Monday, September 13, 2010

No Cream of Chicken Soup Was Harmed In the Making of This Meal

Steve and I are alike in many wonderful ways. 


There is one way in which we differ rather wildly.  He loves fruits and vegetables of every kind.  (I only love fruits.)   He loves recipes that have high on their list of ingredients olive oil, tomatoes, vegetables, onions, fish and chicken.  He loves Mediterranean style cooking. He loves crunchy foods. 

He is not so big on soft, creamy and comforting foods.  The way I am.

Potatoes, pudding, macaroni and cheese, ice cream, creamy casseroles, cream cheesy desserts—basically any food that has an inordinate amount of fat and calories is pretty high on my list.


Steve went for his annual physical last week and found that although his weight and blood pressure are great, his “bad” cholesterol is 50% higher than it should be.  (Although his overall cholesterol is only 10% high.)  So he’s been given six months to try to lower it without medication. 

So guess what that means?


It means that all my wonderful recipes that I love and adore featuring cream of chicken soup and (better yet) cheddar cheese soup, will have to be put on the “occasional meal” list instead of the “regular meal” list.


And the bad part of this is that I know it’s better for me to eat the way he’s supposed to eat but I really don’t wanna!  (Big foot stomp.) 

Now this is not to say that he’s planning on turning into Saint Steve and will only eat the healthiest of foods every moment of every day.  He loves his ice cream as much as the next person.    But it does mean that I’ll be changing a few old recipes out for new ones.

And so. Last week I prepared a meal.


I put it in front of him.


And I said, “No cream of chicken soup was harmed in the making of this meal.”


The end.

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Guerrina said...

I love my chocolate, but for meals I think I lean more towards the Mediterranean style. Crunchy, bold tastes...but must almost always include bread! Hey! Did they suggest taking fish oil capsules? I use odorless 1200 mg softgels by Nature Made. I make sure the expiration date is a LONG way down the road (3 years is good) and have had no problems with them. They've made a difference at 2 tabs/day.

Grace said...

Becky, cute post today. The meal you served looks like something I would enjoy eating. Of course I really like pudding too! ;-)

bearie1 said...

I have just the recipe for Steve. The tomato sauce for the fish is delicious. I always use the wine, but you can sub broth. If I did that I'd probably use chicken or vegetable. I sometimes sub black olives for the green. And, don't leave out the orange zest. I'm sure you could use any fist but I've only use the mahi mahi.

Enjoy, Elaine

Anonymous said...

does steve still get to eat his daily popcorn snack?

mrs pam

oh, snowy is beginning to look more like himself!!

karen in hammond said...

Is that couscous? I have yet to find a way to make that and make it not taste like sawdust.

Anonymous said...

Since couscous is just really tiny pieces of what is basically pasta, it won't taste like much if it's cooked in plain water.

I like to make couscous by throwing a vegetable buillion cube into the water before boiling (chicken and beef just don't work the same way). I then top it with something like that awesome looking zucchini-squash-tomato stew in the pictures!

Other people seem to prefer if the couscous is sweet - that's how my mom started with it. Throw dried fruits with the water - golden raisins, craisins, dried apricots (yum), maybe some nuts. They rehydrate and get all plump and tasty.

Search for recipes online - there's lots of tasty ones around.

Jenn said...

That looks good. Can we get the recipes please? My husband is also trying to lower his cholesterol.

Anonymous said...

It really was tasty, darlin'.


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