Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Nathan Edition

I’m sorry to have to report that a certain visit from a certain young man is quickly coming to an end.

Nathan will head back to Florida on Friday morning, leaving behind many happy memories and wonderful sprinkles of Nathanism. I can’t tell you how lovely it’s been having the four of us back together for a couple weeks, especially in the aftermath of my surgery and recovery. Having Nathan’s goofy, wacky, loving presence back in my life has been good medicine.

I know that whenever he comes home after a long absence, I always take endless pictures of things around the house that officially announce his presence. Usually, it’s keys.


This time around, however, I got a picture of his Bible (which he got on his 18th birthday from Steve and me) lying on the coffee table.


Another picture of Nathan Stuff; I especially love this one.


As you can probably tell, Nathan did some some yard work while he was here, pulling weeds, spreading mulch, and other miscellaneous yard type duties. Nothing quite like having our own Yard Man! (Or should I say, Yard Dude?)

IMG_4301 IMG_4306

Of course, his presence in our lives also meant that a lot more food was consumed than normal. During a recent (rare) meal out, Nathan ordered TWO appetizers for his meal—boneless chicken wings and mozzarella sticks. I was astonished at how much food that child can put away! (He’s either smelling the food or praying over it—I’m not quite sure.)


Here’s Nathan with his entire family—the three people who will miss him most dreadfully when he goes.


And to close, here are a few vintage picture of Nathan, just to give me even more reason to get all sniffly and weepy over his soon departure. (As I’ve stated before, I will only post these types of family pictures if you solemnly promise you will not laugh at the different permutations of my hair style.)

vintage nate

vintage nate3 vintage nate4

I’ve never posted this one before and, even though Nathan isn’t prominently featured, the picture still made me smile. I’m not quite sure where this particular outhouse was, but we sure were having a good time with it! (My mom is between Steve and me, then it’s Randy and Debbie, and then Steve’s parents.)

vintage nate5

Nathan with his late Grandpa Campbell. The two of them were best buddies.

vintage nate6

This was taken when all three Hawley sisters and Nathan were part of a musical production at the church Steve used to pastor in Smithfield. Nathan and Meagan weren’t dating at that time; he was just friends with all of them.

vintage nate7

Nathan is about the same age (14) as Sarah is right now. This was taken while Sarah was in treatment and she and I were gone a lot. Nathan had a lot to cope with that year—sister diagnosed with cancer; mom and sister at the hospital most of the time, new school, change in lifestyle, new church, etc. Steve and I are so proud of the way he made it through a very tough time.


And so ends the Nathan Edition. Hope you enjoyed it!

nate collage

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Anonymous said...

It's tough to see him go, but I am so glad it is for a job he will really be perfect for and will help get him through college this fall. Next Monday and Thursday are when I send my girls off, so I'm right there with you.

Jean C.

LeeAnne said...

Becky,my son has been living in Texas (650 miles from home) for about a year and just moved back to our home state last weekend. We never got to see him, so are especially glad that he is now only 100 miles away!! I totally understand how you feel! It is so tough to see them go! Travel safely Nathan and good luck with your new job and your upcoming final year of college!!

Sue said...

How is Meagan doing after her surgery?

Jessica Kramasz said...

I just love the pictures of young Nathan. So sweet. My son leaves to go live with his father in 10's so hard to let go of our boys!

MaryH said...

Becky, I know you had to let your College Dude leave the nest again today - that is a hard one - especially after all the fun times you had during his stay. Loved seeing all the "old" photos. Hope he can return soon. Also, I loved the Snowy pictures in the truck - made me smile when I needed one the most! Thanks Snowy - you cute doggie.

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