Thursday, May 13, 2010

He’s Forty-Seven Years Away from A Hundred

Or maybe it would sound better just to say, “Steve is fifty-three.”

At any rate, Steve’s birthday is today, which is why I’ve been away from the computer so much. I am happy to report that today is my second day since surgery when I have not had to lie down for a mid-day nap. Instead, I went and got my hair cut and then spent a couple hours meandering in and out of stores looking for gifts for Steve. I cooked him dinner and then he opened gifts and we had his birthday cake.

Actually, it wasn’t a home made cake because I’m making that cake for a party we’re having tomorrow night with a few people invited. Tonight I just had a store bought cake; however, I was especially excited because the particular store I went in just happened to carry a kind of cake I hardly ever see--tiramisu!

Steve loves tiramisu and I have never been successful at making it so I was quite delighted to see some just waiting for me to come in and snatch it up.


Before the cake was brought in, Steve had to don The Hat.


And then he clapped his hands along to enhance the merriment of the moment.


Here is a fine example of Sarah’s gift wrapping; instead of curling ribbon, she used curled wrapping paper and made a bow out of it!


I bought the car wrapping paper at a thrift store several months ago and have saved it all this time, just for Steve’s birthday.


It was so nice that Nathan got to be home for Steve’s actual birthday; that made it extra special. The two guys just left to see a movie together; Sarah and I will stay home and read and ponder life. And think profound thoughts. And, um, eat chocolate. And also go to bed early to make up for my nap-less day.

In closing, here are a few favorite pictures of my favorite man in the entire world. When I say that Steve is a wonderful husband, I mean that in every sense of the word. I don’t know of many women on this planet who are treated as well as I am—I’m pretty well spoiled. And I’m pretty well happy about that!

Web page June cover 2-1


2004 A Feb 005-1

christmas_08_030_8_1 Disney trip 12-10,11 003

With Nathan.


fday2 fday9 Fday collage IMG_0001


IMG_0108 IMG_0111 IMG_0122 IMG_0195 IMG_0399 IMG_01111 Janaury 2008 020 Janaury 2008 026 Janaury 2008 027 P1010054 P1010113-1


In college. Kind of rowdy looking, wasn’t he? He didn’t look much different than

this when I first met him. (As a sheltered, 17-year old preacher’s daughter.)


Less rowdy looking. Steve loved the Scouts earned his Eagle Scout award at age 13.


Not sure what year this was—I think college somewhere. I really dig the turquoise jewelry.


pp19 sarah's 13th 014

Jan. 2, 1982. I’m so thankful that I was the lucky lady who became Mrs. Steve Smith


Happy birthday, honey!


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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Steve, I hope you enjoyed your cake. I am so glad the whole family was together to celebrate!

Cindy from Sonoma

SuperSuz said...

Happy birthday to the man who keeps our sweet Becky happy! I hope you've had a wonderful day!

Marysienka said...

Happy birthday Steve! Hope you had a wonderful day! :o)

btw, it's my brother's birthday today as well. And Becky and my mom were born on the same day too hehe!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Steve!

Was the last picture of the two of you from today?

Either way, it's a great picture of the two of you.



LizW said...

Happy Birthday, Steve! So glad you and Becky have each other. Hope you and Nathan enjoyed the movie, but I will bet that Becky and Sarah liked staying home with chocolate just as much!

Anonymous said...

That was a great tribute to a great man (by a great woman!:-))

Happy Birthday, dear Steve!

Love, Randy, Deb and Caleb

Becky, UK said...

Happy birthday to Steve - a tiramasu cake sounds like it would make the world go round! I have never seen one over here though :(!

Becky, I hope you are continuing to heal and feel better - sorry I haven't written in a few days.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You were still able to FIND that car wrapping paper from several months ago after a MOVE and all you've been thru? I am SO impressed! I would probably have run across it two months AFTER his birthday! So glad you are feeling better, Becky. Happy Birthday to Steve, and Happy Healing to you!
jenny in Idaho

Angela said...

This was such a precious beautiful post. I adored the pics that you shared. You have a beautiful family. Happy Belated Birthday Steve.

May God be gracious to you and bless you and make His face shine upon you now and always. amen amen amen