Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Lighthouse. And Aliens.

(Note: Please look in the right hand column for information on a way to honor Sarah and help cancer kids.)

When we got up last Friday morning (Steve’s day off) the sky looked like this.


And so we did this.



And saw this.


And ate lunch here.


And saw flocks of houses perched between sea and sky.


And we climbed this. All 268 steps of it.



We saw this . . .


. . . and this.


Not to mention this.


I felt compelled to do the quintessential tourist pose.


At one point during our lighthouse adventure I said, “Steve! Look! Those people on the ground look just little ants!”

And he said, “Becky, those are ants. We haven’t started climbing yet.” (sorry. bad joke.)

But seriously. When we DID finally get to the top? The people below really were sort of ant-like! (In a sort of non ant-like way.)


At the end of our climb, we posed for a picture, never dreaming of the adventure that was waiting for us.


Never dreaming that we were about to encounter . . . aliens!

You thought I was kidding?


Steve’s philosophy is, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.”


And his further philosophy is that you should stick your head into the house of aliens to see what it looks like.


Um. If you’ve never seen inside a spaceship it looks, well, sort of like a beat up RV. Or at least this particular spaceship did.


We went from the alien spaceship to a darling little Post Office. IMG_8073

Isn’t it so cute?


And then we got some candy bars and drinks.

And pointed our happy, tired selves toward home.


(Tomorrow I’ll fill you in what happened with my broken camera and answer a few questions/comments. See ya then!)

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Anonymous said...

You and Steve are so brave! I could never climb those stairs or look down. I am seriously afraid of heights. I sure enjoyed the pictures though

Can't wait to hear the camera story.

Cindy from Sonoma

PS...I have been voting all month on your choice for kids with cancer.

MaryH said...

Loved the pictures of your adventure - I want to live in a lighthouse. I will have a great deal of catching up to do when I return to the office - I will be gone until next Tuesday - I am on the committee of a great local festival - Greentree Festival - it is our 50th and I am hoping we have great weather this weekend - my grandson will be coming and there is plenty to buy for him at the Festival and a folk life village and kid activities and arts & crafts (my part of the committee) and food and entertainment and a car show and it is something I have attended since a child and with my children and now with my grandchild - I am excited - hope we are all safe and happy throughout this festival - Kirkwood deserves the best of times. So, see you in several days - I have been voting for the Pepsi research money.

Anonymous said...

Wow - beside your cooking wizard skills, photo magic - what a great techy way to advertise the vote honoring Sarah in the hopes of winning the Pepsi $$ for neuroblastoma...Thanks again Becky

Whitney said...

The spaceship was quite amusing. Guess you never know what you'll encounter when you visit a lighthouse! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I recognized the porch of the restaurant where you had lunch; it's one of our favorites! We ate there several times when we were there in August..
I also have seen the alien house but we have never stopped to peek in! I'm impressed that you did that!
Obviously I have seen all that you took pics of! :)
Only been going there for all my life! :)
Miss it!

Jenna said...

Hi Becky!
I loved today's post! I love reading about your interesting life and seeing your beautiful photos from your gorgeous part of the world. I've also been meaning to tell you how much I enjoyed/ learnt from Steve's post on marriage. Eric (my husband) and I are still adjusting to new parenthood and the advice was a great encouragement.
Jenna Hoff

Rachel said...

I'm always the one standing at the bottom of the Hatteras light (or the Currituck one - whichever we go to in a given year) waving up at the guys on top. I'm not quite brave enough to venture all the way up!

Ann Martin said...

Love the lighthouse! I am not sure if I can climb it now--I know Jim cannot. Sure did enjoy the pictures. I have 5x7s of the 4 lighthouses from Currituck down that I took years ago hanging in my den. Lighthouses are special to me. Hatteras is my very favorite. Sorry the corvette was not available. Waiting for the camera story.

Judy said...

Loved the pics of your little adventure. It sure looked like you had a good time. Would you please share the name of the restaurant where you had lunch. Is the little post office open and functioning?

Anonymous said...

Hey Bec,in several posts lately you have had unflattering pictures of my "back 40." What gives?


janet said...

When I looked at the "posed" picture of you and Steve, I thought that the "aliens" in the title of your post referred to the two people standing behind you in dark glasses. Then I saw the "space ship" and realized that was the "aliens". Or am I the only one who saw two people standing behind you in the picture?????!!!! (Cue theme from "Twilight Zone".)