Friday, November 12, 2010

Scenes From A Tuesday

Twice a month, our fabulous senior citizens (and Steve and I) meet at our church for a potluck lunch. This month, however, we invited them all to come to our home instead for a special Thanksgiving event.  We ended up with twenty-two wonderful people who are not only great fun but also great cooks!

The event in pictures . . .

A table set up and ready for drinks.


Folding chairs from the church to take the place of the kitchen chairs moved into the dining room.



The kitchen counter was analyzed . . .


. . .  and cleared.


I set out a whole tray of serving spoons, dessert servers, knives, etc. in order to make it more convenient for the kitchen ladies to find things in a hurry.


Got the coffee pot pre-loaded and the sweeteners in place.


Pitcher of cream ready to go in the fridge.


We put out a table with name tags . . .


. . . and sent Snowy to the front porch to look around and make sure everything was in order.


A plastic table from outdoors was brought in and covered with a cloth. Voila!  Extra seating!

IMG_0821  IMG_0824

Steve took a “tea break” before everyone arrived. That little jolt of caffeine was just the ticket.


And then the guests arrived!


And kept arriving!


Fortunately, the guests were good company, good cooks and good cleaners.



When it was all over, no one wanted to leave. That front porch just sorta beckoned.


Snowy is already asking, “When can we do this again?”  

He LOVES him some church ladies!


How about you?  Many of you are getting ready to host a large crew of folks at your house for Thanksgiving. What do you do ahead of time to get ready for the crowds?  Got any helpful tips to share with the rest of us?

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Guerrina said...

1. Plan in advance (start a month before event).

2. I make a list and stick to it! Not always easy when one likes to cook and decorate!

3. Delegate to other household members day before and day of event all things that would take me away from party prep (i.e. dusting, vacuuming, removal of plethora of fingerprints on white doors & frames, around switchplates, etc.). After all, even with my Wonder Woman costume, it's still difficult to do it all !!! :)

Anonymous said...

Um, where are the pictures of the FOOD?!!

Anne said...

Hi Becky,

I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve...I make everything I can ahead of time and re-warm in the oven or zap in the microwave. That way I am not stuck in the kitchen away from my guests. I also use a recipe for turkey that involves high heat roasting. I call it Turbo Turkey! It cooks the bird quickly and the turkey is moist and delicious! (Really!!)

Jamie said...

Becky -

I am a genetic counseling student, and while doing some research I came across this page:

A mother had a girl with Trisomy 18, a disease that is almost uniformly lethal in the first year of life. She talks about her husband Steve who works at a church, and her children Nathan and Sarah. I was dumbfounded, as I've been a long time reader of your blog and don't recall reading about this. However, the ages weren't right, the timing didn't seem right, and the pictures didn't look like your Nathan and Sarah. Either this is a very odd coincidence, or someone didn't want to use real names in the story for personal reasons, and was inspired by your family's strength so she used the names. I just feel that I had to let you know about this.

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