Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cameras and Hurricanes

Sunday night, Steve, Sarah and I went out for a bike ride. Cool evening, low humidity, lovely scenery.

We ended up at a spot where Sarah had never been--an old cemetery overlooking the sound with grand oak trees standing silent watch. We happened to get there right at the golden hour, which is a time of day that photographers highly prize for its, well, goldenness.

Sadly, though, I didn’t have my camera. And as I walked around the cemetery and gazed out across the sound, I noticed at least 536 fabulous shots I was longing to capture. I immediately vowed to get back there as soon as possible with camera in hand.

And so last night, Steve and I rode back to the site, arriving at exactly the same time as on Sunday so that I could take my long anticipated pictures when the light was at its most golden.

I was so excited! I was so pumped! I leapt off my bike, grabbed my camera from its case, and got ready to start capturing every single one of the 536 shots I had noticed earlier.

But alas. It was not to be. My camera was (it pains me to even write these words) broken! As in, not working!

I stood there in a moment of pitiful disbelief with the water, the trees, the cemetery, the sunset, stretched out before me in the golden light. The only pictures I was able to take were pictures in my mind--which for some strange reason I’m having a hard time getting loaded onto my computer!

So. I’m feeling just a bit adrift today, a bit cut off from my heart, not having that little piece of precious machinery that accompanies me just about everywhere. In fact, going through withdrawal would not be too strong to describe how I currently feel.

Sigh. Again.


And now on to Hurricane Earl. A few of you have asked how much we will be affected by it. I do know that the islands south of us are undergoing a mandatory evacuation today, but there has been no indication yet that Roanoke Island will have to evacuate.

Since we’re newbies on the island and have never been through a hurricane while living at the ocean, we’re asking a lot of questions and doing whatever we can to prepare. (Getting extra water, candles, flashlights, moving/securing porch/deck furniture, etc.)

It’s interesting the variety of opinions that we’ve heard in regards to evacuation; there are some people who have lived on the island for their whole lives and have never even once left during a hurricane. There are others who will leave at the very first sign of a big storm.

I’m not sure I’m quite brave enough to throw my lot in with the former group who stays put; if a mandatory evacuation is given, we will be outa here!

What’s really distressing to me is that I am going to have to go through my first Island- Residing Hurricane without my camera! Is that sad, or what?

There’s a chance the three of us may head out to Greensboro tomorrow, which is about 4-5 hours inland. Steve was planning on going there anyway on Friday for an appointment but he’s reluctant to leave without us. And so whether there is an evacuation order or not, Sarah, Snowy and I may just go along with him. We’ll see how things progress.

Keep your eyes on the weather and think of us whenever you hear anything about the Outer Banks. I’ve watched the weather for years and heard the Banks mentioned often, but it’s rather a different feeling to watch the weather and actually be living right in the place they’re talking about.

I’ll keep you posted!

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lesley said...

What a bummer about the camera! I know exactly how you feel. It's like this 'force' : A picture must be taken!! What is that? And why do some people feel it and some people don't?
I'll be watching to see how your area is faring because up here on Cape Cod, we are next!

Anonymous said...

NOT THE CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope it is an easy and inexpensive fix, ya' a new battery? :)

Alas, I am watching your area for weather and wondered what your plans were. Glad to hear you're probably going inland. Can't wait to see what we get here in Connecticut and if it produces some great beachcombing after the storm! I LOVE looking for shells after a storm!

Love ya',
Guerrina in Ledyard, CT

Shannon said...

Shucks...I know this is silly, but could it need new batteries?
I thought my elliptical was broke last night and it just needed new batteries.
Good luck with the storm...I have family in NC that are securing things and possible leaving soon.
You are welcome to come stay in Nebraska, no threat of hurricanes here!!! :)

LeeAnne said...

Arrggghhh!!! So sorry about the camera! And thanks for the update on Manteo...I've been wondering how you might be affected. I'll definitely keep a close eye on the weather and the prayers going up for everyone's safety!

simplykristi said...

Try the batteries and then switch out the camera card.

Please stay safe and keep us posted on what you decide to do. Have plenty of water and batteries and non-perishable foods on hand if you decide to stay.

MaryH said...

So sorry about your camera! Check some camera stores and see about getting a used camera - my daughter sold many of hers to camera stores - I know it is a stretch financially but I can't imagine you without a camera! Also, I was thinking of all of you as I watched the weather this morning - hope Earl doesn't come anywhere near any of our U.S.coastal cities. Glad you have a plan to be gone regardless! Take care - hold on to your hats AND SNOWY!

Ann Martin said...

Praying for you and all the Outer Banks people. Hope you resolve the camera issue soon. I know how you feel to be without one. I have three (not counting the film 35 mm Canon). My first digital is a Kodak, then I got the Canon SLR digital (gift from my Daddy), and last a small Sony to keep in my purse so I would always have one--got that idea from you. God bless and protect.