Monday, November 22, 2010

Mama Heart. And Art.

In about an hour, I’m leaving for Greenville.  Again.  Today the Happy Medical Procedure is to have a ton of stitches removed.  (Having fun. Wish you were here!)

Nathan landed right on time in Norfolk Friday night.  We immediately whisked him away to the nearest Pizza Hut since you know how much College Dudes need nourishment.


It just made my mama heart smile to see my two little chickadees sitting together again after seven months.

It also did my my mama heart good to see the aforementioned chickadees bustling around the kitchen doing dishes.  (Note: the window to the left of Nathan will have curtains up by this afternoon; the Curtain Project was in process when this picture was taken.)



While the kitchen got whipped back into shape, the upstairs bathroom (which Nathan and Sarah use) didn’t fare so well.

IMG_1109 IMG_1110 

And so to boost the morale of the inhabitants of said bathroom, I did something I haven’t done even one time in all of the forty-eight years of my existence on this earth.  I attempted a bit of cheery, uplifting artwork to designate whose glass was whose.


I think I may decide to cease all my other life pursuits and go back to college to study art.  I am just that good!

(You can stop laughing now.)