Monday, September 6, 2010

A Tail of One Doggy

Snowy hasn't had a real good morning.

He was up with Sarah in her room and when she picked him up to carry him downstairs, he got it into his (very small) brain that it would be a fine idea for him to jump out of her arms. So he did. And landed on his backside with a great whimper and a wail.

And then his tail just hung down on the floor, all drooped and draggy, and he wasn't able to lift it or move it. He didn't seem to be in a whole lot of pain but was very agitated and couldn't sit down without popping right back up again.

Sarah, of course, felt terrible about it, and was crying over the fact that her little buddy had gotten hurt while on her watch. After two hours, when Snowy wasn't getting any better, Steve finally put them both into the car and took off for the vet, who was thankfully open until noon, even on Labor Day.

After the vet had examined Snowy she said that his tail could be broken and if it was, they might have to amputate it. Well, those are distressing words for a young "dog mommy" to have to hear and Sarah got even more upset. Steve brought her back home while they were sedating a very agitated Snowy in order to hold him still for x-rays.

So I was here at home, comforting Sarah and wondering how much an amputation would be and wondering how much money we could justify putting into our little guy, after paying for his hugely expensive kidney stone surgery last fall. (Sarah, bless her heart, offered to help pay for his treatment.)

Finally Steve called the house with good news. Snowy's tail wasn't broken, it was only "torqued." (The vet's words.) He'll need stay on pain meds awhile and in about a week, the tail should gradually sort itself out.

When Steve and Snowy arrived home a few minutes later, they were greeted by two dithering, doting females. Of course, Snowy wasn't aware of much of anything--his little, pink tongue was hanging out a little and, although his eyes were open, he wasn't seeing much. Sarah immediately scooped him up from Steve and hasn't let go of him since that moment. They're currently up in her room, snuggling in her big chair.

Because, as we all know, snuggling is the best medicine possible.

So thankful the lovely tail will remain!

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lesley said...

Oh my goodness! How upsetting. Poor Sarah and poor Snowy. I hope he feels better soon.
I guess you'll be on duty when Sarha goes to school tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

So glad that Snowy will be ok! Thrilled to hear you camera can be repaired.

Cindy from Sonoma

Rachel said...

So glad to hear that Snowy is okay! I still remember reading Sarah's blog many years ago and you talking about how Snowy would lay next to Sarah when she was feeling the worst. I can only imagine the relationship those two really have.

Anonymous said...

Oh Snowy. Please, please stay in Sarah's arms; they are the best and safest spot for you. You get hurt when you choose to leap away. But wait... don't WE do that to God all the time? What an allegory... Steve, I think you have your next sermon. Praying that your sweet little doggie will be all better soon.

Anonymous said...

oh, Snowy,
keep in mind that even if you are happy, it would probably be wise to not wag that tail until it is completely healed.

My heart flipped when I read about your accident!!

woof and love
Mrs. Pam

Michelle said...

Hoping and praying for a speedy recovery for your Snowy! I'm so glad he's going to be okay.

Ann Martin said...

Glad Snowy will not lose his "tail." I know I would hate it if Prince had to lose his because they are so pretty. I won't let the groomer cut Prince's because I want to see how much it grows even though his is not like his shih-tzu mother's is. I hope Sarah feels better knowing it was not her fault. Just give him a lot of tlc for us, too.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Snowy is ok, and so glad that Sarah has Snowy all cuddled up with her.
~Lots of love

Amanda J said...

Oh goodness! Poor Snowy (and Poor Sarah). I'm so glad the tail isn't broken. They just love to do stuff to scare us, don't they?

MaryH said...

Oh, My, Snowy! A broken (or torqued) tail is very painful! My daughter's horse broke her tail once which resulted in colic because it was too painful to lift to do, you know what, and then she got a stomach ache and had to go to the horse hospital and it was very costly - but she was worth it! My daughter and her trainer had never cared for a horse with a broken tail - it was a first - she got better but it all happened because she was showing off to the boy horses in the other pasture and reared up and fell on her bottom and tail - not very impressive, I must say. So, I am so very happy that Snowy's tail is in one piece and I am sure he will think twice before leaping from any distance again! Sarah, you are a very good doggie mom!

P.S. Glad your house was only smelly and not smashed and that your camera situation is almost resolved - I am very envious of your view while lunching!

Grace said...

What a generous daughter you have to offer to pay for Snowy with her own money. I'm sure you are proud of her.