Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Fab Blast From the Past

Forty-two years ago, I wrote my first song.

I was six.

Over the next few years, I learned to play the piano and the guitar. And I kept writing and kept singing.

When I was about eleven, I met a girl in my small Wisconsin town named Lorrie. And guess what? She also sang. And played guitar. And wrote songs.

A friendship was born. (In fact, we are still great friends to this day.) We practiced together endlessly and went out and did little “gigs” in area churches and nursing homes. We even had matching dresses that Lorrie made for us. Yes, we were earnest. But very cute, too!

lorrie and i

One of the highlights of our young lives occurred several times a year when a gospel group called The Lundstroms would come to our area. They had several busses, a huge sound system, lights, and a live band.

Lorrie and I were utterly entranced. We would coerce our patient family into taking us to whichever Lundstrom appearance was within driving distance and we would sit enthralled while the Lundstroms sang. We diligently watched their every move and even took notes concerning every little thing they did. (Did I mention we were earnest?)

Here are the Lundstroms was when they first started out with two brothers (Lowell and Larry) and their wives (Connie and Gloria.)

early lundstroms

As the years went by, a third brother joined them and then the couples had children and the kids all grew up traveling and singing with their family. As I watched them up on the stage together, singing, performing, and preaching, my little ol’ heart’s desire was that someday I too, would find a husband who wanted to travel and sing. I dreamed that he and I (and our children) would live on the road and travel from place to place—writing songs, recording albums, performing our music—just like the Lundstroms!

Well, if you’ve been reading our story for any amount of time, you know that Steve and I (and our children) did exactly that for fifteen years. My childhood dream came true and I am so grateful.

Now. Fast forward a few years. In fact, fast forward up to Sunday, November 14, and take a look at who is sitting on our front porch swing with us.

Larry and Gloria Lundstrom! (Ta-da!)

Image (1)

Yes, the very same Lundstroms who inspired me forty years ago as a child are still traveling, still singing, still preaching, and still as fun, funny and classy as ever. I must say that it’s a great joy to find that the people who so greatly impacted my life all those years ago are just as worthy of admiration close up as they were when they under the stage lights.


It was truly a treat to have them come to Manteo and sing and preach at our church. After the service, I cooked lunch for them and we spent a couple hours eating, laughing, and telling road stories. (Which are like no other stories on earth!)

Gloria especially liked this little salt and pepper set that I have in my kitchen. It perfectly sums up so many years of both our lives.


Have R.V. Will travel.

Have family? Will still travel.

Thanks Lundstroms, for being a traveling family that inspired me to travel right along in your footsteps.

Steve and I are so grateful for your lives, your ministry and your example.

st beck lund

Happy trails!

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Unknown said...

I also grew up with the Lundstroms. We went to Viroqua every time they were there. Those are memories I will never forget. They also were the speakers at Spencer Lake Bible Camp many times over the years. I receive a daily devotion by email every morning that Lowell writes that I enjoy so much. You are so blessed to have gotten to see Larry and Gloria again.
your cousin Sandy

krueth said...

I also grew up going to see the Lundstroms and have there music cassettes...Have been trying to find there Christmas music on DVD but alas, no such luck, but LOVED going and seeing them a couple times a year! How fun for you to have them come to your church and to have them for lunch as well! Wendy

Sheri Hawley said...

What a terrific "kiss from heaven" moment! (And I love the pictures of you and Steve. You should get in front of the camera more often, Ms. Smith.) Sending your other fella your way - love ya! Sheri

LizW said...

Love that last photo of you and Steve! It is a keeper! We live not far from the Celebration Church that Lowell and Connie Lundstrom started in Lakeville. Small world. I believe their daughter is now the pastor there.
Hope you are feeling as well as you look.

A said...

I grew up with the Lundstroms while living in North Dakota. My dad gave his life to the Lord at one of their speaking events in North Dakota a few years ago! Happy Early Thanksgiving and thank you for sharing your life with us each day!

Kelly Dunn said...

This is a very nice picture of you and Steve!! One for framing!!