Monday, January 31, 2011

Strange Happenings Around Here.

So you may be wondering.

Why would Steve take a hammer and shatter a mirror . . .



that was wrapped in a tarp . . .


and lying on our bedroom floor?



And even more puzzling?


Why . . .


would there be bathroom sinks . . .


propped on the kitchen counter . . .


that I . . .


decided to turn . . .


into a photo op?


Strange happenings around here.

(And yes, explanations will be coming. In the meantime, you’re certainly welcome to hazard any guesses you may have as to said happenings.)

And in other news . . .

A Birthday

Happiest birthday wishes to Steve’s dad, Ken, who turned eighty yesterday. 

And because it was such a big birthday, at the end of our church service yesterday Steve said to the congregation, “Please humor me for just a moment. I would like to call my dad and have all of us sing happy birthday to him.”  

He put the phone on speaker, put it up to a mike, and then dialed the number. 

There was a hello.  And then a click.

He dialed it again. 

Hello. Click.

The whole congregation watched. And waited.  And happily snickered at their perspiring pastor’s predicament.

At long last Ken picked up the phone without the aforementioned “click” and the Singing of the Birthday Song was accomplished.  (Much to Ken--and the congregation’s--delight.)

When Steve talked to his parents later he found out that on the first two calls, his mom had answered the cell phone and then handed it to his dad who, without thinking, had clicked the “talk” button a second time.

Which resulted in the phone being hung up.  Twice.  On Sunday morning.  On speaker phone.  In front of the whole congregation.

Good times!

Here is Ken with two of his favorite ladies.


Happy eightieth!

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Anonymous said...

I think Steve is working on the Master Bsthroom.

Cindy from Sonoma

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing Steve is pretending to be Ty Pennington from the ABC show Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

( I just had to guess that)

Chase from Colorado.

Anonymous said...

New counters/vanities
Old mirror doesn't fit
Needs to be in a million shards in order to dispose of it :)
Or, Steve is taking up a new hobby and using the mirror in a stained glass project

Mary from NY

Anonymous said...

My husband had to do that in our kids bathroom to get the mirror out of the area. It was too large! Now, he needs to do OUR bathroom. Hm. Maybe I will show him this post as a gentle reminder! :)
Glad the comments are working! Jill-FL

Anonymous said...

I think it's called a bathroom makeover.