Monday, November 15, 2010


Are we . . .


having fun . . .




Yes, you guessed right.

I had another (fun) procedure last Friday. It lasted 90 minutes which was precisely 90 minutes too long. I wasn’t given any sedation and was extra, ultra, uber tense during the whole thing; I think I must have burned up a thousand calories just keeping all my muscles so tight. But I survived.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer back in March, I could never have guessed that there would be so many surgeries and procedures to follow. There was the mastectomy/expander-placing surgery in April followed by half a dozen visits to have the expanders expanded. And then there was the surgery to take out the expanders and put in the permanent implants. And of course, I also had to have an additional surgery for revision and repair.

And now there are the “finishing touches” procedures, like what I had done on Friday. I’ll go back in a week to have stitches removed and then I’ll have one more “finishing touch” procedure to get through. Then (oh happy day), I shall be done with My Reconstruction Journey!

Hurray and hurrah. Not to mention, yahoo and yehaw!

On a less celebratory note, I think that the three “put to sleep surgeries” I’ve had recently were not overly kind to my lungs. I have a peak flow meter than I’m supposed to blow into occasionally to check my progress; before the surgeries, I was able to blow a 350, which is lower than most people but still reasonable for someone with 60% lung capacity. However, for the past few weeks, I haven’t been able to get it much past 300. That’s a fairly big loss, when you think about it percentage-wise.

So I’m going to go see a different pulmonologist than the one I went to in March for my annual visit (I didn’t care for that particular doctor) and see what he has to say.

Looks like more fun is in my future!


From the Comments Section:

Mary H asked, “When is Nathan coming home? I bet you are counting the days.”

Nathan will land at Norfolk International Airport this Friday at 5:20 pm.

So if anyone hears loud, clamorous rejoicing coming from this part of the country, it will just be us! This is the longest he’s been away in his entire life (7 months), so we are all really pumped at the thought of him being back home for an entire week.

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lesley said...

I'm so happy he is coming home! I hope you and your family have a wonderful thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...


Don't worry too much. Weather and stress and other things can cause funky peak flow readings. Mine are 300-350 at best. Once and a while I will "blow (LOL)" a 375. It will get better. Since I am currently sick with a bunch of stuff that nobody really needs to have (and I am not willing to share anyway) my PF has been 225-250 the past week (and still is, really).

Be well.


LizW said...

Yikes, Becky! That procedure doesn't sound like fun. I assume they gave you a local. Ask for Ativan next time. It definitely makes going through a procedure easier without having to be completely sedated. Shouldn't affect your lungs either. Hope they recover as much as possible.
Have a wonderful and joyous Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Bec, you still amaze me with your attitude through this whole thing.


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