Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Snowy and Saline. And Happy News.

One thing that quickly becomes obvious after a person moves to Manteo is that there are pickup trucks everywhere. And not just empty pickup trucks. No, these trucks all have dogs in the backs of them.

And not just any old dogs. No, sirree, these are huntin’ dawgs. They are usually at least seventy pounds and they always stride purposefully back and forth in the beds of the trucks, looking out conscientiously at the passing scenery, trying to do their Official Designated Dawg Job and scent a deer or a duck, even while they’re smack dab in the middle of town.

Of course, as pastors, our family wants to try our best to become a part of the culture and relate to the people of Manteo; however, we seem to be unable to locate any pickup trucks on our premises. Or any huntin’ dawgs, for that matter.

All we have is a sedan. And a mini van. And a dog. A fluffy, white dog.

Sedans and fluffy dogs just don’t cut it when you’re in Huntin’ Dawg territory.

But this week, all that changed because Steve borrowed a pickup truck from a church member so that he and Nathan could do some hauling around of some unnamed stuff. (Whatever “stuff” it is that men have a propensity to haul around when they get near pickups.)

And so I got the idea. The Great Idea. The “This Will Make Us Official Manteo-ers” Idea. I got the idea of getting a picture of our very own dog in the back of our very own (borrowed) truck.

And here he is. Here is the Smith Family Huntin’ Dawg.

Ferocious. Focused. Alert. Ready to track down a 300-hundred pound bear through untamed woods and bring it to the ground with one vicious swipe of his massive (fluffy) paw.


And here is our dawg, licking his chops at the very thought of fresh bear meat. Cooked over an open camp fire. Consumed with all the other dawgs in Manteo.

Snowy is so pleased to finally get to join the Brotherhood of the Huntin’ Dawgs.


Then Snowy looks down and suddenly thinks, “Oh wait. What am I doing here? In a truck? A truck, of all things? I ain’t no huntin’ dawg! I’m a puffy, precocious, precious pet! I don’t want to face off with a grizzly bear. I want my mama!”


Mom? Brother? Anyone? Helloooo?


Whew. Saved from the truck. Saved from bein’ a huntin’ dawg. Saved from large (non fluffy) grizzlies. That was a close call!

Thanks, brother.


And in other lovely news, here is the view from the Great Saline Fill of yesterday.

Little needle.IMG_4538

Big needles.


And a table on which to lie while the needles are applied.


Just thought I’d share.


Two more things before I close:

Thing one:

The house is Smithfield is being closed on, even while we speak! Yay!

Thing two:

We got Sarah’s urine results back last night. Anything under twelve is normal and Sarah is at THREE!!!

When she was diagnosed, those same tests came back at four hundred, which tells you the massive amount of Neuroblastoma she had in her body at that time.

So we had a lot of happy rejoicing to do last night. Hurray and hallelujah!

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LizW said...

Thanks for sharing the wonderful news about Sarah's test results. That and the house closing and the cute Snowy story made for a great read on Tuesday. Hope the expander filling wasn't too awful. Prayers as always!

MaryH said...

WOO HOO! Sarah - that is wonderful, fantastic, smile from ear to ear, best news ever! Makes me smile.

Anonymous said...


Cindy from Virginia

lesley said...

Three? Three? Woohoo!!!!! What great news. Doesn't get any better than that!!!

LeeAnne said...

Such fantastic news Sarah! YAY!!!!! Thanks for the update Becky!

Margie said...

Lots of great things to celebrate in your family. Hope your "filling" wasn't too painful.

Bridgette said...

I've been hoping for Sarah's results and YAY they are WONDERFUL!!! So thrilled for you all!

Unknown said...

Praise God!!! Way to go Sarah! Snowy is the meanest looking huntin' dowg I have EVER seen in the back of a truck :). Hope your appointment went better this time. From the picture of the needles it doesn't look like too much fun. We are praying from Wisconsin for health, happiness and pictures of Sarah trying on wedding dresses someday :).

Anonymous said...

Yahooooo! Wonderful news on the blood test! Poor Snowy....remember, Sno', we all need fluff!

Ciao! Guerrina in CT

Anonymous said...

HURRAH for Sarah! Awesome news! And I did laugh out loud (at work) at Snowy in the truck...My dad is one of those men that ride around in a truck with a big black Lab in the back...(and used to have a fat black Dachsund sitting up on her back paws right beside him in the front seat)...but she is gone now... :(
Anyhoo.....hang in there with all the expanding..just think how "perky" you are gonna be! :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, awesomely marvelous news on Sarah and the house! Snowy is pretty ferocious lookin'.

Love, Deb & the guys

Debbie said...

That is wonderful news!! Cancer free Mom and Daughter!! What could be better than that!! I am so happy for y'all. You have a lot to rejoice about!! Everyything fell into place on your house, etc. Yay!!!!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Anonymous said...

Yeah!! So happy to hear that Sarah received great, awesome test results! And, glad that things are moving right along with the house. Hope your appointment went ok, too! Just glad to hear good news all around...

Debbie H. in Sacramento

foobs said...

Woohoo! Yay for FANtasTIC news!

Anonymous said...

Such wonderful news about Sarah's test result! Loved the rest of the post too. Snowy will fit right in!

Kris H

Ann Martin said...

So glad about both your news flashes! It is wonderful the Smithfield house is now closed out and Sarah is doing great. God is so very good!!!! Enjoyed Snowy's pictures and "huntin dawg" story. He is truly amazing. Take care and hope your trip was better than last Monday's was.

Frapper said...

I'm so glad to hear Sarah's results were so good. I'm also relieved to know Snowy doesn't have to be a huntin' dawg! He looked a little alarmed at the thought!

Mommy! said...

Hurray and Hallelujah, indeed!! WooHoo!

Anonymous said...

Such good news! So glad to hear about Sarah's remarkable results and the house closing. Snowy looks just like one of those big ole huntin dawgs :o) Hope your appointment was not as rough as the previous one. Hugs to all the Smith family (including Snowy)!

Linda in Pittsburgh

Alisa said...

Woohoo! Maybe once Snowy builds up his confidence, he'll realize that tracking a 300 lb bear isn't all that scary?
Nah, it's still very scary! Good for you Snowy, you're a smart dog.

Anonymous said...


Loved Snowy's truckin' experience!

mrs pam

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