Sunday, January 23, 2011

Retro Blogger.

Middle age must be hitting me pretty hard because it seems like for the past week or so I’ve been in a reminiscing sort of mood. And what could possibly be a more fun way to reminisce than with pictures?

So here is a motley mishmash of miscellaneous Smith shots with accompanying text to make the reminisces a bit more reminiscent of reminiscing. Or something like that.

Beautiful baby then; beautiful girl now.

This picture makes me want to reach right in through the screen, pick her up and just inhale the sweetness of her baby fragrance. Oh how I miss those baby days! (Well, all except for getting up several times a night. Don’t miss that so much.)

Janaury 2008 002-1

Sarah is pretending to play the piano in one of the many churches we sang at over the years. Don’t you just love the dramatic flair of the “flung in the air” left arm?

sarah's 13th 013

She has a way with Maybelline, doesn’t she?

sarah's 13th 005

Of course, a face like this doesn’t need a whole lot of Maybelline. (Unlike her Mom, who needs gallons of the stuff just to leave the house.)

Janaury 2008 012

I don’t know why in the world I was putting rollers in Sarah’s already curly hair; I guess I just had the urge to play dress up with my “baby doll.”

Janaury 2008 007

I’ve always loved this picture of when Nathan first saw Sarah. His face says it all.

Janaury 2008 005

This is the first time my mom ever saw Sarah. The picture was taken in the Charlotte airport when Sarah was just six days old. Sarah and I had just flown in from Minneapolis; we had been singing near Duluth, Minnesota when Sarah decided to arrive a month early, keeping us from getting back to NC in time for me to give birth here.

sarah's 13th 012

Always best buds.

Mother's Day.ppt4

I love the shoes in this picture. Big brother shoes; little sister shoes. And I also love that Nathan was just lying there beside his sleeping sister for no reason other than the fact that he wanted to be near her. She’s so blessed to have a big brother like him.

Janaury 2008 004

Farmers in the dell.

Janaury 2008 020-3

I think in this picture Snowy had just nibbled on Nathan’s hand rather unexpectedly and startled him.

Becky 3

Sarah had the helpful ability to put herself down for a nap regardless of where she was. And she was most often on the front pew of a church in some city, in some state.

sarah's 13th 004

Of course, when she was back in the RV (where we lived), she had her very own napping partner. I’ve never seen Snowy sleep like this except in this particular picture and it makes me smile every time.

Janaury 2008 006

We were at a church in Maryland when Sarah informed me that she wanted to go outside and “play a song for the birdies.” Snowy stood guard. (Of course.)

sarah's 13th 002

What a face! (He was “helpfully organizing” some of my linens.)

Janaury 2008 022-1

Here are some family pictures guaranteed to make you smirk. I look at my hair and say, “What was I thinking?” (Of course, Steve’s hair is a bit, um, interesting, too.)



Joined by Smith Sib Number 1. . .


. . . and then Smith Sibs Numbers 2 and 3.

sarah's 13th 007

We’ve come a long way!

family photo serious

In other more recent picture news, this past Saturday morning I hosted a breakfast meeting for several women from eastern NC who are all credentialed ministers. I asked a few ladies in the church to help with food and I ended up with the following menu: breakfast casserole (hash browns, bacon, eggs, cheese), vanilla yogurt with granola, fruit salad, lemon poppy seed muffins, banana nut muffins, ham biscuits, orange juice, V-8 juice and coffee. I truly do love to entertain and to make people feel spoiled and special when they come over to our house. We all had such fun!


I thought it might be time for a bit of a Snowy update since he is a very popular member of the Smith family.

I’ve actually been a bit concerned about him over the past couple of days; he threw up one night, and then didn’t eat very well for the next couple days. Yesterday, he asked to go outside about every half hour; I know that one of the signs of kidney stone problems is frequent urination. And then to top all that off, he had several real “shivery, anxious” periods where he just didn’t seem to feel well for a while.

But tonight? He’s back to his old rascally self, eating and running around like he doesn’t have a care in the world.

So who knows what’s going on with him--maybe he just picked up a little virus for a couple days. We’ll just keep an eye on him and continue to be so grateful that our little buddy has experience such a remarkable recovery from the very bad place he was at just a month ago.

He’s a Miracle Doggie!

(And lastly—happy, happy birthday to my little sister, Debbie, who turns 44 today. She is an inspiration to me in every way.)

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Love Being A Nonny said...

Love that walk down memory lane. And I love the last family picture! all of you look great!!

Sheri Hawley said...

Ah, Friend! I too "enjoyed" most of those same hairstyles. :-) Great pictures; the smiles never change!

Anonymous said...

saw a few "new" photos... fun to see!

holding good thoughts for sib #3!!!

mrs pam

Jan Reynolds said...

Fun post! Saturday evening my girls (15&18 years old) and I watched old home videos for well over 4 hours. We ended up getting one of their old dolls out of a closet and dressed her in her old doll clothes. We then found some very old crayons and Disney coloring books and had a great time coloring.. The smell of the crayons took me back! It was an awesome evening.

Bec said...

Great photo's Becky, I love going through old photo's too. My baby turns 25 this year, it's just hard to believe those years have flown past.

How blessed we are.

Love Bec (Sydney)

Anonymous said...

I am very impressed with your luncheon menu and also the napkins - Did you also fold them in that wonderful design. That picture just made me wish I had been there. You are a wonderful hostess.

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