Saturday, November 27, 2010

Still Here.

Yes, I'm still here! Yes, I still blog! Yes, I have not forgotten Smithellaneous!

Um. I mean, no, I have not forgotten Smithellaneous. (I think all that turkey has gone to my brain.)

I took Nathan to the airport yesterday morning and he is now safely back in Florida. Sniff. And sob. (The sniffing and sobbing is due to the fact that he is gone, not due to the fact that he arrived safely in Florida. Just so you know.)

The best part of our 2-hour drive to the airport is that he and I got to have uninterrupted mom/son Talk Time. Love it.

However, I did not love hugging him in the airport drop off lane and watching his curly head disappear into the building. But I did love the knowledge that he will be back home in a couple weeks for Christmas. And more turkey!

I've taken 1.8453 bazillion pictures in the past week and my challenge now is to edit them down to just 1.2143 bazillion pictures and post them here. Along with their accompanying stories. And stuff.

It's been grand having my sister, Debbie, and her family in town. You don't know realize (when you live as far away from family as we do), just how much you miss being with people who knew you way back when. People who know everything about you and still think you're pretty okay. I'm so thankful to have family members who are also my dearest friends.

Debbie, Randy and Steve and I are going to sing together in church tomorrow which should be lots of fun. We sang full time on the road together for 7 years (even longer with Debbie, since she traveled with us before she was married) so we've got a few musical miles under our belts. (Not to mention turkey. Under our belts.)

So . . . I'm looking forward to that musical moment in the morning! (How's that for a bunch of m's?)

I will do my very utmost to have a few pictures (and stories) posted by the end of the day. Thanks for continuing to stop by and check in on the Smiths of Smithellaneous.

Happy Saturday after Thanksgiving to you!