Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Napkin Folding (Take 2)

Folks, we have a Take Two on our hands!

I just realized that the video I posted earlier cut off the ending few seconds of the little episode Sarah and I filmed so I've re-posted that segment to include the ending.

I also added a couple "bonus tracks" you might want to see.

I thought it was interesting that so many of you who listened to Take 1 were surprised that I don't have a southern accent. Actually, I must have a little bit of an accent because when I listen to my family in Wisconsin talk, they sound different to me. However, the people who have a southern accent sound different to me too, so I'm not sure where I fall in the "accent line up."

Anyway, happy viewing and happy folding!

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Ericka said...

Becky you are so funny, and just as enjoyable "live" as in text. Thanks for the vlog!

Sara said...

I noticed a Southern lilt. Your accent was pretty similar to other people from the Carolinas.

Anonymous said...


I just played this for Chlorita as we lounge in our room before we head home from Charlotte on the train tomorrow. It was a quick two night trip, but we have managed to enjoy ourselves even with the high temps. We will be glad to get back to her place tomorrow. I hope my next trip out we will be traveling back near your home and you can give me some personal lessons!