Friday, July 23, 2010

Poor, Poor Doggy.

Yesterday, Snowy had to get his teeth cleaned. For you and me, that’s not such a big deal, but dogs have to be put to sleep for that procedure. We haven’t had his teeth cleaned in the ten years we’ve had him (I know, I know, we’re bad doggy parents) but it’s fairly expensive ($160) and it was just never “a good time” to have it done. We’ve been told time after time by various vets that he needed to have it done, not just for dental hygiene reasons but also because bacteria in the mouth can also spread through the body and cause problems in other places.

So finally we just decided to go ahead and “git ‘er done.”

Sarah and I were gone to Virginia when Steve brought Snowy home after the procedure at 1 pm; he had been awake from his anesthesia for a couple hours but according to Steve, he was still rather loopy and drunk. When he walked around the living room, he kept on sliding sideways on his little rear because he couldn’t keep his balance. He had a rattle in his lungs, was in a good bit of pain, and couldn’t eat anything.

At one point, Steve couldn’t find him anywhere and went on a house-wide search for him. He finally discovered Snowy on the third floor in Sarah’s room, tucked in on the floor next to her little pink footstool—the footstool he usually sits on top of when she’s in the room with him.

We didn’t get back home till about 5 pm and by that point, Snowy was desperately needing the nursing attention of his two ladies. He was all shaky and whimpery and was making the most piteous little sounds you’ve ever heard. Sarah grabbed him and immediately went into Full Nursing Mode.


You can see the blue Band-Aid on Snowy’s foot where he had the IV.


There’s a lot of love between these two.


The vet told us that Snowy would probably not have a very good night and Sarah graciously agreed to be the one to deal with him so that Steve and I could rest.

This morning, this is how I found them.

Snowy is trying to display his newly cleaned teeth for his Smithellaneous friends.


Then he got a little embarrassed for being such a show off.


Such a peaceful scene and so good to see our little buddy feeling a little better.


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Alyssa said...

That little doggie just makes me smile. I lived grew up in NC, and to get my dogs teeth cleaned cost about what your did, I moved to Boston a few months ago...went to see how much it was here....400!!!!! INSANE!!!

Anonymous said...

OK... so did you get a new camera? The picture quality has really improved as of late, so something has changed. That pic of Sarah and Snowy on the swing is just lovely... frameably beautiful. I'm so glad that Little Man made it through his cleaning safely; it's a MUCH bigger deal than many people realize, especially at his age. Sweet fella... upstairs trying to find his sister. waaaah... I need to go blow my nose now...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we need to do that with our dog, also, but "way up North" (Alaska) it is over $380! Yikes. They have a cleaning special once a year, so we're going to do it then. =] L.

Anonymous said...

Snowy is such a cutie! My doggie needs her teeth cleaned too, but they told me it would be up to $500! And I'm in Virginia. Maybe I should check around on that price. Glad to hear that Snowy is feeling better.

Cindy in Virginia

Anonymous said...

I need to have one of my dog's teeth cleaned also. You have inspired me! I think Snowy looks so cute with his short haircut. He looks like a puppy!! :)

Gayle in AL

LizW said...

I wish I had gotten our dog used to having his teeth brushed, as we are facing the same problem of being sedated in order to have the vet clean them. Love that Snowy just needed snuggle time with Sarah. Hope Snowy is feeling better today!

Anonymous said...

love your beautiful smile with those sparkling teeth!

My dentist sent me a check-up due notice last November! I'm finally going on Monday. i don't mind the cleaning, but gag-me-with-a-wooden-spoon when those x-ray cardboardy things get crammed in my mouth. BIG FAT UGH!

mrs pam

Lisa said...

Poor puppy that made my teeth hurt. LOL he knew where he would get the most loving on that night giving mama and daddy a night of rest....

Anonymous said...

Snowflake gets her teeth cleaned mid August. I'll let you know what it costs...her breath is so bad, cost doesn't matter at this point!

Connie F-G