Monday, January 17, 2011

A Self Portrait. An Announcement. A Prayer Request.

A Self Portrait

Since just about every photographer I know has a picture of themselves with their camera, I thought it might be time for me to jump on the Self Portrait Bandwagon.

I didn’t realize when I did the jumping that it’s actually sort of complicated to get a picture of oneself. With one’s camera. When it is taking a picture of one’s self with one’s camera.

I started out in the bedroom but didn’t love the lighting. I also didn’t love having the camera right in front of my face.


So I quickly jettisoned Plan A and went off in search of a good Plan B which ended up taking me to Sarah’s bathroom where the lighting was a bit better (I realize that fabulous pro photographers take great pictures despite the lighting but I am not yet fab. Nor pro. So Sarah’s bathroom it is.)

Here are a few not so flattering poses I came up with. I especially like the ones where I looked like I was either a) sleeping or b) searching the heavens for inspiration.

collage blog

But finally, after great photographic trial, turmoil and tribulation, I got a picture that sort of works in which I was not sleeping nor beseeching.

self portrait

An Announcement

For those of you who live in the Charlotte, NC area, on Saturday, February 5, I will be speaking at the Annual Women’s Ecumenical Luncheon at Paw Creek Presbyterian Church. (Ecumenical is just a fancy word that means “a lot of different churches.”)

Paw Creek has hosted this event for many years; it’s held in their gym and usually draws between 250-300 woman from about twenty area churches. I spoke there a long time ago and am excited about being invited back again.

The admission for the event is just one dollar plus a can of food; registration starts at 10:30. You can go to Paw Creek Presbyterian to get directions. (Click on the "Get To Know Us" tab and then click "Directions."

If you think you would like to attend, please email me at so that I can let the people who are organizing it know how many to plan on.

(Paw Creek Presbyterian is a special place to us for two reasons: Steve’s parents have attended there for over thirty-five years and it’s the church where Steve and I were married.)

A Prayer Request

I have recently come across an inspiring blog that I have loved reading. The author is a speaker, writer, and homeschooler so I have felt an extra affinity with her. During this past week, tragedy has struck this beautiful family and thousands of people have been joining in prayer for them. You can follow their story at The Simple Wife

8 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Love Being A Nonny said...

Becky So sweet of you to mention Joanne. Her husband's posts and obvious love for her have left me speechless.

Sheri Hawley said...

My particular favorite was the first one in the montage. It reveals the "mischievous" side of Becky Smith that so few people know! :-) Go bless those ladies in Charlotte - WooHoo!

Anonymous said...

Great self-portraits!


(Yes, that was yelling....)

That was the FIRST thing my dad taught me when I got my first camera. Better safe than sorry!!!


Stefanie in St. Louis

Sue from Toledo said...

Hope all is well with the Smiths.

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