Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pillow Wars

Steve and I have an agreement. And we also have an argument.

Our agreement is that whoever gets up last in the morning has to make the bed. Which is a really nice deal and I would like to say right here that I am very blessed to have an Open Minded Husband Who Is Willing to Make The Bed. (Or an OMHWIWTMTB for short.)

However, it appears that he and I have a difference of opinion in the making of said bed. A difference of opinion concerning the decorative pillows. Yea and forsooth, we have a Decorative Pillow Opinion Difference.

With his gracious permission, I have decided to bring this difference of opinion to the masses. (That would be you. You are a member of the masses. There now. Don’t you feel special?)

In order to help you with your decision, I have taken a picture of my arrangement of the pillows and his arrangement of the pillows. I have also included a survey in the right column for you to complete as to which pillow arrangement looks the best to you.

I am not, however, going to tell you which one of us favors which pillow arrangement until the polls are closed.

This is important stuff, people. Don’t allow this opportunity pass you by; let your opinion be heard!

Pillow Arrangement #1


And—you guessed it!—Pillow Arrangement #2.


The polls are now open. Please submit your vote so that this stressful part of the Smith Marriage can be reconciled. Thank you for your support.

(My name is Becky Smith and I approved this message.)

40 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

jmckemie said...

So glad to be part of the masses! But, since I cannot get my husband to even consider making the bed I gave up myself on the decorative pillows long ago! But, for the sake of your question, I have to say, pillow arrangment #1 is the "correct" way. Have fun with this one!!

Unknown said...

I think arrangement #1 looks better than arrangement #2, but I think arrangement #3 looks best of all! Arrangement #3 is as follows: pillow shamsagainst the headboard, pushed together; round pillows in front of shams, pushed together end to end, or very close to each other end-to-end; finally the smaller decorative pillow is placed in front of the ene-to-end roll pillows, centered. Similar to this, but mushed together:

-------- --------
| | | |
| | | |
-------- --------
------- -------
| | | |
------- -------
| |

Unknown said...

OOPS! My diagram didn't work!

Anonymous said...

Arrangement #1 is in, arrangement #2 is out, but I really like the suggestion of "Cleo" for arrangement #3. In the scheme of things, just be thankful he attempts a pillow arrangement at all! :)

Anonymous said...

Out of the two, I go for #1 but I vote for Cleo also...smush them all together a bit... :)
and I get up first every morning by about 10 seconds..It's like he waits for me to get up, then as I am heading to the bathroom, he is climbing out to go make coffee..which he brings to me... :)
and I make the bed..which is fine because I probably wouldn't like the way he did it anyway.. :) and he HATES decorative pillows..and I am picky about my decorative pillows...

Alyssa said...

Hmmmm...I think that arrangement #1 is the most typical set up, however arrangement #2 is more edgy and different, and well I like to be edgy. Heh, so not sure if that helps. If your dog is like my dogs, the pillows will be all pushed around anyway!

Alyssa said...

I must add, I also like Cleo's arrangement! That is how I do mine.

Shannon said...

Sigh...I've given up on our decorative pillows a long time ago. Only if we have company that I think might just might look in our bedroom. They usually just sit in the corner.

I vote for #1, but the shams closer together. :)

Anonymous said...


Carrie B said...

LOL! I prefer #1 but only because I'm a rules girl and I'm not sure the middle pillow works in the vertical position. Ha
I like Cleo's arrangement also. Try it and show us the picture.
P.S. It does look like you took a little more time on the composition of #2 photo... am I right?
P.P.S. My Hubby makes the bed if he's last out (rarely) WITHOUT a previously arranged agreement. Sweet.

MaryH said...

I like a little of both - so, that didn't help much at all but Cleo is on to something there - smush one together more and that could be it also. Aren't you glad you asked us?

Anonymous said...

#2 would be my favorite

Anonymous said...

There are parts of each pillow arrangement that I like. But how about a combination of the two. Place the bolsters directly in front of the two large pillows so that they do not extend over the edge of the bed. Then, make a third layer that would be the oblong pillow placed hortizonally overlapping the bolsters.

jenny said...

Pillow Arrangement #1 gets my vote. Can I go home now?

jenny said...

P.S. When MY hubby makes the bed, it looks like he left a sheep in it!

tylersmama said...

You can't put a pillow standing vertically...can you? I vote #1 or Cleo's #3. That being said, if I could get my husband to make the bed, I wouldn't even care if he put the decorative pillows on at all ;)

Anonymous said...

My vote is for Cleo, #3. That's how it's done at our house.

Anonymous said...

I actually like #2 for some reason. Maybe it is the angle of the photo that makes it easier for me to see the arrangement! :) Jill-FL

Anonymous said...

I didn't read the comments before I voted ~ but I think Cleo's arrangement would look nice, also! Plus, it would be different for both of you, so you both "win"?

Amy said...

I voted for #1. But, I do like the uniqueness (not a word, probably) of #2. I also think I know who did each arrangement. Either way, count your blessings that your husband will arrange the pillows. I think our decorative pillows are packed away!

Becky, UK said...

I like #1 the best :)

My OH is fussy about the duvet cover - it has to go over the bottom edges of the pillows as opposed to under them. I completely disagree and morning times can become rather like an exercise in who will leave the bedroom last so the duvet cover can be arranged the 'right' way.

Anonymous said...

The second one has GOT to the be the one done by a male. It's kinda silly there in the middle. :)

Anonymous said...

#2 has to be Steve's. It just does. I like Cleo's idea too... more depth. Do show us a pic so we can give our opinions on how to decorate YOUR home... :<) And Jenny's comment cracked me up, because oh lawdy yes.... it certainly DOES look like a sheep spent the night if my hubs makes the bed! hahaha.....

Anonymous said...

My husband and I have the same agreement! I voted for #1, but I would have done it like 3 layers. Maybe something different like that would satisfy both of you. :)

Gayle in AL

Debbie said...

Wow, you are lucky Steve even makes the bed!!! I like #3, Cleo's way 1st and #2 second!!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Anonymous said...

I was expecting to see a male view of NO decorative pillows on the bed... so I am impressed that he even considers decorative pillows part of the making up the bed task. vote is for #1... Karen

Anonymous said...

Kristin, Meagan and Joy say #1 is the best way...although #2 has a lot of character:)

Nathan says #2 is better

Anonymous said...

#3- via Cleo! :)

Anonymous said...

Out of your two I vote for number 1 but in my house we do Cleo's number 3.

Anonymous said...

I like Cleo's best too! Or the smaller one at the foot of the bed (not sure about that, would need to see it first)

Denise said...

I like #2 better. It looks more symmetrical and neater to me, because everything's on the bed instead of hanging over the sides.

That's a gorgeous comforter and pillow set, either way!

Rachel said...

LOL, I liked #1 better, but then I noticed that the round pillows are hanging off the bed so hence the reasoning for #2. :)

Anonymous said...

I vote for Arrangement number 2 however, I would change it to make the colors of the ends of the pillows match...anyway it is the neatest of the two choices offered.....

Texas Frannie

Sheri Hawley said...

Of the two, I prefer arrangement #2. However, I would like to suggest a third option. Kirkland's has decorative pillows on sale for $8 right now. When you go get Sarah, pick up a couple more to create depth. (And probably more arguing! Smile.) Love Ya!

Jan said...

If you want to encourage further bed making on the part of your husband, I'd say encourage him to make it any way he wants on HIS day, while you make it YOUR way on YOUR day. Unless, of course, the garden club will be touring your bedroom that day, in which case I'd hire an expert. :)

Jan Reuther

Anonymous said...

I think #1 is Becky and #2 is Steve

I prefer 1 except that the dark colors on the big pillows should each be at opposite ends (outside edges of the bed).
but I think it would look better if the
two round pillows weren't hanging over the edge, and the fringey pillow should be horizontal in front of the other pillows, making a triangular arrangement.

mrs pam

Unknown said...

Like 1st one better!

Cair said...

Consistency is not good for the soul. I think the best solution is to have the pillows different every day. You could step out of choices one and two, and come up with zillions more. Maybe a contest as to who will come up with the best* arrangement.

*best - whatever you want best to be, the best artistic arrangement, the best decorator arrangement, the best humorous arrangement....

Jenna said...

I voted for # 1.

My main question, though, is: how exactly does one get one's husband to make the bed? :)

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