Thursday, June 10, 2010

Please Don’t Laugh. You’ll Hurt Snowy’s Feelings.

Today was not a good day for Snowy. Not a good day at all.

The time had come for him to be groomed and since the last place we had used in Manteo was quite expensive ($50!) we shopped around to try and find something cheaper. We finally found a place that would do it for $30, even though we had to drive 45 minutes round trip to get him there.

But we thought we’d give it a whirl. I mean, twenty dollars is twenty dollars!

After Sarah and I picked him up from his very own personal appointment, he immediately went into hiding. Behind Sarah’s neck. So that no macho doggies would see him.


Macho doggies, er, dawgs, like this one.


And why did Snowy want to hide? Why was he so embarrassed?


Um. Here is the reason. Look how short his hair is! Look how chopped off his poor little ears are! He looks like a completely different breed of dog! He is humiliated! And discombobulated! And distressed! And dismayed!

“Does this haircut make me look fat?”


“Mom, you’re not going to post these pictures on Smithellaneous, are you?”


IMG_4940 IMG_4933

Poor, poor beloved doggie.

The only words of comfort I have for him are the ones I’ve heard a billion times in past years of my life when a hair stylist would inadvertently take seventeen inches off my bangs.

“It’ll grow out.”

I always hated hearing that. And I’m sure it’s not much comfort to Snowy either.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he’ll be wearing a hat in the next pictures I take of him. You never know to what lengths a doggie’s vanity may go!


Just so we don’t end with disturbing and distressing pictures of our shorn pooch, I’ll close with a couple pictures of Sarah and the tie dyed shirt she made during the last week of school. I’ll also be posting some pictures and stories about her graduation on her site real soon.

What a lovely (High School!) lass.

IMG_4848 IMG_4851

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bearie1 said...

Yep, it's a bad haircut for sure. But $50 is alot to pay. Poor Snowy!

Anonymous said...

I can not believe that whoever did that to sweet Snowy considers himself/herself an actual groomer. I won't even write what I am thinking 'cuz I don't want this comment to be censored. Please tell Snowy that I am indeed sorry. Maybe you could cover any low hanging mirrors until he looks like himself again.

poor sweet baby!!!

mrs pam

Jessica Kramasz said...

Poor Snowy!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Snowy does not look like Snowy! Snowy, I didn't laugh and on the bright side it will be a long time before you need your next grooming.

Cindy from Sonoma

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness I have a feeling that groomer has never seen a dog like Snowy before, or else they are just flat out incompetent! I guess those big macho dogs don't 'do' haircuts in Manteo?

Jean C.

Amanda J said...

Oh yeah, that's a bad haircut... Tell Snowy I'll be happy to throw in the extra $20 next time so this NEVER happens again! :) (He's still a cutie, though)

SuperSuz said...

Aw, poor Snowy! We've all had a bad hair day but I think he's in for a couple of weeks of bad hair days but at least he'll be cooler :-) There's always a positive side in there somewhere! AND, no matter what kind of hair cut he has, he's still one good-looking fella!

Ann Martin said...

Guess that was what is called a "summer" haircut. My sister's shih-tzu gets cut like that almost every time because of the napping of her hair. Thankfully I tell the groomer not to shave Prince which looks like what happened to Snowy. It'll grow, Snowy, and I didn't laugh. He does look cute in some of the pictures. We have to pay $37 for bath and grooming. I did get a groom w/o bath for $25 a couple of weeks ago. I can do the bath but I am not sure they will do it that way again. Just give Snowy extra love for a while.

Deb said...

Oh my gosh! We did exactly the same thing to save $20! And got the same results!!! We went to pick her up(I had even gave her a picture), the Groomer(I use the term loosely)came out with her, I grabbed the leash and walked outside. I could not trust myself to say anything or not to cry. My husband paid her. We got home,Lucy hid in her bed for several hours. I think she knew how bad it was. It is now six weeks later, she still does not look like the proud little Cairn Terrier that she is but at least can be seen in public w/o people staring! Give Snowy a big hug for us!

Frapper said...

Poor Snowy! We had an Old English Sheepdog that was expensive to have clipped in the Spring, so we bought dog clippers. Although, I must admit, the haircuts I gave her looked a lot like Snowy's. Perhaps though with practise, you could try grooming Snowy yourself, and the clippers would pay for themselves, as my husband's fond of saying.

randybethmo said... laughing at Snowy... Every time you cuddle and pet him, just say, "it does grow back!" :) We are looking for a groomer for our Shih tzu, Lucy. She has been rather sick lately and the normal groomer doesn't want to groom her because of her extreme weight loss... so now you have us eyes wide open and on the look out!!!

Grow Snowy, Grow! :)

Anonymous said...

But didn't you just recently show photos of newly groomed Snowy and that you didn't have her trimmed until she really needed it due to the cost? Or does it just "seem" to me like it was recent? I just remember the cute photos, and am surprised her hair grew THAT fast!!

Well, ya gotta remember that old adage: You get what you pay for!


Karo said...

Poor Snowy! He looks so forlorn! I'm sure he'll be back to his old self soon.

I'm afraid I would've had some, um, words with the so-called "groomer."

*hugs* to Snowy!

Anonymous said...

Now that is what I call a bad grooming. The only positive is that Snowy is ready for some hot weather. I have had miniature schnauzers for years and after a few trips to the groomers I decided to try it myself. I bought clippers and went for it. It does take some time but I must say that I rather enjoy it now. With ours the face (eyebrows and beard) seem to be the hardest but it doesn't look like Snowy would have that. It really looks like a simple trim. I recall that in an earlier entry you stated that you didn't want to try and do the trims yourself so why not ask your high schooler if she would like to tackle the job? She can read on the internet how to do it. She might even enjoy the new challenge. In closing the best compliment is when someone sees her and asks where I take her to get her groomed;) Oh I normally just buy a my clippers from Wal-mart. I think the last ones I bought were about $30.00 and they have lasted at least 6 months now (just keep them oiled). And about the anal expressing, I have never done that and we have never had a problem.

Anonymous said...

Poor Snowy! My own little doggie has had her share of bad haircuts too and I totally believe she's embarrassed. The bright side is that it will be a long time before he needs another cut:)!

Cindy in Virginia

Anonymous said...

I'm with Christine...I thought you just had Snowy groomed! Did time fly by that fast??
Well, anyway, I don't think Snowy looks so bad...he is cute no matter what!
And so is Sarah! Adorable, actually! She reminds me of my own Haley (who is now 27 and has a 4 year old and a 7 mo. old)....Haley was a bit of a hippy girl and loved wearing her hair in two braids...(hippy as in cool)...not as in wide... :)

Anonymous said...

ok, just went back and checked...June 1 - Snowy pictures of her new haircut! Yes, $50.00 every two weeks....too much moolah! :)

Anonymous said...

I think he looks precious, no matter what his haircut looks like. :) I have no dogs that need haircuts, but some days I'd rather have it cut off than have to constantly vaccuum it up!

Gayle in AL

Unknown said...

I too have a Maltese and I had a groomer that I had to instruct how to clip him because he too came home from the groomer one day looking similar to this! But now I have someone who is more reasonable ($40) and he looks so good everytime!! Finding a good dog groomer is like finding a good dr or hairdresser! Ü Sorry Snowy but it will indeed grow back! Kim

jmckemie said...

I have seen worse, but at lesat he will not have to get another cut for a while! Truth is, Snowy is still cute!
Bad experiences with pat groomers is what helped make our decision for one of those "dawgs" from the rescue this time around - really, tie his leash to the garage door, turn on the hose and go at it. Well, I do have to shower when we are finished, too, but at least no more groomer fees necessary!

Anonymous said...

Poor Snowie- This happened to my Shitzhu who usually gets a :Lamb cut" but once had everything zippe off. I go to the local thrift store and get baby t-shirts to wear on him and use a pony holder to twist it up on his back to take up the slack so he doesn't rip over it. It keeps him warm enough until his hair comes in