Monday, July 12, 2010

Snowy The Decorator

Have you ever tried to pick a carpet color when there are endless acres of carpet colors to choose from?IMG_5960

Have you ever tried to decide on just one paint color when you can’t even manage to narrow your choices down to fifty?IMG_5857

Well, that’s where we’ve been lately. Thinking about choices. Too many choices. And the more choices we’ve looked at, the more overwhelmed we’ve become.

Don’t the two of them look overwhelmed?IMG_5885

And so, being the wise (not to mention smart) family that we are, we did the only possible thing we could do under the circumstances. We called in a professional. A carpet and paint professional who was already on site. A professional named Snowy.

Well, actually, if the truth be known, Snowy sort of called himself in. He just got rather tired of sitting on his sister's lap and watching his own personal humans run around in a dither of doubt, dismay and indecision. So he got right up, strolled on over and humbly inquired, “May I possibly be of service?”


And just so that we would be convinced that he truly was a highly trained professional, he proffered his card. Who could argue with such a polished presentation?card use4

Since we never turn down good help, Steve was quick to ask his opinion.

“Snowy, which paint color looks the best?”IMG_5876

Snowy was about to answer when he noticed that there were paparazzi lurking in the room, trying to get a glimpse of the rare phenomenon known as the Decorating Dog. Before proffering his considered opinion to the man of the house, he glared at the camera with his best “You are bothering the important person" look.


And then with that small detail taken care of, he got down to work. Because you see, Snowy knows something about decorating that we human beings don’t understand. He knows that you don’t just make selections based on what you see—you make selections based on what you smell. (This one technique alone has the power to totally transform the decorating world.)


When Snowy had sniffed sufficiently, he then went on to the next step of his decorating technique which he humbly calls, “The Official Turning in a Circle Around the Color Wheel Maneuver.”

And why does he do this strange thing? Well, here’s the deal.

His movements reflect the shape of the color wheel and when he turns himself clockwise and then counterclockwise around the wheel, the essence of the colors make their way into the atmosphere and then into his (very small) brain and he is then able to discern from the path of the colors and the aura of the pigmentation encapsulated in the color wheel which of the correct colors are to be chosen. (Or at least that’s how he explained it to me.)


After the Circling Ceremony had ended, Snowy decided that he was working way too hard and was coming perilously close to the end of his Doggie Decorating Endurance. And so it seemed that a good, hearty yawn was in order. (Obviously, his mother never taught him to cover his mouth while yawning.)


And then suddenly, in the placid post-yawning moments that followed, something very important occurred to Snowy. Since he is a pastor’s dog, he has heard many times about asking God for wisdom when one doesn’t know which way to turn. And Snowy thought that maybe the time had come to ask for a little extra wisdom. So he did.


And then, as inspiration struck, he looked up! He just knew the answer was close by, even right there in the very room!


He looked to his left.IMG_5930

He looked to his right.IMG_5934

He cast a glance behind him.IMG_5942

He sat very still and pondered all the things that needed pondering.IMG_5945

And then he plopped down near the previously encircled color wheel and asked, “Isn’t it about time for lunch?”


The End.

21 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Carrie B said...

Our Cooper does the whole round and round thing before he plops down too and then it's right on top of whatever we're working on/packing etc... Ha.
Snowys hair is growing out nicely. :)

Anonymous said...

what is snowy's middle name?

Margie said...

Now if Snowy was a cat it would be easy. You pick your carpet so that it will blend in when she has a hairball!
We had a neighbor how took 3 yrs to pick out her carpet- she picked white. Guess it was too difficult.

Anonymous said...

I love Snowy! He's so flippin' cute!

Anonymous said...

Love the post today! Snowy is just too darned cute and spoiled beyond measure......but then what are kids and dogs for, if not to spoil them!

Jessica Kramasz said...

Snowy is just too cute!

Karo said...

Snowy the Decorator AKA the Praying Pup. LOL That's one of my favorite Snowy posts ever. :)

Anonymous said...

As the owner of a carpet store I understand your problem. Let me offer this go with your first instinct. Don't over think it. Pick either paint first and then look at the carpet or visa versa, as it matches the items in you room. It will never look the same because who can really pick carpet from such a small square. Make sure you look at it in the natural light as well as under the lights. Let me know if I can help you, this process should be fun not stressful..
But if Snowy comes to Iowa , we do have openings for interior designers!!
Hugs from Iowa,

Anonymous said...

well, I was sure that Snowy was going to pick a color that had his name in it.... however, I did enjoy his various poses, that's for sure!

mrs pam

Anonymous said...

well, becky, I can certainly identify with you on recognizing cars. For the last two or three years, I keep asking a friend if she has a new car... of course, the answer is NO. but, she sure keeps it clean!

Last week in Missouri we had an Amber Alert for a four year girl who was taken out of her front yard as she was heading inside for dinner. Her SIX year old brother identified the car as a dark 4 door sedan with missing wheel covers, and needing a muffler! The child was found 26 hours later. her abductor left her at a car wash. His relatives had contacted the police that this guy might be the culprit, and I am sure it was because of the description of the car. When the police went to the guy's house, he was trying to spraypaint his car silver. The good news is that the little girls seems to be okay!!!!!!

mrs pam

Alyssa said...

You should start a blog for Snowy. That dog cracks me up and is so adorable. Oh, how I would love the things he would have to say =)

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