Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Landscaping Problem Area Conundrum. And Football.

Saturday night, it was absolutely, downright, indescribably, deliciously, amazingly gorgeous outside so after dinner, we repaired to the front yard where Steve wanted to get the family’s opinion on what do with a specific landscaping conundrum.

Of course, as wonderful as all of us are, we enthusiastically jumped right there into the middle of the conundrum pile with him, ready to lend our ear, our expertise, and our considered landscaping opinions to the man of the house.

Unfortunately, it took us just a little while to actually get to the point of being helpful because once we got outside, well, we were kind of distracted by the beautiful evening and all the important things we had to do.

Like goof off on the porch swing . . .



. . . and be laughed at by a younger sister.


Then of course, posing had to be undertaken so that the Camera Happy Mama would be happy.



And then a few plants had to be looked at on the way to Landscape Problem Area.  I told Steve I was going to take a picture of his “better side.” And I did.


I got squirted as a result.  (Where are those fabled traits of pastoral longsuffering and forgiveness? Huh?)


We did eventually make it to the Landscaping Problem Area where Steve began to share his thoughts, externalize his concerns and express his deep felt disquietudes about the Landscaping Problem Area Conundrum.


Sarah listened with the greatest of compassion and empathy, as she is wont to do.


Steve then continued to express his concerns to The College Dude.


As Nathan learned in his college Psychology courses, he skillfully and thoughtfully reflected back to Steve what he discerned that he had understood Steve to say about the vital landscaping issue at hand.  As the two fellas discoursed, Sarah stood and gazed at a nearby tree, doubtlessly hoping to possibly catch some inspiration for the problem within its branches.


As you can see, Nathan was trying desperately to be interested in his dear old dad’s Very Important Problem but he was having some difficulty not being distracted by the football that somehow just magically appeared in his hands.


Well.  You guessed what happened.  It wasn’t too long before the Landscaping Problem Conundrum gave way to a more important issue: Front Yard Football. And believe me when I say that the NFL has never been so entertaining, even thought its players do get paid a tad more than the members of the SFP.  (The Smith Family Players.)

First of all, the Smith Dad got hold of the ball and put on his Serious Smith Dad Face which communicated the following sentiment to Nathan, “Watch out son, because I am going to nail you with this one.”

 IMG_4385 IMG_4386

After Steve had shown off his considerable skills, he was recalled to the bench for a while and Sarah was sent in to replace him. Not only was Sarah great as a receiver, but she was also capable of making her hair be all swoopy when she caught the ball.  (Which is more than you can say about those brawny, sweaty, overpaid NFL dudes.)


She also had a dance move or two that accompanied her throws.  She was one awesome football player--great hair, great moves.   What more could a coach want?



After a while the team started getting behind and so the coach thought it would be good to bring in his secret weapon: The Smith Mama.  (Who looks just slightly toothless in this particular shot.)

She got ready to bullet the ball toward the receiver and score the wining touch down.  Her intense gaze, immense skill, and powerful musculature all proved to sow terror into the hearts of the opposing team.


Can you see the terror?   (You have to look very, very close.)


All in all, it was a most successful evening.   Edenic weather enjoyed, conundrum solved,  football played, laughter shared.  

Simple, sweet, Saturday joys.



A couple of you asked about Sarah’s visit to Duke.   I’m going to be doing a post on Sarah’s site in the next day or two about the whole visit but there’s really not a whole lot to report until we get her urine results back in a week (measures the level—if any—of Neuroblastoma activity in her body) and her Neuropsych results back in 2-3 weeks.

In other news, tomorrow I head out for my second Saline Filling. 

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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Ann Martin said...

Looks like lots of fun at the Smith house. So glad things are going well for all. Take care and enjoy the nice weather. Rain has been something here for a couple of hours. God bless and love to all.

Marysienka said...

What a fun post! Loved the humor, and the pictures :0)

Good luck with the Saline Filling tomorrow!

lesley said...

I was wondering when you were expecting Sarah's urine results. good luck tomorrow-perhaps it won't be so bad now that you know what to expect.

Love Being A Nonny said...

Love those simple Saturdays! Just said a prayer for you as you face tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that a mere 4 weeks ago you were just coming out of major surgery and wondering if life would ever be normal again. How wonderfully, deliciously, sweetly normal things are in these pictures. You've come such a long way in a very short time. Thanks be to God. You are a trooper!

Chill said...

Sounds like a fun day. The landscape problem can be solved by placing a raised flower bed over the roots. At least that would hide them ;>)

Chill said...

By the way, I trust that The Lord will be glorified by the good reports that both of you will receive from the doctors in Christ Name! Amen