Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pictures. Comments. Happiness. Inspiration. Sadness.


I’ve been fervently reading my Super Duper Camera Instruction Book and taking lots of test pictures with my new, wonderful camera. The problem I’ve having right now is that when I get a picture I like, I don’t always know what I did to get that particular shot. I’ll know I’ve really arrived as a photographer when I start taking good pictures on purpose—not just by accident!

But I’m sure having fun in the process.

_DSC0101 _DSC0115 _DSC0119 _DSC0120


From the comments corner:

Random wrote, “Wonderful! Your post today serves a dual purpose. First off, we're all envious of you and your chick magnet... and second off, those of us who *cough* *ahem* have access to a free gym and aren't going are now guilted into action! What do you do to keep yourself occupied at the gym? I would certainly love to be able to work out on the treadmill and the exercise bikes (former triathlete; miss those days), but I just can't help being bored when I'm not actually outdoors, going somewhere! Any tips?

I can sure understand how making the switch from the fresh air and scenery of outdoors to an indoor gym would be a bit tough.

I honestly don’t ever really feel that bored when I’m working out; there are close captioned TV’s nearby and I find myself intrigued by ignoring the words all together and just watching the people’s faces and interactions without knowing what they’re saying. Fascinating. (But then again I’m easily entertained.)

If you have an Mp3 player, you can always download books and listen to a really great story while you work out.

Or I don’t know. Maybe you could sing loudly? It works for some people!

Jojy said, you know how lucky you are to have a free gym in your area? I have to go for my osteoporosis..and free gyms don't happen in Calif! I pay over $500 a year to make myself miserable 3 times a week!! (this price is not unusual out here in the West!!

Jojy, yes I feel very blessed because we wouldn’t be going to a gym right now if it weren’t free. In the last town we lived in, it was similar in cost to yours and that adds up pretty quickly. This gym is not real big (holds about 20 people) but it’s brand new, modern and well equipped. I’m a happy camper having something like that five minutes from our house.

And by the way, kudos to you for persevering on going to the gym and not giving up on it!


Last Thursday, Sarah and I took a road trip to Smithfield so that she could spend some happy time with her old friend, Hope. She stayed two nights and then Hope’s mom brought her to Manteo on Saturday.

It’s appropriate that the girls’ picture is taken in front of a bunch of books (we went to a coffee shop/bookstore) because they both adore reading. (Hope said she read 50 books last year!)

IMG_2904 IMG_2903

The bathroom at this particular bookstore had an unusual sign posted that I had to ponder for a while in order to truly grasp what it was saying. (And yes, I will hereby admit that I am enough of a word person to stand in a bathroom and scrutinize an interestingly worded sign.)

I have truly never before in my life taken the time to wonder if a particular “flapper has seated.” It was quite the revelation.



My good friend, Sheri Hawley wrote a truly amazing post on her blog this week. I have thought about it a lot since reading it as I realized how many thing would be different if the person in the story had chosen to deal with her pregnancy in a different way. For one thing, I wouldn’t have a friend like Sheri and Nathan wouldn’t have his wonderful girlfriend—Sheri’s daughter.

It’s a great, well written story; please take a moment to read it.


If you’ve been reading Smithellaneous for at least six months, you are no doubt familiar with a Famous Commenter around here—the fabulous Sue G. You’ve also probably noticed that we haven’t heard from her in a while. If you will drop by Sue's site today, you will find out the reason why.

When I first read the news, I didn’t cry. But when I told Steve and Sarah about it a few minutes later, then the tears came. Sue and I have exchanged several hundred e-mails over the past couple of years, we’ve talked on the phone, she has mentored me and tutored me in my writing, she’s sent me chocolate and writing books, and she is also the one who gave me a camera she wasn't using (AKA My Beloved Purse Camera) when my old camera broke a few years ago.

Please keep her and her family in your prayers and if you have a moment, leave a message on her site. So many people on blogs and websites around the country been blessed and encouraged by Sue’s witty, profound, funny, compassionate comments. It’s time for all of us to return the favor.

We love you, Sue, and are praying for you and your family.

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MaryH said...

I, also, was so saddened to hear of Sue G.'s disease progression. Sue has reached out to me several times with her unbelieveable wisdom and faith. I can only hope and pray that Sue will feel all our prayers and hope, along with her family. Her faith is deep and wide and strong and God is well aware of that fact.

Hope Snowy continues to feel better.

Your post about young days of being frugal was a treat. My story is quite opposite. I wasn't sure how to respond. When I was first married, we found ourselves blessed we good salaries and plenty. Now that I am a single parent of many, many years, I am at the place where I scrutinized every penny, worry at night if the bills will be paid and wish I could purchase something for the fun of it. However, I value whatever I do receive and find peace and happiness in the simplicity of this life. It was (and is) worth all the work - I have two beautiful daughters and a grandson - what more could I want?

Anonymous said...

I cried, Becky.. and I still have tears on my cheeks. Like you, I developed a wonderful bond with Sue, with emails, FB chat, and phone conversations. stupid cancer... I hate that it's attacking her brain and pray that it leaves her brilliant mind intact. I am so sad at what is happening here, but I know her heart and realize that no matter what, there will be rejoicing..
And Sheri's story was amazing. Totally would love to be there to see her meet her grandmother for the first time... what an amazing moment that will be!
And finally, while I don't really know Nikons at all, if you Google "back button focus" and your camera model, you might find a tutorial on how to set your camera to do that. It has really changed the sharpness of my focus. ISO in low light (e.g. indoor) situations really impacts shutter speed and aperture as well; you gain noise (graininess) but still, you can run the shutter speed up high enough to avoid camera shake. Just sayin'... )
hugs... and joining my prayers with yours for our friend Sue...

Love Being A Nonny said...

Ironic to me that the sign was in a book store.

Sheri Hawley said...

Hi Friend, Thanks so much for sharing my post; I genuinely appreciate your "cheer-leading"! I tried to leave a message for Sue and her daughters. (Somehow it wouldn't work!) But we are praying and believing God for a miracle. She offers encouragement in so many creative ways! Our thoughts are with them all.

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