Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bargains and Cars and Folding Chairs

Most of you know I love a bargain.  Here are a couple of my recent bargain-y outfits.

Shirt: $3.00    Skirt:  $1     Shoes: $15   (new/on sale)

The shoes weren’t quite as big of a bargain as everything else but since I’ve worn them at least 100 times since buying them two years ago, my “cost per wearing” is actually pretty low.


 Shirt:  $3.00     Pants: $7.00:  Shoes: $3.00   


I have actually come to the point in life where I actually shudder at the thought of going to a mall.  (Unless I’m just there to people watch and get an ice cream cone.)    I suppose if I were very wealthy, I might pop into a mall every now and then, but truthfully, I could still see myself pulling my Porsche up to a Goodwill every week or two, as well!  Goodwill is a good habit.


Last week I wrote about the fact that I don’t notice the vehicles people drive as much as Steve does; he can take a three second glance at something going by and give me a ten point report about it.  I can barely tell you what color the car was.

It was funny--just a couple hours after I wrote that post, Steve and I attended the bi-weekly Senior’s Luncheon held in our church’s gym and noticed these cars parked outside. Even someone like me would notice cars like these! The great part about these vehicles is that they are both driven by ladies in their 60’s and 70’s.  

As soon as I turn seventy, I am trading in my mini van for a red Mustang . . .


. . . or a yellow, um, whatever this is.  It is certainly cute!



A few comments. . . .

Shannon said,  “Hi Becky, What website did you use to create your doggie picture? I think you've used it before. I think it would be fun to play around with!”

Shannon, I did that at  Unfortunately, it’s been a year or so since I did it and that particular graphic seems to have disappeared. From what I can tell about that site, they bring in new graphics pretty frequently and remove old ones.   So although you can’t do that exact “trick” with your photos, there are plenty of other cool ones to choose from—like these.

becky drawig becky grass    

I especially enjoyed these comments about Sarah and I being so classy that we would take folding chairs to an outdoor concert!
Kelly Dunn said, “Ha-ha...the folding chairs were the first thing I noticed when I got to that picture! Manteo seems so neat!”

Kelly, I was hoping that our folding chairs would attract absolutely NO attention. Oh well! (And yes, Manteo is truly a wonderful place to live.)

BloggerRachel said, “My dad used to drag me and my mom to "bluegrass" concerts when I was little. And, yes, we often had card table chairs. My dad, to this day, prefers to use them (he said those other chairs sink down until the circulation in your legs gets cut off).'s the funniest part. He used to glue carpet padding to the chairs to make them soft. Yes, the green-blue-pink multi color stuff. Really, you have nothing to complain about :)

Rachel, I was actually sorely tempted (and I use “sore” in the most literal sense) to attach something to the seats of our chairs.  I really thought I had plenty of natural padding to make the chairs plenty comfortable but after an hour of sitting, even green, blue, and pink carpet padding would have been a welcome addition.

Maybe that’s what I need to do to set myself apart from my fellow Manteo-ers and all the tourists—carry around folding chairs enhanced with carpet padding.

Hmmmmmm . . .


Lastly, sometimes I run across a blog that is so incredible that it makes me never want to write another word or take another picture for as long as I live.

If you look in the right sidebar, you’ll see A Holy Experience.  It’s a great place to drop by if you just need a spot of beauty and peace in a hectic, crazy day.     Ann’s writing is beyond gorgeous and her photography is even more lovely than her writing. 

If you have a moment or two, do yourself a favor and go by and see her.



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SuziQCat said...

I enjoyed the napkin folding vlog, and will try that technique out this weekend at my scrapbooking class. I always serve my girls dinner when they come over, so I'll see if they are impressed :)

lesley said...

OK. That's it. I have to find a Goodwill place around here.

Anonymous said...

I have checked our local Goodwill store...unfortunately all I've found were stained, torn items no great bargains like yours :o(