Monday, November 8, 2010

A Parson on the the Perch

This door . ..


and these shutters . . .


are no longer a part of the Smith Family homescape.


And just why is that?

Well, as it turns out, we had this guy show up at the house--or more precisely, up on our rooftop.  And since it was a little early for Santa, and since he was lurking in the tall trees, I got a little suspicious and did a bit of investigating.


It seems as though the mysterious man of mysterious mystery-ness had come to do all manner of shutter removal, shutter painting and shutter re-applying at the Smith home.



It makes me shutter to even think of working up this high.  (Sorry. Bad joke.)




At one point in this strange man’s laborings, the young lady of the house peered out of the window to try and ascertain just what was going on.   All she saw was a man walking around on her roof.  No biggie.


Some buildings have bats in the belfry.  Others have rats in the rotunda.  Well, it appears as though we have a parson on the perch.


A parson who is going . . .


  going . . .


going . . .






Thankfully, said perch parson left behind very cheery smatterings of berry-coloredness all across the front of the house.   


I love me some cheery smatterings of berry-coloredness.

Almost as much as I love me a parson on the perch.



And speaking of the parson, “Random” asked,  (concerning this post):

That last photograph of Steve in the car is excellent! Great capture. One the one hand, I know I shouldn't ask... but on the other hand, I would really like to know where the two of them went and how they were received!

Random, we were all headed to a fun Dress Up/Get Candy event at our church.

As to how he was received?

Well, frankly a couple small children were a bit frightened at first but they eventually came around. The adults started at him in wide-eyed, slack jawed amazement for a few seconds as they thought, “THIS is my pastor?  Oh, please don’t let it be true.”

But all in all,  Steve was big hit.  In fact, he even found a like-minded parishioner to pose with him! What a cute pair!



Okay--I’m off to Greenville for the day. I have a happy little visit with my oncologist and then another one with my plastic surgeon. 

Of course, it’s not so bad leaving for the day when I know I have such a handsome fella (see above photo) waiting for me when I get home.



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15 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Jan said...

Wow! Changing the color of the door and shutters made a huge difference. Very nice!

Anonymous said...

I love the new color! It really brightens everything up.

The Parson did a great job up there uponst his perch! I'm always amazed at how he just plunges into big projects and steadfastly chips away at it until the job's done.

Hoping you'll find a treaure or two if you have time to stop at the thrift store today!

love deb

Guerrina said...

Wow! Different house! Quick question...are the shutters wood or vinyl? If vinyl/plastic stuff, what was the process to change them? I have a "berry" color and I want to go to the charcoal/black! Thank God I have no high ones to deal with!

Anonymous said...

he's a keeper! bad teeth and all.. :)

MaryH said...

Love the new shutter and door color - you have a talent. Hope the doctor visit went okay - sorry for the lack of comments but we are having major, major computer issues here and my computer is no longer functioning at home - hoping Santa brings me a reasonably priced little laptop for use at home! Take care - just know even if I don't comment, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

At first glance I thought I liked the 'old' color of your front door/shutters - but then I looked and looked again and decided I LOVE the new color. It brightens up your house so very much.

I hope all went well with your doctors' visits today!

Deb Mathy

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