Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pillow Wars Part 2

I'm sorry to leave you all hanging concerning this very important Pillow Conundrum but my morning has been taken up by an unexpected visit to the vet; Snowy has (another) urinary tract infection. The visit cost $200 because the vet did an x-ray too, just to be sure Snowy didn't have another kidney stone. Thankfully, he didn't. (Our last kidney stone episode with him aged us all about twenty years.)

On another topic, I must say that Steve and I have been highly entertained, amused and educated by all of the pillow ponderings that we have been the recipients of.

I'll wrap this whole thing up tomorrow with various comments on your comments (and on the poll) but for now I will just let it be known that Arrangement #1 is mine and Arrangement #2 is Steve's.

We truly loved reading your guesses and especially the reasoning behind the guesses! Hilarious! More on that tomorrow, too.

For now I'm rushing back to the church to complete the work I should have gotten done while ferrying Sir Snowy to his doctor.

Tonight Steve and I are going out on a Big Date to see Karate Kid! At the wonderful $5.00 theater! Fun!

We were going to go out to eat too, but I think that Snowy's little shenanigans of the morning may compel us to eat at home instead.

Alrighty then. I'm gone. We'll have a Pillow War Wrap Up tomorrow and let you know if we have chosen Option 1, 2 or 3 (thanks, Cleo) as our Personal Pillow Arranging Strategy.

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Jessica Kramasz said...

Poor Snowy!!
We have three dogs and sometimes I think our family alone keeps Banfield Pet Hospital in business!

Anonymous said...

I can't remember if I said this before re Snowy...
Dr. Fox ( a vet who writes for the newspapers) really thinks that commercial dog food is a cause of MANY problems. He always has LOTS of suggestions. Maybe his blog would help Snowy.

btw, after that haircut, it should have taken less x-ray than a $200 one. glad though that a kidney stone was ruled out.

mrs pam