Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do Not Ever EVER Do This To Your Husband

The relatives are coming, the relatives are coming! (Oh wait. They’re already here.)

Yup, in all their wondrous, magnificent relative-ness, my sister, Debbie, brother-in-law Randy and nephew, Caleb, arrived from Wisconsin at about 11 pm last night.  (My mom decided she wasn’t up to the long trip after all.  We all miss you, Mom!)

Steve and I sent Nathan and Sarah to the Norfolk airport to do the Relative Pick Up Run (four hours round trip) since we were still in the throes of getting the guest bathroom finished before the actual, genuine relative guests arrived.

You may remember these pictures from yesterday?


IMG_1113  IMG_1110

That was then--and this is now.



We even fancy-folded the toilet paper so that The Relatives would feel like they had stumbled into a posh hotel by accident.  (They weren’t fooled.  But we tried.)


And I was ever so excited to have acquired a pile of new matching towels and wash cloths that I could neatly fold and arrange.  We had found a whole stack of them on the clearance shelf at Wal-Mart.  There are few things in life more rewarding than seeing new linens, neatly folded that were bought on clearance.  Ahhhh. 

(Why no, I don’t get out much.  Why do you ask?)


After the Folding Of the Towel Ceremony had been accomplished, Steve and I started scrounging around the house for some sort of something to hang on the bathroom wall so that it wasn’t quite so bare.  We happened to remember this (un-hung) picture of a lighthouse we had climbed when we went to the Bahamas on our 20th wedding anniversary.  We’d had the print matted and framed nine years ago and--voila!  It unintentionally ended up matching our newly redone bathroom. Not to mention, it ties in well with the coastal/ lighthouse-peppered area where we live.


And then?  I was extra excited to remember that I had this Kleenex box in Nathan’s room—with lighthouses on it!  Blue lighthouses!  To match the light house print!   I was so happy!  Not to mention excited!   I mean, it’s not everyday that my Kleenex box coordinates with my decor.  Martha Stewart, eat your heart out.


Even though the bathroom was coming together quite swimmingly, the office/temporary storage area wasn’t faring quite as well.  Steve walked in and said, “Honey, what should we do about the office before Randy and Debbie get here?”

I said, “How about if we just close the door.”

I just love “close the door” cleaning solutions.


Okay.  Now.  Are you possibly wondering what I was referring to in the title of this post?

Well, here is the Official Explanation of What NOT To Do.  (You might want to take notes.)

When your (very tired and mentally exhausted)  husband is standing on the bathroom sink at 9:30 pm, and when he has his hands all over wires and all manner of wiring paraphernalia in his quest to change out a lighting fixture do not . . . I repeat. . . do NOT sneak up behind him with a camera and take a picture, especially—and this is quite important--a FLASH picture.

Why?  Because a sudden bright flash occurring out of nowhere in the midst of a wiring task could very easily cause your husband to come very, extremely close to having a very, extremely serious heart attack.


To Steve’s credit, he did not yell at me in disgruntled husbandly fashion. He merely flailed his arms around wildly, jumped straight up in the air and hollered in a highly concerned manner, “What shorted out?”  (Not that I’m counting or anything, but I think he now has fifty-two extra grays where he didn’t have gray hair last night.)

The following picture was taken after I had asked for (and received) express permission to do so.  I did not repeat my previous mistake.  And I will never repeat that mistake.  Ever again.  Because I sort of like my husband in an un-heart attacked state.


Finally, a few more photos of the finished project.

Ahhhh . . . . such a nice change.


IMG_1254 IMG_1250



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Sarah said...

I love the new colors! It looks great! Have a great Thanksgiving.

lesley said...

I love it!! So refreshing! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Shannon said...

Love the bathroom redo!!

Anonymous said...

This post made me LOL a lot. :D

CJ said...

Love your bathroom redo! Were in the middle of redoing ours, and it isnt coming as nice as yours! So cool!

Karen in Hammond said...

Beautiful job! That makes a huge difference.

Me said...

I love it, it's look completely different!

Anonymous said...

I love the new look . . . now if I could only work that magic on mine (which needs a complete overhaul). I DO have a picture to hang on the wall though :o) Well, if Steve is ever in Pittsburgh and doesn't know what to do with himself, I have a bathroom waiting for him! I imagine it is nice to have a handy husband. As a "single" I have to do it all myself!

Margie said...

The bathroom looks great. I have one question- What is the pitcher of water for?
Happy Blessed Thanksgivng to all of you.

Kari said...

Wow! Went from (almost)disgusting to very charming!

krueth said...

Wow! Your bathroom looks fabulous! I just finished up my my bathroom overhaul and am loving it too! I had to just sit and laugh and laugh about you taking the picture of Steve when he was working on the electrical!! Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family. Wendy

Rachel said...

WOW!!! That looks so nice I think I might just have to go paint MY bathroom now (it needs it!) and LOL at the flash/electric scare. I have changed a few plugs (after making triple sure the power is off) and I have to say even then, I am just POSITIVE that somehow, someway that electric is going to make it through and surprise me. And kill me. Poor Steve, LOL.

Anonymous said...

What a transformation! I am really impressed, it looks just wonderful. Good going Steve! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Cindy from Sonoma

Unknown said...

The bathroom looks amazing Becky. I just have a question, why the pitcher of water in the bathroom, does the toilet not always flush good? haha
Happy Thanksgiving cuz. Tell Debbie and family Happy Thanksgiving also.

Anonymous said...

Looks GORGEOUS! Very jealous of your new bathroom!

But I can definitely tell your hubby's a preacher-man. If I had done the flash-photo thing to MY husband, the air would have been BLUE! LOL

~Stefanie in St. Louis

Lisa from Georgia said...

The bathroom looks great! Who would have thought you could do something with that floor?? Amazing what a little TLC and a handy husband can do!! One question: What is the pitcher of water for on the little shelf? Just wondering. Enjoy your company, kids, and Thanksgiving! Can't wait for the pictures!!

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh when I saw someone else ask about the water pitcher. My question, too!

The room looks great.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Pam T

Anonymous said...

Wondering about the pitcher of water myself! LOL I wasn't going to ask, but glad someone else did. Inquiring minds want to know!

Anonymous said...

The bathroom redo is absolutely beautiful! I love the colors.