Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Perfect Pedicurean Day. And Comments From Yesterday’s Post.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine discovered a shocking and appalling truth about me.

She found out that in forty-eight years, I have never had even one single pedicure.

Well! This friend firmly believes that every woman should have a pedicure at some point in her life and to make her point even clearer, she proceeded to give me enough money for Sarah and I to go out and get pedicures and manicures together. (We actually ended up doing the pedicure separately.)

Now I must say that although I enjoy the thought of satiny heels, sparkling toes, and silky soles, I was still not greatly looking forward to the experience. I am one of those people who has tormentingly ticklish feet and the very thought of someone doing anything to those particular foot parts made me feel just a teensy bit jumbly inside.

And yet, what woman would ever turn down such a fun and gracious gift--all jumbliness aside?

And so yesterday was The Day. The Pedicurean Day. The Perfect Pedicurean Day. (No, pedicurean is not a word; however, what fun is there in being a blogger if one can’t occasionally make up a word?)

Sarah and I took ourselves down to the It's Royalty salon in downtown Manteo that is owned by a woman in our church. Trivia note: The Outer Banks, where we live, is one of the top three places in the country that brides choose for destination weddings. Linda, the owner of this salon, gears much of her business toward hair, make up, and nails for entire wedding parties. I can’t imagine being talented enough to spiff up an entire wedding party since I can’t even get my own self spiffed up half the time.)

But I digress.

Linda has just recently expanded her business to include this lovely space so of course I had to take a few pictures. (So happy I had my little purse camera with me!)








And yes, her talents also extend to painting. (I’m trying not to be too jealous.)




After Sarah and I had oohed and ahhed over the lovely decor, we donned velvety robes and were seated in heated, vibrating, recliners.


She looks like she was born to this, doesn’t she?


Then we were served cucumber water. I don’t know if you’ve ever had cucumber water but it is really quite delicious. As I sipped, I felt like a true Southern belle. (Which I aren’t. Or ain’t. Or am not.)


Linda was very sensitive to my ticklish sensitivity and only caused me to squeal (like a girl) twenty or thirty times. (No, just kidding. It was actually only forty-three times.)

Here’s the official pedicurean view from my seat. I realize all the black and white stuff looks a little odd (and maybe even slightly zebra-ish) so here’s the description of the line up: 1. white robe 2. black pants
3. heated towels. 4. ticklish toes. Got it?


Despite all my squealing and squirming, Linda pampered us royally and made us feel like beauty queens. After an hour had passed, we looked like this!


The pampered Smith girls.


And so the pedicurean experience in a nutshell?

Heated neck wraps. Vibrating recliners. Cucumber water. Crystal chandeliers. Godiva chocolate. (I had to donate my piece of chocolate to Sarah since I’m off of sweets for a while. I can’t tell you how much it pained my heart to have to do that.)

Despite the pawned off Godiva, it was a marvelously memorable mother/daughter outing. Linda, Sarah and I giggled, talked and carried on just like, well, a bunch of girls! (Imagine that!)

And the best part? I now have gorgeous toes! I’m not sure that I’ve ever had gorgeous toes before but at my age, you’re grateful for any chance at gorgeousness that comes along.

It was truly a Perfect Pedicurean Day.


As to the comments from yesterday’s post, all I have to say is, “Oh my.”

You all shared your hearts, your happy memories, and your heartbreaking experiences; you made me giggle and shed tears and you inspired, enriched and challenged me. Thank you so very much for sharing your stories with the Smithellaneous family; If anyone else has an experience or memory you'd like to add, please do. I would love to hear from you.

5 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Anonymous said...

Was it an epicurian, pedicurian day?


Sarah said...

That looks very relaxing! I've never had a mani or a pedi. I love cucumber water.

Unknown said...

I wasn't able to click and comment on your last post that Pam linked on facebook but I thought it was just magnificent. Thank you for sharing. And for reminding me.
So lovely to meet you. Any friend of Pam's is a friend of mine : )

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