Sunday, May 16, 2010

First Sunday

It was my first day back at church after being gone for three Sundays. I actually had several members not recognize me and welcome me as a first time visitor. (Just kidding!)

Earlier this week, Steve proclaimed a husbandly/pastoral edict that I should have a new outfit on my first Sunday back, so that I would feel confident and lovely after all the trauma I had been through. And I actually went to a “new store” to shop instead of a thrift store. How radical was that?

I found a cute little dress for $35 which made me quite happy--the dress AND the price.


Considering I looked like this three weeks ago, I think I’m doin’ okay!


It was really a strange feeling to buy something new; I’m just not used to such blatant profligacy!

Actually, Sarah is very much like me in that regard. A new T. J. Maxx just opened near us and even though we don't shop "new" a lot, it was rather exciting for Sarah and me to have this addition to the area. We drove over there last week to shop for Steve’s birthday and to see what other fabulous finds we could discover. Sarah had her little wallet of savings with her and found four or five items that she fell in love with. As we left the store she said, “You know, Mom, I’m used to leaving a thrift store with a bag this size and only paying $10 for it. This is sort of a strange feeling and I’m not sure I like it.”

Ahh. A (bargain shoppin’) woman after my own heart.

And speaking of Sarah, she was part of a drama/music program at church this morning; it was especially nice that Nathan got to be in town to see it.

IMG_4250 IMG_4248

IMG_4240 IMG_4227

She loves doing that sort of thing and I love seeing her do it!

Tomorrow I head out to see the plastic surgeon for my first “Filling Them Up” appointment. That should be an interesting experience. In fact, the next few months in general should be interesting as I navigate all the twists and turns of reconstruction. I’m sure it will be entertaining and uncomfortable and tiring and weird and humorous—all at the same time!

And then Tuesday and Wednesday, Sarah and I have a trip out of town, which I’ll be writing about soon on her site So lots going on!

I’m just so happy that I’m feeling almost normal again and am getting back into real life. So much to be thankful for today.

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Melanie said...

Glad you could go back to church today! Beautiful dress for a beautiful lady!! :)

Anonymous said...

I think you look like a million bucks...not bad for only having to pay out $35. So happy that you're starting to feel like yourself again:)!

Cindy in VA

Sue G said...

Getting back to almost normal. I have been waiting for that for two years and I suspect that ship has sailed. For me, each day will be a new normal. I think it's God's way of making me more flexible and able to go with the flow (in my case, that could be a flow of energy, a flow of ... well, suffice it to say...flows).

Life is a wonderful teacher, Becky, and you are a great student. You kind of stacked the deck for yourself when you married such a thoughtful and generous man and when the two of you instilled solid foundational love and compassion in both of your children. I am confident that whatever lies in store, you will all gather around and hold tight to each other and to the divine love that binds you together.

And from now on, each time I stop for gas I will think of you as I utter those three simple words: "Fill 'er up!"

But, if you also need your oil checked, I'd rather not read about it, okay????


Anonymous said...

Becky, You are beautiful both inside and out. Love the new dress. Anna

Melissa said...

Wow! For someone who just went through major surgery and the whole ordeal, you look great! I would never guess you'd been through anything at all judging from how fantastic you look in that photo!

Kris H said...

You look so great!!! Sarah does look like she's enjoying herself. Thankful that you could have your whole family together today.

Anonymous said...

Becky, you look BEAUTIFUL! I can't get over how awesome you look! Praying for you as you start this new chapter in this journey.


LizW said...

So glad you were able to go to church today. I am sure you looked beautiful as ever in your new dress. Hope the week is only full of new experiences, not bad ones. Have a good trip with Sarah - we will look forward to hearing about it.

Ann Martin said...

Glad you are feeling much better and you look lovely in the beautiful new dress. Enjoy!

Stitches and Thyme said...

You are looking great! Glad to see you recovering so well. Just listen to your body and enjoy the process.

lesley said...

Becky, you look awesome!!!! I am so happy for you♥

Unknown said...

Giving thanks with you,

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful..yes you do!

Anonymous said...

Becky, you look wonderful, awesome and just full of life! And the dress is perfect!

Love - Guerrina

ITooWasAbused said...

You really do look genuinely lovely in that outfit. And I don't mean "you recently had surgery lovely". I mean that you really look elegant and beautiful! Turquoise is a wonderful color on you.

LeeAnne said...

Becky, you look beautiful!! Love the dress!

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous! So glad you are starting to feel more like yourself. Hope all went well with your appointment...

Debbie H. in Sacramento

Rachel said...

Becky you look absolutely beautiful! I really love that dress. My mom has been having a difficult time finding dresses to wear to the events surrounding my brother's wedding and hey -- that one right there would be a great choice, I think we'll be looking into our local TJ Maxx in the next few days :O)

I'm so glad you were able to make it back to work and I hope that your recovery continues to keep you going in positive directions!

You're still in my prayers!

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