Friday, November 19, 2010

Paint. College Dude. And A Helpful Hint.

Busy day today. Foremost on our To Do List is to pile ourselves into the car and take off for Norfolk to pick up a certain College Dude. Word on the street is that he is due to land at 5:20 pm.

I told him we’d be there. If we felt like it. If we didn’t have anything better to do.

Ha. You know me better than that. There’s nothing better to do than to pick up one’s beloved son from the airport! (Especially when said son hasn't been home in seven months.)

But in the meantime, Steve is going to be staying busy working on this room. (Sarah's bathroom/guest bathroom.)

IMG_0964 IMG_0962

The current wall color of yellow is not a real lovely match with the current floor. Which is comprised of these colors.

IMG_0977 IMG_0975

And since we don’t want to spend a bajillion dollars redoing the floor, we are going to spend one tenth of one percent of a bajillion dollars redoing the paint. And buying a few towels and rugs that coordinate with the artsy flooring rather than clashing with it, as do the rugs we’ve been using for the past year, which were brought from our old house.

So. That’s the to do list for the day. Paint. And College Dude.

And the helpful hint? Actually, I have two helpful hints today. You all are just so wonderful you deserve a bonus hint.

The first tip has to do with this particular item that we’re using in Sarah’s room with her recently purchased queen mattress.


We weren’t able to get a traditional box spring up the stairs to her third floor room and the split box springs were expensive. So we stumbled on this little number at K-Mart which has three benefits.

1. It fits up the stairs easily.

2. It’s a box spring and a frame, all in one piece.

3. It’s only about $100.

4. It has FOURTEEN inches of clear storage underneath. Which is HUGE!

(Oh wait. That was four benefits. I told you I wasn’t good with math.)

Anyway, if you’re ever looking for a box spring/bed frame solution, this is a good one!

And the last hint?

I was reading a magazine yesterday and it said that if your oven is tied up at Thanksgiving and yet you want to serve nice hot rolls, here’s what you do.

Bake the rolls ahead of time and freeze them. (Or bake them earlier in the day and leave them unfrozen.)

Then thaw them (if frozen) and warm them in a crock pot set on low. They will stay warm and moist for up to an hour!

How exciting is that? I had actually been pondering how I was going to get rolls in the oven along with everything else and I was rather delighted to read the crock pot tip.

Disclaimer: I have not yet tried this tip. However, I did bake some rolls last night and later today (or tomorrow) I am going to put them in the crock pot and see how they turn out.

I will report back to you!

(And if you have any wonderful Thanksgiving tips to share, please do. I’m all about helpful tips.)

And now I’m off to clean, clean, clean. And then clean some more. We’ll have fifteen or sixteen people in the house for Thanksgiving (plus I have another visit to Greenville Monday to get stitches out) so I’m trying to get a few things done ahead of time.

Happy Friday to you!

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MaryH said...

Hope Nathan is home, safe and sound, and his shoes and keys are near the door. Thank you for the hint about the rolls. I will certainly put that into use in my daughter's kitchen this Thanksgiving. I wish I had some good tips - I am the frantic cook (trying to look calm for my daughter's sake) on Thanksgiving - there is just too much food to get served and served warm. No one ever seems to really notice or complain - but, seriously, how do you do it? Happy Thanksgiving - I will be heading to Champaign, IL on Tuesday to prepare for the big meal and play, play, play with my grandson. Enjoy and be thankful. This is my favorite holiday.

Anonymous said...

I love preparing for major holidays....its my favorite part (crazy but true). My friend actually went out and bought herself an electric roaster so that she can use her oven for pies/rolls etc on the big day. Enjoy your full house this Thanksgiving :-)

Bridget from Canada