Friday, September 10, 2010

It Can’t Be That Hard

What is this man doing?


It’s obvious that Snowy is wondering the same thing.


Look at a few pictures and see if you can figure it out. (Note: The watermelon in the middle of the counter has no bearing on the eventual outcome of this project.)

IMG_7853 IMG_7857 IMG_7872 IMG_7874 IMG_7875 IMG_7884


The project required a hole to be cut inside a cupboard . . .


. . . to make a place for this big white thingie to reside.


Steve used this technique to mark the circle he was going to cut. Pretty clever, huh?



Has anyone guessed what his project from two weeks ago was?

Steve installed a reverse osmosis water purifying system. (Water in our area is not the best for drinking.)

I never dreamed that anything could be quite as complicated. However, Steve is seldom cowed by complexity. His famous line when approaching any sort of home/mechanical project is, “It can’t be that hard.”

Well, four hours and one messy kitchen later, Steve had succeeded. Our water is osmosively pure. It tastes great. The kitchen has been put back together.

And Steve is busy looking for a new project. Maybe he’ll consider training a certain daughter as his assistant!


7 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Guerrina said...

Way to go Mr. Fix It! Since I'd never seen one of those units, my wild guess would've been a garbage disposal!


lesley said...

Yay Steve, awesome job!

Anonymous said...

Hes installing a reverse osmosis water purification system.....we have one just like it :)Kuddos to Steve though as my husband had ours installed!

Sue G said...

Make sure you have it checked once a year and have the filters replaced as needed. Don't wait until it's too late.

Just a tip from a reverse osmosis person in AZ.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am very impressed! Steve reminds me of my dad (not in a creepy way...). My dad could do anything; he built his own "ham" radios, he put wood paneling, carpet, a handmade "entertainment bar", and a drop ceiling in our basement, he could repair cars, radios, and tv's (before everything went electronically and digitally computerifically crazy), he cooked Thanksgiving dinner, a mean "chow mein", and the best homemade ice cream EVER, and at 65 he built, by himself from the ground up, a cinderblock garage that is still amazingly sturdy. Some folks just have "it", and my dad and Steve... they were/are those kind of guys! Enjoy your fresh, clear water... yum!

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