Saturday, September 18, 2010


Today, my (formerly) little boy turns twenty-one.

It's almost impossible for me to grasp that any child of mine could be that old. But he is! He's a real live adult! He's grown! Up!

A couple days before Steve flew out to Florida to be with him, I got the idea of making a retrospective Nathan DVD to send along for Nathan. I wish I'd had the idea a little earlier because I've got a few "holes" in the time line (age wise) and there are a few different photos I would like to have added.

But it's still a line up of pictures that makes me laugh and cry. And be proud.

Note: The presentation is about nine minutes long so you're probably only going to want to watch it if 1) you're a family member OR 2) if you've been hanging around the Smith family's blogs a long time and watched Nathan grow up OR 3) if you just sort of fast forward through it to get the gist of it.

A little later on, I'll post a few memories as well as some still shots of him so even if you don't watch the whole DVD you can still "watch" the oldest Smith Kid grow up.

Depending on your connection speed, you may need to hit "play" and then "pause" and then wait a couple minutes for the whole video to load before watching it.

And one more thing. I love the second song especially (Life Is A Highway), because Nathan has been to 35 states (including Hawaii) and has also been to Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, and Israel. It just seems sorta appropriate for his life!

16 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Anonymous said...

I watched every second of it. Happy birthday to your baby boy. :)

Stefanie in St. Louis

Sharon said...

what fun watching Nathan grow up
Happy 21st birthday all of my kids are dfar pastthat and two of my grand kids are too.

Nancy Irving said...

I too watched every second of it and it is absolutely wonderful. What great pictures. Happy Birthday Nathan hope you have a wonderful day.

Ann Martin said...

Great video, Becky. It was only 8 minutes 45 seconds -- did I miss part of it? That is something Nathan will treasure and I think it should be saved for his wedding rehearsal dinner. After all, that is the groom's event.

Anonymous said...

Becky, Took my breath away and I enjoyed every single second. Happy birthday Nathan!!!!

Cindy from Sonoma

deb said...

Even though my computer did a buffering thing every 30 seconds that was extremely IRRITATING, I managed to get all teary-eyed. Nathan is such a dear and wonderful young man. Great job on the video--that is something I'm sure he will treasure!

Love, deb

Sue from Toledo said...

Wonderful video!! My "little boy" is almost 29 - a husband and a new dad. Always gets me teary-eyed to read a plaque we have in our hallway by D. Morgan...."I remember when you were my Little Boy, an extension of my very being. My every waking moment belonged to you. One evening when I called you to supper, you came to the table all grown up. Where did all the in between go? Suddenly, I was to let you go - now I should always call you my son, but in my will always be...My Little Boy"

Michelle said...

Happy 21st Birthday Nathan!!

Michelle said...

Happy 21st Birthday Nathan!!

Anonymous said...

I watched the complete video and it was awesome. You and Steve have raised an amazing young man. I am sure he must have had a great birthday with his dad.
God Bless you all,
your cousin Sandy

Anne said...

Two thumbs up Becky! Great job and I watched and loved it in its entirety! All the Smiths are very photogenic - including Snowy :)

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