Monday, July 5, 2010

Silver Hatted Strangers

Last week I opened our refrigerator and saw the usual suspects. In their usual non-tidy line up.

However, when I looked a little closer, I realized that a few strangers had snuck into the back of the line up, strangers who were wearing sassy hats made of silver foil.

“Hmmmm,” said I. “What could yon strangers possibly be doing lurking amongst the usual suspects in The Smith Refrigerator?”

It was a question that begged for an answer.


I took a few of the front items out so that I could be afforded a closer glimpse of said strangers. And lo and behold, one of yon strangers had a note attached to its silver hat. And the note was written in my daughter’s writing.

The plot thickened.


I took an even closer look. I saw what the message said. I pondered the message. I pondered the messenger. I pondered the silver-hatted strangers who had taken up residence in my refrigerator.


And when I couldn’t quite get the Case of the Mysterious Silver Hat-Wearing Strangers figured out, I called in the writer of the words, the person responsible for affixing strange words to the sides of strange strangers.

And I was given the answer! I was handed the solution to the mystery! I was presented with the key to unlock the secrets of the universe! (Well, not quite.)

As it turns out, Princess Sarah had decided to use part of her afternoon to create a special dessert for the family’s evening meal. From her description of the creation process, the dessert consisted of her tossing a variety of miscellaneous sweet substances into the blender and whirring them around for awhile.

Then she poured the created concoction into three glasses and attached silver hats and the note, in an effort to warn her dad and me away from the surprise.

The mystery? Solved.

The desserts? Delicious.

The smile on my face over my daughter’s whimsical addition to my day? Huge.

I just love silver-hatted strangers.

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Anonymous said...

hahaah! I love this! What a cool daughter you have!

Unknown said...

Heehee! That Sarah IS a princess1

LizW said...

Sarah's message on the desserts made me chuckle! Thanks for sharing it.

Krista Labrensz said...

Silver-Hatted strangers sound great!! I wish I had some in my fridge. I just looked and it was silver-hatted strangers-less!! =)

Sarah rocks!

So, what exactly did she put in there?

Take care!