Wednesday, November 10, 2010


If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably felt that one of the worst parts about going to the doctor is having to put on one of those dashing and delightsome gowns. You know the ones made with uninspired colors and patterns, with arm holes in odd places, and strings and snaps that are supposed to hold it all together but rarely do? Those gowns?

Well, on my Medical Sojourn to Greenville on Monday, I was reminded of something that I really, really like about my oncologist.

He provides his patients with robes. Real robes. With real belts. Robes that don’t feel like they’re going to fall off your person if you move too quickly. Or too slowly. Or even too medium-ly.

The robes are a dream to put on and a dream to wear. (Which is a good thing since I waited a month of Sundays for the doctor to finally appear in the exam room.)

It occurred to me while I waited that I could take a photo of my bedazzling robe so you could rejoice with me (with exceeding great joy) that at least one doctor on the planet is Robe Savvy. As I sat there in my robe-esque luxuriousness and read a magazine I thought, “Ahhh. This isn’t so bad.”

If they would offered me a choice of drinks and snacks, I would have been even happier but hey, one can’t have everything! Can one?

Anyway. Here is The Robe. Is it stupendous, or what?

IMG_0795 IMG_0791

After my robe and I had sat for quite a little while in the solemn silence of the exam room, my oncologist finally made his appearance and performed the anticipated exam. May I just say that since I’ve never before had a breast exam when the area under examination was comprised of only scars and silicone, the experience was just a tad disconcerting. I’m sure I’ll get used to it eventually but it was just very, very different.

When he was finished with the silicone breast exam, the doctor then proceeded to give me a little mini-lecture about the sorts of symptoms I should look for concerning a relapse. He then made the pronouncement that I looked “really, really great,” patted me heartily on my berobed shoulder, told me he’d see me in six months and vamoosed from the room.

I was really sort of reluctant for the visit to end because it meant that I’d have to give up the robe. Eventually though, I tore myself away from that darling little number and and made my way to the check out area to pay. As I geared myself up to cough up the usual $50 co-pay (for the four-minute visit) the lady at the desk said, “Let’s see, here. It looks like you have a $240 credit on your account.”

A credit? At a doctor’s office? Whoever heard of such a thing?

So instead of me having to pay them something, she applied my credit toward the $50 co-pay and said they would send the balance to me in the mail.

A lovely robe? A non-co-payment-payment? A pending check?

Happy day.



Guerrina asked,
Wow! Different house! Quick question...are the shutters wood or vinyl? If vinyl/plastic stuff, what was the process to change them? I have a "berry" color and I want to go to the charcoal/black! Thank God I have no high ones to deal with!

Guerrina, our shutters are plastic. (And how funny is that we went from black to berry and you want to go from berry to black!) As far as I know, Steve just painted them with regular ol’ paint. I think he may have sanded a few rough areas first, but the paint went on just like he was painting a wall. Pretty quick and easy—all except for removing the ones from the second story! Glad you don’t have any of those!

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Tammy said...

Love the robe! My breast surgeon not only has robes, but handmade quilts in each room to keep you warm and cozy and as comfortd as you can possibly be in a breast surgeons office!

MaryH said...

What a great comfort to have that lovely robe and not one of those nasty "gowns" - there is nothing gownlike about them! Glad the visit went well - did you shop at your favorite bargain stores? I recently went to Goodwill and Salvation Army with my daughter in Champaign, IL - it was wonderful - I come home with so many lovely things for such little money spent. When is Nathan coming home? I bet you are counting the days.

Guerrina said...

Great office to have robes! Who ever thought up calling those "other" things "gowns"? Gowns are for weddings, proms, the Red Carpet !!!!!! :) Can't see myself going to any of the above in a doctor's office "gown"! Uh-oh, now I'm going to get the giggles (at work) with that picture in my head. So glad the verdict was you're in great shape! That's really important! :)

Also, thanks for the answer on the shutters.

LizW said...

Glad to hear you had a profitable (in more than one way!) visit with your doc! Love the robe photo. As a plus size lady, I always ask for as large a gown as they have, which rarely fits well. Hope you can just relax and enjoy the coming holidays and feel like a healthy person.

Sue G said...

I do hope you are putting that extra money/reimbursement in your camera fund?

becky m said...

hhmm don't nice gown fit under the same rule as hotel soap???

Anonymous said...

Becky: I just went thru a bone density test where the "robe" or "gown" barely covered my important parts! I then waited in the HALLWAY til the tech came to get me....all the while I'm desperately trying to keep "ends" together! You are blessed to have the beautiful robe..tucked so securely around you! Wish they all would take note of the way your doc does it!! Jojy