Friday, May 14, 2010

The (Not So) Little Drummer Boy

Nathan is one of those human beings who has rhythm running continuously through his veins. If he stands still for very long, pretty soon he feels compelled to start up a beat using his chest and stomach as substitute drum heads. And at the dinner table, he has been known to bounce up and down in a rhythmic manner even while shoveling grub into his mouth.

And last night at our family birthday for dinner for Steve? I took several pictures in a row of Nathan’s fingers tapping on the table, playing a beat that only he could hear.






He really doesn’t even know he’s doing all these things. The only time he becomes aware of of his actions is if an unnamed person (um, maybe someone whose first name is Becky and last name is Smith) says something like, “Nathan, please stop banging. It’s not very restful.”

He immediately looks sheepish and with an obviously great and concerted effort manages to get all his appendages to be at rest.

For about two minutes.

And then, without him even being aware of it, that ol’ rhythm sneaks back through his arms, legs and fingers and away he goes again. Bobbing, tapping, swaying. And I just sigh and smile to myself and thank the Lord for such a musical child who loves drums and rhythm that much.

Because honestly? I am amazed by anyone who can play the drums. I sat down at the drum set a few months ago when Nathan was home and tried to show me how to play the “simplest beat possible.”

The result? My slap-dashery efforts caused Nathan to be seized by a fit of great merriment to the extent where he just barely stopped himself from rolling on the floor in hysterical laughter.

So he didn’t get his rhythm from his mother. That is a scientifically proven fact.

But I don’t really need a propensity for rhythm; I only need a propensity for enduring the rhythmic bangings that Nathan always brings to the table with him. However, it is a very small price to pay for having him at home. When he goes back to Florida, I’m sure I’ll sit at the dinner table with Steve and Sarah and pine for the days when Nathan’s rhythm shook the dinner plates.

And how do the other members of the family respond to Nathan’s remarkably rhythmic restlessness?

You can see that it really upsets Sarah. A lot.


Or not.


And one other Nathan fact before I close. Now that he’s been away at college for three years, you might be wondering if he managed to retain the good table manners I tried to instill in him for eighteen years—manners like never eating a dessert directly from its container.


IMG_4072 IMG_4074

Oh well.

I guess I’ll let that particular bit of manner-mangling go. Along with the drumming. And the tapping. And the loud exuberance that is Nathan.

Because you know what? I just love having him home.

(P.S. Nathan just got his grades from the last semester of his Junior Year and made all A’s. He obviously gets his rhythmic skills from his dad and his powerful intellect from his mom.)

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Love Being A Nonny said...

My youngest is a tapper too. AND, he always jumped up and touched every door frame. But aren't they easy to love??!!

LeeAnne said...

Congrats on the awesome grades, Nathan! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

I wondered if the tapping has to do with the MALE gender. Mine, too, was always tapping with or without drumsticks in hand! The dash of my old car showed the wear & tear!

HOWEVER, what did I find myself doing on my infant grandson's back? Tapping away, creating a rhythm....and he'd already burped....Tapping is just plain soothing...drumming? Haven't had the nerve to try out his drums yet. Will let you know the laughter scale when I do!


PS: Of course, common sense does come from the moms as well as most other social requirements! :)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the drumming! Enjoy the pie eating from the pie pan! Enjoy the joy of having your beloved son back in the nest. All too soon the house will be quiet and oh how you will miss the strumming, the laughter and the long talks. Each year of college is a step away from your home and a step closer to his own.

Marysienka said...

Hehe nice post! I so hope to have musical children, even if they make noise at the table ;) And congrats on the good grades!

Also, for Nathan's defense, my mom always taught us to NEVER eat dessert from its container, it's like a crime or something... but then it didn't take long before I started doing it while in uni ;) Of course, I can imagine each time the stare my mom would give me if she ever saw me... but, well, sometimes I just can't help it ;-)

Pam D said...

Let's just say that he has a great gene pool and leave it at that! Cause with the two of you as his parents, he is GOING to have both musical inclinations and great intelligence (and a mighty large vocabulary to boot). Congrats on straight A's, Nathan... and welcome home, even if it IS only for a little while.

Anonymous said...

His junior year?! How can that be? It seems as if he just left last fall. I prefer someone to eat out of the pie pan instead of dirtying another plate!

Enjoy Nathan all the remaining time he is home and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Raleigh, NC

Sue G said...

From the look of the photos, it appears that Nathan is feeling well again, and that is a blessing....tapping or no tapping. I'm so glad he is home, healthy and happy.

And this time, he truly did come HOME!

The house looks more like home in every picture you publish. It must be the warmth that fills it.

Anonymous said...

Would the Smith Family want to adopt me? Love, Jodi

Kelly said...

Nathan really looks like Steve! I enjoy your posts!

Anonymous said...

Our daughter has always been a hummer which would drive my mom nuts. She would hum at the dinner table and one day Grandma asked her to stop and grandchild looked at her with a bewildered look. My mom realized she wasn't aware that she was even humming. She doesn't do it much anymore but she has a fabulous voice. Once she gets some confidence, she'll be amazing!

Enjoy the kid time!!

Connie F-G

Sue G said...

I don't like weekends. We hardly hear from you on weekends.

Just thought I would let you know.

I'm good like that. ☺☺☺

TheDorothyFamily said...

I had to laugh, my 13 year old son constantly "has a beat" going on as well. Except he plays guitar and viola! I told him yesterday maybe he needed to take up drums too......a one man band :)