two months ago. Cancer has hit our family 2 times, so I read with great interest your experiences.

simplykristi said...

I enjoy reading all of your posts! I have to have my Smithellaneous fix several times a week.

I am praying that your surgery goes well on the 23rd.

Kristi near KCMO

Anonymous said...

I love the new look for the blog. Also, I love the walking path you get to enjoy! I enjoy reading anything you write...keep it coming. Anna

Debbie said...

What a beautiful walking path you have!! You even get to walk by a celebrities home!!

I remember most the blog about sarah's 1st day at school and the sad face she had. Broke my heart. Glad she is much happier now. I also love the blogs with snowy. I have 3 dogs and I love reading about them.

I want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I too am going thru medical stuff and it's no fun!! I had cervical cancer and it was also contained and I didn't have to have radiation or chemo. We are the lucky ones. That was back in 1996, and I am fine with that now.

I love your family and your blog. Keep up the good work!!

Enjoy your rainy day alone with chocolate! Yum!!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Sue in California said...

I enjoy everything you write but the post about Snowy being lost in the snow really touched me. What ever you do, please keep writing!!

Rachel said...

Becky -- i's been a while since I checked in on your family and I just wanted to send you some HUGE HUGS! And say that I have missed your blogging.

Of all the posts I remember, I think the one I loved the most was the one when Sarah first rode her bike without training wheels... because honestly... the love and excitement in that post could just be felt!

Sue G said...

Boy, you sure know how to motivate people to sign your blog! I have never been very effective at that, so I think maybe 12 people for each update is my personal best. I have even tried begging. I guess begging doesn't become me. Maybe next time I will try whining. Whining REALLY becomes me!!

I would love to answer your plea for sharing which blog I most love, but that would require a memory on my part. I'm sorry to report that along with Elvis, my memory has left the building. When I fill out my medical history for new doctors I have to rely on the picture in my mind of how much I weighed to discern the actual date and year. I suppose that's one good reason to keep one's weight fluctuating.

I can tell you as a writer (of sorts) myself that all of your writing is good--very good--but my personal favorites are the stories that tug at my heart. You have a gift for observing people and circumstances and for making connections between them and life. I love those.

My basic needs when it comes to writing is this: Make me laugh. Make me cry. Just move me.

And you always do.

Kathryne said...

thank you for being my daughters hero. god bless. kathryne

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading about and seeing all of the pictures of Nathan in Jerusalem.

of course, I liked Snowy's Valentine photo shoot!

and all the BEAUTIFUL stories and photos of Sarah,
and being a proud owner of her writings in two books!

And I always teared up reading how caring Steve and you are visiting friends and parishioners in the hospital. Especially touched by your love for Hannah. (but, that might have been in Sarah's Spot)

Love seeing Manteo.

obviously, can't choose a favorite.

mrs pam

Anonymous said...

I like everything you write! Nathan in Israel and your lives in a motor home are some favorites. I also enjoy reading about you out and about in Manteo and all the photos you put with your stories.

Marshmallow Woman said...

Oooh, love the new layout!
Back on memory lane, I really loved the posts you wrote during the house-transition days, especially the ones where you told us about your goodbye to the old house. They were beautifully written and felt and moving and … well, I felt I was saying goodbye to an old friend as well. :)

becky in buffalo said...

ok i think the reason most of us have not asked that is becuase i think what most of us are really thinking is how is she today, what is she thinking and how is she handling. and everyday that question will pop in our minds no matter what part the road we walk with you. and so never worry if the next 424 entries are nothing but how you, your family,loved ones and snowy are dealing and handle your "walk" down cancer walkway; then we will all be walking in place with you loving every minute of knowing what is going on and how we might be able to help make that walk a little more scenic and fun.
and as for a memorable post i agree with others not one just stands out, i feel a part of ur life and these are all memories we remember.

Anonymous said...

I can't think of a particular post more of an overall view. How you gracefully handled the no work for almost an entire year. Sharing the ups and downs of that part of your life, your ministry, the new job, the move, Sarah's medical progress, new school and her adjustment. It is the love you have for Nathan and how you miss him while he is at college. The sharing of his pictures while he was over seas. How loosing Snowy in the new neighborhood his surgery and of course his College degree. Exposing the emotions of loosing your Dad, yet as usual sharing your feelings with all of us but somehow teaching us something while not even trying. I feel like I know you, yet I am hundred's of miles away in Iowa. So Becky I feel blessed to watch this blog begin and want you to know I pray for your house to sell, for you to beable to stay in the house now and most of all complete cure from cancer. I will await your posts so that I know how you do from the frist day after the surgery, pain and all.. Because by your sharing I can specify my prayers more for what you and the family needs.
Thanks and Happy Anniversary.
Hugs from Iowa,

Ann Martin said...

How do you expect me to pick out ONE favorite with all the great things you have written? I love the story about moving and how you got everything straight so quickly. Of course the ones about your Dad relate as my Daddy made his journey just a few days before yours and we are traveling down the same path daily. Then the one about Snowy getting lost in the snow hit home as my cat was lost in the snow for a week before returning home. Snowy going to college was perfect as our pup went to probably elementary school last year with the same classes. So many more--but I'll stop now. Just keep writing--I enjoy the emotions and human part of your stories. Not something where everything is always perfect. Makes me feel a part and know you are human, too.