Wednesday, May 12, 2010

10 PM

At a little after 10 pm last night, my oldest chick arrived back in the nest, as illustrated by this car in the Smith driveway.


This morning I went out and glanced into his car and was so pleased to see that he had practiced good, healthy eating habits on the 13-hour journey from Florida to North Carolina.


For lunch today, I fixed him a small repast for which he seemed very grateful. I guess anything would be tasty after thirteen hours of potato chips and Dollar Menu  selections at McDonalds. 


Unfortunately, he arrived home rather sick, with a horrible cough.   Steve brought out a whole array of cough medicines, decongestants, antihistames and of course, the old standby, Vicks VapoRub.   He then proceeded to rub Vicks into Nathan’s back and chest and then, as the grand finale’, also put some on his neck before pinning a white sock into place around said neck.  Sorry, I didn’t get a picture. 

Poor Nathan.  He came home anticipating a quiet, low key welcome and was suddenly set upon by maniacal parents and a boatload of new- and old-fashioned remedies.

After about an hour the cough meds kicked in and he slept pretty quietly.  However, today the cough was even worse so I took him to the doctor and then to the pharmacy with prescriptions.  Ah.  Nothing like getting to be a mom to my College Dude.

Nathan is now happily ensconced downstairs with computer and TV nearby.    It’s a rough life.

IMG_4070    IMG_4069


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Anonymous said...

Welcome home Nathan and get well! Enjoy him while you can Becky.

LizW said...

So glad Nathan made it home safe and sound! Sorry to hear he is sick. I had to chuckle about the sock with Vicks around his neck. At our house, it was known as the Vicks rag, and was a folded up white handkerchief, held in place by a big diaper pin. Certainly not the safest thing, but sure did the trick.
I am sure he is glad to see you looking and feeling well. It is hard on sons to have their moms be sick. Not supposed to work that way!
Enjoy your time together!

Ann Martin said...
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Ann Martin said...

Glad Nathan had a safe trip home. Sorry he is sick but I'm sure he'll be well soon with all the "doctoring" he is getting. Enjoyed the Vicks part of the story. Have fun with all four under the same roof for a while.

Sue said...

Seems clear you relish the role of "doctor" much more than "patient!" Enjoy your familial unit being together!

lesley said...

John seems to come home from college sick too. And then he proceeds to thoughtfully share it with the rest of us!
Isn't it nice, though, to be thrust back into the role of 'mom'? What would they do without us???
I know the next couple of weeks will be so so good for you all!!!

Michelle said...

Hooray for a filled nest of healthy (not so) little chicks!!! ;)

How is Mama Bird feeling today???

I hope today is a good day for all of you!

Anonymous said...

Just a old remedy that my mom used for colds and coughs. Rub the bottom of your feet in with Vicks, put on socks and go to bed. Don't know why but it really helps a bad cold.

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